Zurich is Switzerland's largest city and is the capital of the canton of Zurich. The city is located to the North of Lake Zurichsee in an enchanting location. This is a beautiful medieval city, with museums, churches, art galleries and great cathedrals. Is an important business and financial center, is one of the largest financial centres of the world and provides the highest standard of living in the world.


Great church (Grossmunster): The Cathedral was built around 1100, romaniko and Gothic style, with two twin towers and is the largest Temple of the city becoming her trademark. It is a building with unique architecture and religious importance, consisting of two amazing steeples. It has Romanesque style, with great carved portal and very tall columns. From the top of the church you can admire the panoramic view of the city, from where the ascent is done through a stone and then a wooden staircase that leads to 4 external balconies.

Monastery of Virgin Mary was built in 853 and is especially popular for the 5 huge Windows, with stunning stained glass decoration. The monastery stands out for its rich decoration and functions as a parish church.

Clubs of historical guilds: The concept of guilds comprised 14 guilds of artisans, professionals and some social groups. Painters, goldsmiths, spice merchants, fishermen, carpenters and many others, have provided their services in the world and were housed in concrete buildings in the city. Now you can tour on their premises and to see up-close the buildings and tools used by professional centuries ago. Today the buildings are used as event centers and houses many restaurants and café.


Swiss National Museum: The Museum is located in a magnificent park and is one of the major attractions of the city, both for the exhibits, as well as for its architecture, the towers and the wonderful surroundings. On the premises of the presented collections of prehistoric times, until the recent past. The exhibits of the Museum, among others, will see representation room furniture, clothing, coins, sculptures, works of folk art and paintings.

Zurich Opera House: The Opera House is on the shore of Lake and features outstanding performances from Ballet, Opera, concerts and is the most important cultural area of the city.

Clock Museum Beyer: Beyer Museum presents through his collections, the art and the history of watchmaking and imparts his knowledge. Features are unique pieces that show, as the first clock with astronomical indications, pocket watches and the first marine chronometer.


Zurich has one of the best and well-organized public transport network. For transport inside the city prefer the buses and the tram. The train covers all the most remote regions and the maritime transport on the Limmat River.


The city has a variety of hotels, with comfortable and beautiful rooms at normal prices, except those which are located around the Lake, with a bit more increased their prices.


Start your tour in Zurich from the wonderful old town along the banks of the Limmat River, two. On the left bank is the Lindenhof, where is located the historic Roman medieval castle. In the town there are still many parks, zoos and special recreation areas. Don't miss anything and a boating on the lake or the river. In the city of Zurich you will find several bars, cafés and clubs for nightlife. Several of them are in the infamous Langstrasse district, but there is no one to bother you because the city offers great security.


The flavours of Zurich are quite influenced by Italian, French and German cuisine. In the kitchen of the fresh fish, sausages, delicious Swiss cheese and sausages. Traditional dishes of Polis is French fries with butter Rosti, the calf with Zurigschnatzlets wine and the famous Pretzel bun. It will still taste unique sweets and of course excellent Swiss chocolates.

Shopping Guide

The nicest and most expensive shops worldwide, located on Bahnhofstrasse, with all the famous designers and the best brands of the market. The best prices you will find in the commercial street of Niederdorf, in the old part of town. Zurich is famous for its Swiss watches and fine chocolates.


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