Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and consists of 3 parts. The two used to be located at the highest point of the city and the lower city, with modern housing that is industrial area. Zagreb is the cultural, industrial, commercial, financial and administrative centre of Croatia and yperiche from old, due to its favourable geographical position. Throughout the history of the town is recorded in the streets, buildings and people. The city is full of contrasts that cause charm, is pretty big, with lots of interesting monuments with fine architecture, parks, squares, musical influences and pleasant people.


St. Mark's Church: The Church of San Marco offers excellent architecture and an elaborate roof mosaic.

Stone Gate is the most historical part of the old town, where it is kept in very good condition a piece from the fortification of the city. At this point you will see samples of buildings of the middle ages and a 14th-century chapel, where you can light the candle.

Mirogoj cemetery: This cemetery is full of history and surrounded by trees, shrubs, statues, tombstones and actually looks more like a museum than a different cemetery.

Jarun Lake: In a very beautiful and green area, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and relax away from the hustle of the city. The area is ideal for walking, swimming, outdoor sports and has many shops, like restaurants and café.

The Strossmayer Gallery: Art Gallery museums founded in 1885 and this over 4,000 art objects and about 256 paintings, which were donated by the homonymous Bishop.

Palace Museum: After-Renaissance era presented findings, such as sculptures and vases of ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean, the ancient Greek and Roman culture, as well as Egyptian and Mesopotamia. The Museum still houses about 3,750 works of art of famous painters, such as Da Vinci, Van Gohg and many others.

Tehnicki Muzej: The Technology Museum will take you back in time to a particular space, presenting your machines, old planes, cars, accessories and much more.


through the city you can comfortably move on foot or with a bicycle. The network of public transportation in the city is not highly developed, but is able to serve you and carrying you where you wish.


Zagreb offers several good hotels at very good prices, offering you a comfortable and pleasant stay.


On your tour in Zagreb, explore the lower town and upper town with its cobbled alleys of the 11th century, who have so much to show you. The Dolac open-air market is filled with producers from across the country, selling of flowers up to cheese in a pleasant environment all movement, life and traditional cafes. Ilica Street, you will find countless shops, trendy café, flower square and the impressive building of the national theatre. Taking a walk a little further out of town, you'll see a completely different scene, with modern buildings and more modern rhythms. Don't miss a ride from the Arts Pavilion with major exhibitions of painting and the botanical garden with rich collections of plants. The meeting point is the favorite route of Tkalciceva with many restaurants, café and bar for every age, with very economical prices for drinks. Music, mirth and the evening entertainment will definitely not miss you in the city of Zagreb, after here.


The Croatian cuisine features a combination of different cuisines. Give special emphasis on seafood, with flavors from extremely fresh fish and salted. At first choices are ham, smoked meat, paprika and spicy pickles. Traditionally I try schnitzel of Zagreb, Srukli (a kind of cheese pie) and Purica s mlincima (Turkey with traditional chylopita). Very delicious and sweet with saffron and coriander.

Shopping Guide

To the city's main square you will find the morning hours a feast, with decorative, handmade items, toys and much more. Authentic product of the country constitute the neckties and scarves. In commercial areas of the city you will find shops with traditional genres, but also famous designers. Worth to buy leather goods, lace, porcelains, crystals and folk art.


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