Washington is a district of Columbia and the capital of the United States of America, located in the eastern region of the USA. It is about 50 km. from the Atlantic Ocean and crossed by the river Potomac. The city got its name thanks to the military leader of the American Revolution, George Washington, who was the first President of the United States. This is an impressive city, full of colours, with lowland and hilly larger areas. Next to her are large areas, such as New York, Baltimore and Philadelphia.


American Capitol is the building where Congress sits and sits on top of the Capitoline Hill. The Capitol was made from 1773 until 1811, with drawings by William Thornton and was inspired by the Pantheon of Paris and the Western facade of the Louvre. The building later was expanded and the dome was replaced by a 3 times larger. The Capitol reaches 88 meters in height and the Interior is adorned with interesting works of art.

Smithsonian Institute: the Institute was founded in 1846 and includes a group of museums and research centers. In the area housed more historical architectural monuments and an amazing Zoo. It is the largest museum complex in the world, that was done thanks to the stubbornness and willpower of the British scientist James Smithson and benefactor, with a view to increasing and disseminating knowledge.

Lincoln Memorial is a national monument created in honor of the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. The building has architectural form of the Greek Doric Temple and internally contains a large seated statue of the President, speeches from known inscriptions and frescoes. On the outside of the monument is the largest pool that reflects and depending on the angle of the Viewer, seems dramatically the Washington Monument. The area is filled with trails for hiking and trees with long shadows.

The Obelisk of the Washington: This monument is considered the most important construction of Washington DC, becoming a landmark for the city. It is an imposing building, constructed in 1884 in memory of George Washington, with 170 meters high, offering a panoramic view of the city at a distance of over 50 meters.


National Aeronautics and Space Museum: The Museum is a Center for research and aviation science, geophysics and planetary science. The spaces of the Museum host and present the largest and most historic collection of aircraft and spaceships worldwide. Features are the parts of the Apollo and Soyuz spacecraft.

National Museum of natural history: The Museum holds collections of over 126.000.000 samples from animals, minerals, fossils, meteorites and ancient cultural artifacts. In the Museum the largest group of scientists, their research is dedicated to the natural and cultural history of the world.

Museum of the American Indians is a unique place, where you can experience the culture, the traditional elements and symbolism, that govern the life and culture of American Indians. The collections presented ceremonial, utilitarian and decorative objects from everyday life, which is directly connected with the Earth, all the elements of nature and living organisms. The Museum interested parties can buy ceramics, musical instruments, textiles and jewelry, all made by American Indians.


Washington has a well-organized network of public transportation means such as bus lines, an amazing and spotless Metro, train and taxi, which you will find with great ease and at very good prices, especially for the more distant routes.


The city has many choices of hotels, both inside and just outside the city, with perfect services, but slightly increased prices. Choose whichever suits your needs and the amount of money you are willing to spend.


Visit all the monuments and of course the White House you can see from a distance of 100 meters. The old post office is quite near and stands out because of the clock tower, which touches the 96 meters. The city features large parks, vast spaces for sports and stadiums full of people, who usually combine sport, with some show.  The heart of the city is concentrated in the secular area of Georgetown, with too many bar with jazz music choices, elegant restaurants with excellent food and an atmosphere reminiscent of American cities in the 19th century.


Throughout the town you will find excellent restaurants with delicious dishes with meat, seafood varieties and large and fast food chains.

Shopping Guide

On the busy street of 7th Street Northwest, you will find all the famous American brands, with clothing chains, shoes and cosmetics. Throughout the city and neighborhoods you will find extremely species at very good prices.


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