Vienna is the capital of Austria, and although it is one of the country's smaller Länder, Vienna is stately, cosmopolitan, with great wealth in works of art, monuments, museums and beloved destination for thousands of tourists, especially at Christmas time. Vienna is located at an altitude of 170 m. above sea level and occupies an area of 400t. x.  in the Valley of the Danube, which divides diagonally into two sections. The city is located south side of the river and is the old Center of Vienna, the Innere Stadt. Vienna has a huge green parks, little cars, insurmountable artworks, majestic palaces, historical café and fabulous desserts. Let us not forget that it is also the city that he loved the Princess Sisi and Biennezoi have great weakness and honor due.


Schonbrunn Palace: The Palace was the summer residence of the aristocratic family, is one of the most famous landmarks from the 1960s and has been declared cultural heritage of UNESCO. Consists of beautiful gardens, the Museum of Carriages, the maze and the oldest practicing World Zoo, Tiergarten district. In 1830 was born here the emperor Francis Joseph and later resided with his wife Princess Elisabeth of Bavaria or Sisi, gaining 4 kids. The Palace features unique architecture, stunning period furniture, gardens and admirable galleries played in the era of major political and social role. The official halls are decorated with rococo patterns, gold plated embossed frames and enough white color everywhere. The Palace has a total of 1,486 rooms, quite majestic, which not all visited. Highlight in the apartments of Maria Theresa, where Mozart at the age of 6 years gave his first concert. Especially rooms is the great Hall, which was a place Imperial meetings, with many mirrors throughout the length of the Hall, the round Chinese room, which usually use the Maria Theresa, when discussing with the Prime Minister and the blue Chinese room with hand-painted wallpapers from Chinese subjects.

St. Stephen's Cathedral: The Cathedral of St. Stephen, built in 1160 on the ruins of two earlier churches and is the mother church and seat of the Archbishop of Vienna. This is a curious building, medieval architecture, with tall ceilings and highly sloping roof, majestic landmark of Vienna. Its height reaches 137m. and is a characteristic piece of the skyline of Vienna. Painted roof, consists of 230,000 tiles with varnish and on the South side of the temple, above the choir, the tiles form a mosaic of the biceps Eagle, symbol of the Empire of the Habsburg dynasty.

The North Tower of the Church was left unfinished because according to the legend the architect respected the agreement he had made with the devil and gave a sacred name.  The tall domed St. Stephen's interior houses an impressive collection of art works that cover a period of several centuries.  The masterpieces include the extremely rococo pulpit, statues of Saints that adorn the apsidostates, the tomb of Frederick Iii and a brilliant Baroque image in the main sanctuary.

The Vienna State Opera is the oldest and most famous Opera. Considered the best Opera in the world and the band consists of members of the Viennese Philharmonic. This Renaissance-style building in new-constructed in 1869 and in principle not impressed at all the Biennezoys. When a large part of the building was destroyed by a bomb, residents felt that this was a sign and reconstruct the Hall and the stage. Now it is particularly popular in the city and is one of the most active Operas.

Prater Park and Viennese Ferris wheel northeast of the town is a large public park, which straddles a main artery, closed to all motor vehicles and particularly popular in the fun of sports. In the park there's still Planetarium, the Museum of the Prater and the Ernst Happel separate national stadium.  In a corner of the Park, the Amusement Park Began, which steals the show with the most famous and oldest Ferris wheel in the world, totaling 64,75 measures. The amusement park has a carousel, bumper cars, trains and many other impressive games, providing a relaxing and spree area for young and old.


Albertina Museum is one of the most important art museums in the world, is in possession of approximately 60,000 paintings. You can admire works of Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Rubbens, Klimt, Delacroix and many other famous authors.

History Museum of art: The Museum is one of the oldest Museums of Fine and decorative arts, housed in a magnificent Palace, which stands out for its distinctive octagonal dome. Its collections rely mainly on the treasures, which gathered the Habsburg rulers, such as sculptures, paintings, objects of great value and many other. You will see Roman, Greek and Egyptian antiquities, while the Museum's most famous works is "the Tower of Babel" by Pieter Bruegel, Dutch "Summer" by Giuseppe Arcimboldo and table "Madonna of the Meadow", depicting the Virgin Mary with little Jesus Christ and John the Baptist, Raphael .

Natural History Museum: Just across the street from the Museum of the history of art, is the impressive Museum of nature History, which consists of 39 rooms. Its collections are composed of many topics, including zoo exhibits, mineral elements and geological, anthropological and archaeological. The Museum has the largest collection of skulls internationally, casts of dinosaur skeletons, comprehensive collections of precious stones, objects from the bronze age, prehistoric carvings and extinct species of birds and animals. Irreplaceable is also the findings, such as 25,000 years old statuette Venus of Willendorf and a skeleton of a dinosaur Diplodocus.


In Vienna you can comfortably go anywhere on foot. If again you are staying a little farther away, the city has a comprehensive bus network, Metro and tram. By tram you will enjoy the view of the city and you will see many sights. Taxis are in case you are a big enough company. Have in mind that Vienna is divided into 23 districts, so it would be quite specific with that just stay.


In the heart of modern Europe, Vienna keeps its Imperial character. The monuments of the city are impressive and the streets busy, while notes of classical music continually deceived into the atmosphere. Browse the real Hofburg Palace, with spaces of incredible opulence and visit the impressive national library of Vienna. Yet a massive Palace, is the Belvedere building with precious works of art. The Austrian Parliament will confuse you if you are in Athens or in another city. The small hamlet of Mayerling is worth visiting to listen and the amaizing drama of the history of the country. If you love horses, you'll surely pass and from the Spanish riding school, with its excellent white horses Lipizzan breed and performances offered to the public. A visit from the Burgtheater national theatre and the Sissy's Museum with objects used by the Empress Elizabeth and the story of her life, surely will not leave you indifferent. As regards the night out, Vienna will offer you countless bar with jazz sounds, famous clubs with alternative music and popular venues from bar hotels who love the stars such as Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue.


In the northern part of Vienna is worth to visit the enchanting village of Grizning and the famous Heuriger Pub. There in a wonderful atmosphere with live music from the Bavarian tradition, will taste freshly baked bread, delicious cheeses, sausages and other delicacies, with abundant Myra in incredibly good prices. The most famous food in Vienna, are the schnitzel, Roast goose and hunting. In the city you will find restaurants, gathered the Imperial Viennese culture lovers and good domestic wine. The cuisine is excellent and the service impeccable. Unlike the rest of Europe, the Vienna coffee is more than a necessity or a moment of pleasure. The Viennese café, have played an important role in the tradition and culture of the city. In Vienna the coffee aroma, tradition has mansion and accompanied by delicious sweets and you won't miss anything to taste Sacher cake.

Shopping Guide

In Vienna everything is close together and the markets are comfortable and pleasant. You won't miss anything to visit the Mariahilfer Strasse, the most long and busy road in Europe. Another famous market of Vienna, is the traditional Viennese Naschmarkt with typical products, up anything imaginable. For lovers of gourmet, you will find a wide variety of types of coffee, wines and desserts. Visit the famous jeweler, biennezo for the features and special designs and elaborate handmade bags, made from high quality materials, with distinctive and imaginative design.


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