Venice is a city of Northern Italy and the capital of the region Veneto. Built on a group of 118 Islands separated by channels and are joined together by bridges. It is a town-museum, time stopped somewhere in the years of the Renaissance and the visitor has the feeling of being inside a painting. That and if you see in pictures and movies, experience exceeds expectations. Gondolas, canals, mansions and churches next to water, the atmosphere and the food, equities as Venice in the list of the top 10 destinations in the most romantic city in the world. Venice is famous for the beauty of the site, its architecture, works of art and are recorded, along with the lagoon as a world heritage site.


Doge's Palace is one of the most important and most historical buildings of Venice. The Palace expresses power and wealth of the city during medieval times. An imposing construction of pink and white marble Venetian-Gothic style, gives the position of a magnificence, that most wanted to impress, rather than to defend. The decoration of the building is filled with Salles, gates, stairs and with historical and biblical scenes. Two of the columns are painted red to resemble the exultant point public executions. The grand staircase, the staircase of the Giants leading in particular compartments of the Doge, adorned from two huge statues of Mars and Neptune. In the Palace of the Doges portraits will look and work, the paradise of Tintoreto, an amazing mural was completed  in 1577. Finally you will see the torture chamber, where cross-examine the convicts to go to jail. Later build a new prison on the other side of the channel and joined the Palace with the famous bridge of sighs.

The bridge of sighs connects the old prison and interrogation rooms of the Palace, with the new prison, just across the street. The bridge is an excellent example of Italian Renaissance architecture, with pace and with a lot of wonderful sculptures portraying sad faces and only be smiling. There are two theories for why the bridge so named. One of us explains that detainees imprisoned forever, or run, pass the bridge and saw the Sun for the last time. The other story says, that couples kissing under the bridge at sunset, and so would have everlasting love. Verse by the poet Lord Byron says, "I was standing in Venice, at the bridge of sighs with a Palace and a prison in each hand.

Saint Mark: The original temple was located in the Palace of the Doge's farm in 828, designed to house the relics of St. mark the Evangelist, when two merchants returned the relics from Alexandria, Egypt. Later built the Basilica of San Marco and the relics kept there. Characterized as one of the finest examples of ecclesiastical architecture, with the amaizing mosaic in the world. Has undergone many changes over time, due to natural disasters, but also various lighting that have broken out. The amazing Basilica has 5 huge domes and is built in the shape of a Greek cross. It is famous for the altar, and for the authentic replicas of bronze horses located abroad, which is the same as the gilded bronze horses that are kept in the Markiano Museum.

Rialto Bridge was originally a wooden bridge, but collapsed from the weight of pedestrians and merchants. The stone bridge is today most popular in Venice. Its construction was completed in 1591 and for 300 years, was the only way to cross the Canal walk. During construction, the merchants were unhappy too, because they were also obliged to carry their goods with boats. But eventually it was spectacular as the bridge was the fairest since 4 of the Canal Grande and is considered a top attraction, while always included in guided tours of the city.


Ca'd'Oro this is a magnificent palace in Venetian-Gothic style. The House of gold, is decorated with gold leaf, Ultramarine and Scarlet color. The facade with the corrugated boxes and arrows, definitely has Eastern style. The ground floor is surrounded by columns and provides access from the channel. The main external adorned space with lovely arches. The Palace passed into the hands of the State after the donation of the last private owner, Baron Giorgio Franchetti, open to the public as galleries, taking the name of Baron. The gallery houses the remarkable art collection of Baron, antiquities, sculptures and paintings.

Three former ecclesiastical Academy buildings housed the largest collection of Venetian art. Premises accommodating wondrous works, from the Medieval Byzantine period, until the Renaissance, the Baroque and the Rococo. You will have the opportunity to see up close features works, such as "portrait of a gentleman" of Lorenzo Lotto, "the healing of the Madman" and "The presentation of the Virgin" by Tiziano.

Peggy Guggenheim Museum: The Museum's collection includes sculptures and paintings, representative of modern artistic currents. I admire works, such as the poet of Pablo Picasso, while an entire room is dedicated to Jackson Pollock.


Venice has moved short distances and can easily navigate the city. In Venice banned cars and some times you will need to cross the canals, so you will get some of the local boats. There are vaporetti, mpot traghetti ferries, water taxis and the picturesque gondolas, which along with taxis are the most expensive means of travel.


Venice has fabulous hotels across the city and almost all have incredible view. You will find several differences in values, depending on the amenities you desire. It would be good to avoid visiting in town, holiday, or Carnival period, because prices go up quite a bit.


Start your ride from the full history of St. Mark's square, which is surrounded by important buildings architecture. Then you will admire breathtaking views from the belfry, you will see the time on the clock tower and will definitely watch an opera. A tour with the gondola, will delight you and will offer you a unique amusement ride. Especially for lovers, a boating in the town of Casanova, is imposed. The Carnival of Venice is one of the biggest cultural events worldwide. Music, fun, atmosphere, rhythm in a parade unrepeatable. In the city you will taste excellent café, with unique fragrances discover picturesque places in every corner of the city. Enjoy your drink in the bar favorite of Orson Welles and steal a little of the aura that left Ernest Hemingway. In St. Mark's square is the bar you prefer and Casanova, which will fill you with images under the sounds of live music.


The city offers numerous options, giving you the ability to select from traditional Italian restaurants and pizzerias, up expensive restaurants with excellent service and great menu. Select indoor haunts, they prefer and locals, who will taste fresh pasta and delicious desserts. Venice combines local traditions with distant influences.  The Venetian cuisine is characterized by seafood, uses vegetables from the islands of the lagoon, rice, venison and polenta.  Will try unique appetizers, in the language of Italian antipasti, special appetizers cicchetti, fegato alla Veneziana Venetian liver, outstanding biscuits with fried Venetian cream and cake with almonds fregolotta.

Shopping Guide

To the main shopping areas, you will find all the shops of major fashion houses. You will find boutiques with unique artifacts, antiques, while traditional will buy gondolier masks and carnival masks. Venice is the source of lace, it has 4 grades and retains the most important school of lace. You will find special lace tablecloths and towels. Finally don't forget to buy products from the most famous Murano blown glass in the world for its impeccable quality and craftsmanship.


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