Tokyo is the modern capital of Japan and one of the 47 prefectures. Prior to 1868, the city was known by the name of Edo, while the word Tokyo means "Eastern capital". It is a political, economic and cultural centre of the country of the rising sun as well as technological hub in the world. The special Japanese culture, world-famous cuisine, crowded markets and unique blend of tradition and contemporary aesthetics, with temples and historic buildings in combination with modern architecture and technological development, have turned Tokyo into an incredibly popular destination in recent years, who fascinates even the most demanding guests.


Transmission tower Skytree TV signals and a key landmark of Tokyo. Has a height of 634 meters and is the second highest building in the world, while it has an aquarium, Planetarium, restaurant with excellent views and a huge shopping mall.

Meiji-jiigu is a temple of ancient Japanese Shinto religion that is surrounded by a large forest area with over 365 species of trees.

Shibuya is one of the most colorful and vibrant districts of Tokyo, brings together countless opportunities for fun and shopping, which make it a very popular place for younger generations. The neon billboards and the constant crowds are a hallmark of this landmark district of Tokyo.

Kokugikan sumo Arena: Ryoyoku classical Japanese architecture with a capacity of 13,000 spectators, is the ideal place to watch a sumo match.

Ueno Park: Meet the Japanese culture and history with a stroll to temples, altars, and museums identified in Ueno Park. Among the main attractions include the National Museum of Tokyo, the Toshogu Shrine and Shinobazu Pond full of persimmons, while is a natural paradise with over 1000 flowering cherry trees.


National Museum is the largest Museum of Japan with a collection of over 110,000 Japanese exhibits, asian and greek art not to be missed.

Edo-Tokyo Museum housed in an impressive building of particular architectural styles, shows the historical development of the Japanese capital from the time he was still a fishing village of Edo until its evolution into the modern metropolis of Tokyo.

Miraikan otherwise known as the National Museum of Emerging Science and innovation, is a truly fascinating museum that focuses on the latest technologies and scientific developments with exhibits on topics concerning the Internet, medical sciences, environment, robots etc.  


Tokyo has an amazing network of public transport, including trains, buses and Metro State. Mostly you will serve the Metro, but there is great crowded hours peak. Alternatively there is the option of taxi, but it is pretty accurate.


Tokyo offers a huge variety of hotels of all types for every taste and price range, while the fact that it is one of the safest cities in the world gives you great flexibility in selection for your stay.


Watch a sumo match, visit the building of tepse that Sony or make an excursion to the Disney theme park and Disneyland. The options for fun in clubs, pubs and karaoke bars are endless with the areas Shibya, Roppongi, Shinjuku and Ginza to gather the most traffic.

Flavors in Tokyo 

You can taste authentic Japanese flavors in countless good quality restaurants. Dishes include noodles or rice, the well-known sushi, horse meat, the unique ice cream mochi and the traditional drink sake are just some of the options offered by the popular Japanese cuisine and you should not miss.

Shopping Guide

Tokyo is particularly popular shopping destination, famous for its rich markets. Visit Tsukiji fish market certainly constitutes one of the most important points of the city, and do your shopping in Ginza district, buy branded  items from Omotesando, Haruku area or explore the shops in Shinjuku and Shibuya, visit the Tokyo Bay Mall and buy souvenirs and antiques in Asakusa.


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