Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece, consisting of 6 municipalities and a municipal section. Was a great centre of the Byzantine years with gradual and great bloom since. It is a beautiful fairly extensive city, with 788,952 residents built on thermaic Gulf, while the left is surrounded by the forest of the Sheikh Sou.


White Tower: The city's most famous building is the White Tower of Thessaloniki. Built in the mid-15th century, is situated in the old Beach and has a height of 34 m., 6 floors and 70 m. perimeter. The story of pretty dark after the Turkish occupation the White Tower was used as a prison and torture in part the executions of walls filled with blood. It closed in 1878 and 1890 scrubbed and get with amiant from a long-term convict in Exchange for his freedom. So he took the name White Tower although it is not white and remained in history under this name being the hallmark of Thessaloniki.

Arch of Galerius located in Egnatia, downtown and built the 305 a.d in honor of the Roman Emperor Galerius in Thessaloniki winner when he returned after his wars against the Persians. Through the apse was accessible at Galarioy Palace, while today only part of the edifice.

Rotunda, with a circular shape, is one of the most imposing monuments of Thessaloniki. It was built by Caesar Galerio and intended by him for Panthewn or Mausoleum. But he didn't because he died and was buried outside Thessaloniki. Later turned into a Christian Temple and it is said that it was a place of worship of relics of martyrs. The figures suggest that witnesses in mosaics of the dome.

Horse racing portion of the Galerianoy band, is Palatial and the Hippodrome. It is the place where the 390 a.d., the Emperor Theodosius ordered the slaughter of spectators who were in space, as a retaliation against the Goths ' uprising of mercenaries

Forum Romanum is a large central square that housed then, the Conservatory, the Archive, the shops, the bathroom and large galleries from which saved the "Krypti lodge", which was not hidden only when its foundation. Started to be built at the end of the 2nd century a.d and functioned as an administrative center of the city. It was discovered in excavations in 1989 and remains exposed to the Museum showing the history of the market.

Castle: The fortress of Yedikule fortress Eptapyrgiou is known by the name Yedi Kule Ottoman. In 1890 a monument was used as a female, male and military prisons. It consists of 10 segments and four sites towers. Built on the highest point of the city is not totally dated, became the seat of administration of the city and shelter people from the Raiders.


Thessaloniki Archeological Museum created by the architect Patroklos Karantino and has been declared by the Ministry of culture as a monument. Hosts exhibits from excavations in the city of Thessaloniki and Macedonia, as well as from the Royal Tombs of Vergina. It also houses finds from the cemetery of Sindos, while occurs and prehistoric collection. At their galleries you will see external objects of classical, Neolithic, Hellenistic and Roman era.

Folklore and Ethnological Museum is considered one of the finest of its kind and will see artifacts of recent history and architecture, which has spread in the Balkans. In this collection you will see costumes, embroidery, textiles, weapons, traditional musical instruments, as well as handicraft items, metalwork and wood carving. Finally presented exhibits of battles in the early 19th century for the release of Thessaloniki.

Belic Museum of Athens: In the Balkan wars, the war of 1940, the destruction and the first world war, as well as exhibits from lithographs, photos, maps, weapons and uniforms, bygone era.

Museum of Atatürk: Kemal Atatürk was born in Thesaloniki, and in 1935 the City Council decided to concede to the Turkish State Home inhabiting the Atatürk. Turned into a Museum and is dedicated to the reclaimer of the Turks. All furniture is authentic and what resulted were replaced by the mausoleum of Kemal. In spaces exposed photos, personal objects and documents from the school. In 1981 the building repainted in original pink color.

Film Museum: Located near aristotelous square, on the old quayside. There worth seeing old film equipment parts, film processors, lenses and giant posters that cause impression.


The city's urban transport organization has a very well organized and extensive network that serves the entire region. Also the blue taxi network is at your disposal for easier movement. For doorstep areas near Thessaloniki, the city has the most important railway hub of the country.


In the city you will find quite a wide range of hotels from smaller for your work in the Centre, or for an unforgettable holiday in the summer and winter months. You can also stay in a rented room and off center.


In Thessaloniki whimsy and fun never stop! It is said that in Thessaloniki are you 2 to 3 days only to discover them all. Countless cafes, bars and restaurants along the beach and the Center, always eager to serve the most demanding tastes. Alternative form of entertainment to spend wonderful is the old craft side of town. The picturesque area of the infamous ladadikwn once near the port, now hosts some of the best restaurants and bar, in the cobblestone and wonderfully low buildings of the area in the old historical centre of Thessaloniki. Remarkable performances often climb in Thessaloniki, concerts by renowned artists since the town is recognizable for the artistic vein. Don't miss visiting the Megaron and sotres mill.


Thessaloniki has a large port and Wharf, where you can taste fresh fish and other seafood delicacies. But it is also known for its meat and specifically for the skewer. Known ladadika will find traditional tavernas with amazing views of the city and enjoy rare escort ouzo mezedes. In the first line here and years you will see the difference with savory and sweet pies with versions that puts your mind. Finally there was no event, not to mention the famous and unique Panorama triangles, that nobody can succeed better than only themselves the Thessalonians. Also try samali and Kazan dipi.

Shopping Guide

Women in Thessaloniki are considered among the best dressed Greek women. Especially in the city centre you will find an abundance of unique shops, to obtain particularly pieces from your visit to Thessaloniki.


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