Syros is located in the heart of Cyclades. It has an area of ​​84 square kilometers and more than 20,000 residents. Its capital and aslo capital of Cyclades is Ermoypoli. Homer's Odyssey mentions Syros as "Syrie", while its overall history is rich as it was an important commercial and shipping center of Greece. In trade god "Hermes" owes its capital name. The neoclassical architecture in Syros gives a special compared to the other Cycladic islands. Because of the short distance from the port of Piraeus and the options available on the island it is visited by thousands of tourists every year making it one of the most cosmopolitan island in the Cyclades, 


Miaouli Square

It is located near the port of Syros and is one of the most beautiful squares in Greece. Originally named Otto-square, while the current name has taken from Andreas Miaoulis whose statue is on the square. In the same square you can see the marble pedestal of the Philharmonic with reliefs of Apollo and the Muses, the Hall of Syros and the municipal library, two architectural jewels in the same square.

Old port

The old port on the left side of the bay you will see the buildings of Customs and Transit Stores which were built in 1834. While the stock does not fulfill their original function, currently is hosting the Cycladic Art Gallery and other public services.

Metamirfosi Church

Its construction started in 1824 and completed in 1831 by  refugees from Chios and Psara who rescued and transported and the bell of St. Nicholas of Psara. It follows the pattern of the Virgin Mary church in Tinos, and typical is the paved with small pebbles in the courtyard forming ornate  mosaics with beautiful designs.

Vaporia (Ships) 

The district called Vaporia is in the eastern part of Syros. The mansions of this neighborhood are built on the beach, by the sea, reminding ships and giving its name to the district. They were built by wealthy refugees forced to flee their homes in other islands, due to disasters folowing the revolution in 1821. On the "base" of the district are formed small beaches suitable for swimming.

Archaeological Site of Chalandriani

Among the archaeological sites of the island the one that stands out is Chalandriani. It is a settlement from Cycladic Age (3rd millennium BC) and consists of two parts, the wall surrounding the settlement and the ancient cemetery with over 600 graves. The archaeological site except for historical knowledge offers magnificent views of the sea.


Starting from some cosmopolitan beaches we recommend Galissa, a large well organized beach with trees for shade and a variety of restaurants and hotels. Agathopes, another beach where you will see the famous sea lilies, and also Dolphin beach. If you're looking for a family beach vissit Kini, Comitos and Azolimno. Finally in the Ermoypoli you can find "Stars", "Taliros" and "Waves".


The Industrial Museum of Errmoupolis is one of the most important in Greece. Established in 2000 is housed in three old refurbished industrial buildings of the late 19th century. Hostes equipment of a full range of islands industrial activity and mainly textile, shipbuilding, carpentry, leather tanning, and production sweets. A museum dedicated to Marco Vamvakari couldn't be somewhere else but here. The great musician born and spent the first years of his life in Syros. In his museum you can find personal items, handwritten lyrics and also watch a documentary about his life.


Syros Airport is 4.5 km from Ermoupoli and connects the island with Athens with many routes. The flight time is 25 minutes. The routs of the feries starting from Piraeus and Rafina are also daily. Syros buses are quite helpful, especially during the summer when routes are more frequent, Of course the best way to explore the island is to have your own car or rent one, because many worthwhile place are not accessible by the local transport and organized tours. In Syros there are many car rental companies.


For coffee we recommend Ano Syros, where the view of Ermoupoli is breathtaking creating a unique setting. Also in Ano Syros you can eat in on the most historic taverns, the tavern of Lili. Nightlife is also mainly concentrated in Ermoypoli where you can easily find bars and clubs with the rhythms of course not being as intense as in other islands. Try to spend time in villages too like Galissa, Kini and Posidonia where you will find wonderful restaurants and cafes.

Flavors and Shopping Guide

The geographical position of Syros and its important port, contributed to the influence of many cultures in the local cuisine. Among the rich dishes offered on the island, stands out the lamb with caper leaves, octopus in vinegar with sundried tomato, dry fish with capers the fennel-pie, "strapatsada", "Koumpempa" etc. It has also excellent local products such as cheese "Like Michael", a hard yellow one made ​​from cow's milk that tastes like the famous Italian parmezan. Syros is also known  for its pastry. The traditional "Loukoumi" is been made on the island for more than 100 years with a unique recipe coming from Asia.


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