Stuttgart is the capital of the Southwestern State of Baden-Württemberg and the city of South Germany. The city is built at an altitude of 260 metres, in a fertile valley, full of forests and vineyards. The city occupies a particularly important place and it is the seat of large and popular industrial enterprises. It is a beautiful and peaceful city, with a restless spirit, who never stops thinking and inventing. But it is a beautiful, unique city full of natural landscapes and an ideal destination for tranquil urban walks.


Old castle: The Castle dominates the historic center of the city and the building dates back to around 950 ad. During the 14th century, the castle was used for intimate Komidwn, until it turned into a Renaissance palace in the 16th century. The building complex suffered intermittently several disasters, renovated in 1969 and is now one of the most important tourist attractions.

Castle Square and the Schlossplatz square is the largest and most historic town square. The square includes the New Palace, the building of the King and many other remarkable monuments.

Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Garden is an excellent and beautiful garden world-renowned, originally built as a Royal Palace and is one of the largest gardens of Europe. The Botanic Garden has innumerable and unique plants and the Zoo, thousands of animals from all the climatic zones of the Earth.


State Gallery of Stuttgart: The Gallery hosts many highly reputed artists artwork and many paintings Impressionist.

Museum of Natural History presents exhibits from primeval ultra era, from the first dinosaurs, until the ice age and houses the organic report and presents an analytical report, from the Animal Kingdom.

Porsche Museum is the most innovative Motorsports Museum, that will leave you with the best impressions.


Stuttgart has organized public transportation, U Band and S Band, which is something similar to the Metro and the suburban, so you can move comfortably and with great ease.


The city has several stylish hotels and big hotel units and most are located in the Centre of the city and the surrounding squares. The prices are considered normal, depending on the range of benefits available to them.


In Stuttgart you will find many spas with healing properties, where you can enjoy the positive actions and the unique moments of relaxation, which will offer you. Most of the city consists of vineyards and the process of harvesting and processing of grapes, is the most beloved habit of residents. The finest wine, Trollinger, is produced from a variety of vineyards. In the alleys of the town, you will encounter many picturesque café and stylish shops. Stuttgart is not renowned for its nightlife. The residents sleep on early. Nevertheless, the city will find quite interesting pubs and bar, while the city's clubs operate mostly, more on weekends.


The cuisine of Stuttgart feedstock uses lots of pasta, which you will find in most dishes, plain or with cheese. The most typical specialties, are Maultaschen, dough with stuffing.

Shopping Guide

In scenic Markthalle's covered market, you will find from fresh fruits and vegetables, up exotic flowers, fresh fish and spices. On most commercial streets of the city, you will find excellent shopping, with very good prices.


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