Stockholm, Sweden's capital is a city, which dates back more than 700 years and extends over 14 islands that surround the Baltic Sea. The city combines the modern attractions with historic charm. The cobblestone streets of the old town and the historical bridges that decorate the numerous channels. Historically, developed into an important trade center and from reports of 1289 is considered the largest city in Scandinavia. Today, the Stockholm was designated global city and ranked 24th in the world. Stockholm is a charming destination, with cobbled streets, alleys, traditional shops, that charm. The city impresses by its natural history, the architecture of the buildings, many parks and plenty of water that surrounds it. That is why we called ' Venice of the North ". Stockholm is known for its "White Nights", where the phenomenon begins end of May and lasts until August. At that time, getting dark early and dawning very quickly.


Stockholm Palace is the official residence of the Swedish Royal family and is located in the Centre of the city. In the 13th century in the place of the present-day Palace there was only the fortress, which was built by Mpirgker Giarl. The Fort was intended to protect from intrusions the passage to the Lake Malaren. In the late 16th century developed in medieval palace by King John in 3rd. Over the decades the building suffered several destructions by fire. Today the Palace is the jewel of the city and features 609 rooms and is one of the largest Royal palaces in the world. In the Palace the King performs his duties as head of State, so visitors cannot navigate to all areas of the Castle. Nevertheless, a ride on the inside and on the outside of the building will delight you with the various halls relics.

Parliament of Sweden was built between 1897 and 1905 and replaced the old building that was located on the island of Riddarholmen. This building has considerable importance both for the city of Stockholm and Sweden as whole houses the Parliament of the country. Guests have the opportunity to see the notorious guard, but for a tour indoors need special permission.

Large square is situated in the historical centre of the city and is an attraction and one of the most important points of the city. May not have the glamour of other European centres, but created gradually, more out of necessity and is characterized by its own history and love. There is almost all social protests and demonstrations. Feature is well located in the center of the square and it is her trademark, which was designed by Eric Palmstedt.

Amusement park one of the several islands of Stockholm, Djurgarden is located in the center of the city. In this there are many historical buildings, museums, art galleries, monuments and overgrown areas. The most famous part of the island is the Grona Lund Park, a unique place for recreation for the residents of the city, as well as for tourists. Founded in 1995, and the Administration is under the supervision of the Royal family.


Museum of the Swedish warship Vasa in 1628, at the bottom of the harbor of the city found a Swedish ship (type Vasa) and since then is a unique exhibit of the Museum. Unexpected surprise for explorers was that the ship was found in such good condition, since when was found even clothes. So is a time machine and a special work of art that doesn't have anything to lose! The Museum was inaugurated in 1990 and is the most popular Museum in the whole of Scandinavia.

The Royal coin collection is a museum specialised in the field of history of national coins and medals, with exhibits that highlight the history of money, medals and banks. You will also see notes, shares, Bank safes, banking and other files. Here you will find the largest currency ever minted, the first paper money in the world and much more.

National Museum of natural history: Museum was founded in 1739 and is an attraction for many nature lovers. It is the largest Museum of Sweden as it has 9 million exhibits. In the Museum there is the Kosmonoba system, the only Swedish IMACh theatre and the largest planetarium in Scandinavia.

The historical Museum: In Stockholm historical museum you will know everything about Swedish art and cultural history, from the stone age until today. There are permanent exhibitions such as prehistory, the Vikings, the art of construction of Medieval churches, the Gold Hall and the Hall of fabrics.


The city is relatively small and can comfortably navigate on foot or with a bicycle. With regard to your movements, Stockholm has a developed transportation network. Within the city and to and from the airport, there is a network of railways, highways and ferry links, which will help you to go from one end of town to the other in a short period of time. Try to avoid the taxi because it is expensive.


In the city you will find many hotels with breathtaking views of the river. Prices vary depending on the preferences of travelers.


The most cosmopolitan and fun funky area of town for nocturnal outings are the Sofo with lots of bar, club and other kinds of entertainment such as galleries, hosting concerts or performances. Besides the Sofo, there are choices of entertainment in the city centre. A place worth visiting is the Ice bar, where everything is made of ice (from the water of the river Torre). Walls, seats, glasses, but the bar is made of ice, come in dressed Eskimo.


In Stockholm you will enjoy plenty of fresh fish, such as salmon, perch, and meatballs with mashed potatoes, berries and gherkins. Also, you will have the opportunity to try reindeer, deer, ROEs and shells. There are closed local food markets where you will discover all the traditional products of the city. As for sweets, in addition to tarts and pastries, don't forget to try the famous kanelbulle cakes and truffles with coconut chokladbollar. The city has over traditional Spanish restaurants and cuisines of the world, as well as many Greek restaurants. The most characteristic spot of the city, is the food Ostermalms Saluhall market, where in a high-ceilinged old warehouse will find many restaurants. The restaurants have interesting decor and a very warm atmosphere,  so you can enjoy a delicious meal. Prices are pretty considerable even in the most popular parts of the city.

Shopping guide

Stockholm is a city that loves fashion and features numerous shops, where one finds from clothes to secondhand dealers with antiques. You will also find shops with alternative clothing, jewelry and art supplies and second hands markets. The city is famous for its antiques, glassware, silverware and leather clothes.


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