Shanghai is the largest city in the world and is an important financial center and bustling port of China. Shanghai's colonial past is manifest in every corner and coexists harmoniously with the profile of the growing metropolis with skyscrapers and huge department stores. Is undoubtedly the voyage-sioteri China town and sets new trends in fashion, arts and cultural events in the country, with this dynamic environment to make it fascinating destination for any traveler.


Bund is a district of Shanghai on the banks of the Huangpu River and is the most well-known attraction of the old city of Shanghai. Housed in the buildings of the main banks and commercial Empires in the world since 1930, and is one of the most important areas in Shanghai today. It also has a special colonial aesthetics with striking buildings in Roman, Gothic or Baroque pace, which returns an interesting variety.

Jade Buddha Temple is one of the most famous Buddhist temples in China and attracts thousands of tourists and locals, who choose the holy place to worship, daily. It has two White Jade Buddha statues that symbolize the achievement of the State of Nirvana or enlightenment.

People's Square is the central square of Shanghai with vast expanses of greenery and variety of plants and trees. It has notable buildings of great cultural and architectural importance, and an ideal station to rest after a stroll for shopping in the pedestrian street of Nanjing.


The Shanghai Museum revives the past of China with over 120,000 artifacts as ancient coins, porcelain, furniture, sculptures etc. are hosted on elegant 5-storey building of the Museum.

Shanghai urban planning Museum includes an extremely interesting photo collection of old and modern Shanghai, while the incredibly detailed model of urban development of the city in the coming decades.


To move use the fast and reliable Metro system of the city, which has 12 lines and modern facilities. Alternatively, there is the option of buses or taxis, but that will bring you face to face with the expected traffic in a big city like Shanghai.


Shanghai has various types and categories of accommodations that meet the needs of every traveller. The choices cover a wide price range depending on location and amenities you desire to have.


During your visit to Shanghai do not forget to have  a nighttime cruise on the Huangpu River and a walk on the Bund. Another interesting option is to visit one of the tea houses and monitoring performance of the Shanghai Philharmonic or a show with stunts. For your night of fun instead Xin Tian Di area, Maoming South Road and Fuxing Park, where are concentrated bars, clubs, cafes and restaurants for every taste.


Taste the traditional cuisine of Shanghai offers interesting gastronomic options and special flavors. Try the stuffed with pork xiaolongbao buns, soup or dishes with crab and baked oysters dazha. In addition, there are a variety of restaurants where you can taste dishes from various regions of China and the whole world.

Shopping Guide

Shanghai is paradise for lovers of markets with a large number of trade routes and department stores. The main points of the city to make your shopping is the well-known shopping streets of Nanjing, Huaihai, North Sichuan and Xujiahui Shopping Center malls and Yuyuan Shopping City.


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