Seville is the capital of the community of Andalusia and financial capital of southern Spain and great cultural center. The city is built in a valley along the Guadalquivir River and is divided into 4 sections. It is a lush valley with a strong cultural past and a story from the depths of centuries. The city is full of palaces, picturesque streets, impressive monuments, amazing gardens, romantic squares and neighbourhoods that exude a romance, with bold Roman and Arabic elements. The Seville has a special local color, that enchants and excites and a culture that classifies a specific tourist destination.


Cathedral is one of the largest temples, which was created in order to highlight the wealth of the country. The church started to be built in 1401 and work has lasted over 100 years. The Cathedral is an outstanding Gothic architecture and sample is considered the most important Christian monument of the city. Impresses both externally with the imposing facade and Interior, which are richly decorated and hosts many priceless treasures.

Royal Palace is an earthly paradise that started to be built at the beginning of the 10th century and is considered the most representative piece of architecture, from Muslims, then the season in Spain. The Palace was the site where the Royal family vacationed and is an amazing place with vast expanses, worth visiting.

Metropol Parasol is a wooden structure located at La Encarnación square, in the old quarter of Seville, Spain. It was designed by the German architect Jürgen Mayer-Hermann and completed in April 2011. It has dimensions of 150 by 70 metres and an approximate height of 26 metres and claims to be the largest wooden structure in the world. Its appearance, location, delays and cost overruns in construction resulted in much public controversy. The building is popularly known as Las Setas de la Encarnación.

Spain's square: The square is the Centre of the city and has a feature gorgeous figure, with an impressive fountain in downtown and a charm of bygone days. The premises housed Government offices and the perimeter walls are murals, describing the history of every province of Spain.


Golden Tower is an amazing dodecagon Tower, which was built in 1220 and call it gold, because of the Summit, which was once covered with gold and astrafte as were falling on top of the rays of the Sun. The tower was originally created as a military stronghold to control the river and later as a prison. Now it works as an excellent Maritime Museum worth visiting.

Archaeological Museum: The Museum has 27 rooms, with exhibits from prehistoric times until our days. The largest part of the exhibition presents rare finds from the Roman era.

Folklore Museum: The Museum recounts through the collections of all the history of the place, its traditions and way of life of the residents. You'll see traditional clothing, musical instruments and excellent decoration of ancient samples.

Bullfighting Museum: The Museum shows authentic costumes bullfighters, paintings, sculptures and numerous photographs, from the most typical custom and fact of Spain.


The Seville you can comfortably get to know walking and admire from near most attractions, since almost all are clustered in the historic center. The city has organized a network of buses, taxi and tram lines, that their prices are considered normal.  


The most and the best hotels, located in the city centre and offer optimal benefits, at very good prices, for a comfortable and pleasant stay.


One of the most tourist and scenic places to visit is the old Jewish district Barrio Santa Cruz, with beautiful small streets, wrought iron lanterns, carved fountains and courtyards with Geraniums, that in transferring to another season. The District of Triana, is equally beautiful and less touristy, with very nice attractions. The Park of Maria Luisa, considered the most beautiful green city fireplace and is the perfect place for relaxation. Don't miss to visit the Royal Bullring and to enjoy a performance, passionate flamenco dance, with the most intense feelings, in the Casa de la Memoria item. In Arabic Baths, you will experience absolute wellness and wellness moments, in an extremely luxurious space, with very affordable prices. Finally make a memorable cruise,  along the River, enjoying the view of the city. The inhabitants of the city, enjoy a drink, amuse and flirt, to the tapas bar. Along the river you will find many interesting bar, where you'll watch and an impromptu Flamenco show.


The cuisine of Seville, is a purely Mediterranean cuisine, including meat, vegetables, lots of steamed, artichokes, asparagus, rice and spices. Most dishes of cooked, using premium quality olive oil and wine. A special place at the table of the seafood and the great variety of sausage. Traditional dishes, you absolutely must try the seafood with rice, sopita de ajo garlicsoup, sausage with jamon iberico, habas con jamon beans, pork with salmorejo specialties and the Andalusian cocido andaluz, boiling. The most characteristic dish of the city, considered the Meze Tapas, which circulates in incredibly many flavors and you'll find it everywhere.

Shopping Guide

In Seville you will find exquisite lace, leather goods, elaborate jewelry and pearls. The city has many shops, but have in mind that open slowly. Of particular interest is the open market and El Thursday, which is a huge Bazaar, with great prices.


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