Sao Paulo

São Paulo is located on the southeastern side of Brazil and is the capital of the State of São Paulo and the biggest shopping, business and cultural part of the country. It is a fairly densely populated metropolis with skyscrapers, wide avenues theoratoys, modern rhythms, its own personality and is considered a somewhat conservative city with residents working productively and have solid careers. The city has intense wealth although by the backdrop of picture of not missing the slum neighborhoods, but that in no way compare with the shacks of Rio de Janeiro. The most historic part of the city is located in the southern part, consisting of parks, churches, important buildings and museums. The city also has a vibrant nightlife and offers many forms of entertainment.


Sao Paolo Cathedral: The Cathedral is an imposing neo-Gothic masterpiece, created in 1967, with rich interior decoration made of marble, ornate design details and a large crypt that makes him resemble underground Church.

Area Morumbi is 15 km from São Paulo and is a city for study because of the contrasts. The area includes from a favela and shacks on the other has enormous wealth in real estate. The place is best known for two major attractions, which are the Palacio dos Bandeirantes and the cemetery of the city that includes the mausoleum of Formula champion, Ayrton Senna.

Ipiranga Museum: The Museum houses on the premises of the history of Brazil from 1500 until today, through old maps, tables, furniture, pictures and much more.

Parque Estadual Serra do Mar is a tourist area, a huge park that resembles paradise with waterfalls, verdant hiking trails and various ecotourism options, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Apartment block Italia is a modern skyscraper with particular aesthetic design, height 168 measures that created the period 1956-1965. The skyscraper is the 2nd tallest building in Sao Paulo and includes an amazing restaurant and a rooftop observation deck.

Museo Afro-Brazil: the Museum through the collections of sheds light on the life of the Africans in Brazil, since the country had more slaves from Africa, compared with any other country. The Museum's collections recount the Foam-Brazilian culture and the connection between cultures, with photos, artwork, crafts and many other objects.

Museum of art: The Museum includes the best collections of Latin American art, with works by renowned artists such as Tiziano, Velasquez, Manet, Van Gogh and many others.

Museu de Futebol: The Museum consists of 3 floors and is hosted in one of the largest stadiums in the country. On the premises of the House posters, photographs and interactive exhibits from the famous stars of the land and the world cups of Brazil.


Movements of São Paulo has a comprehensive and structured network with public transportation such as bus, train, Metro, suburban, which is considered one of the best in the world and taxis that are trusted and financially.


The city has large and organized hotels, with ideal services for a comfortable and pleasant stay.


Visit the vast city's Zoo, which will remain unforgettable and beautiful area of Paulista, with amazing beaches and many restaurants. The city's National Theatre is housed in one of the nicest buildings and is worth visiting.In the neighboring region of Cesar Cerqueira's are assembled the best restaurants, bars and clubs of the city. The city has intense nightlife with many musical styles and preference options. The Vila Mariana district includes many financial bar and clubs, where he gathered many students. Older world you will find in the region of Vila Madelena with atmospheric restaurants and many bars in more relaxed tones. Most clubs are concentrated in the region of Vila Olvmpia.


Throughout the town you will find excellent local restaurants with delicious dishes and restaurants with cuisines of the world. The cuisine of São Paulo uses in many dishes, fruits, nuts, sweet potato and leafy vegetables. Typical dish is the okra with dried shrimp and walnuts and soups.

Shopping Guide

In Sao Paulo you will find many shops with local products, but also many imported. The most commercial areas of the city are the streets Rua Jose Paulino, Rua Oscar Freire and Rua Teodoro Sampai. Don't forget to visit the famous Mall Daslu and the Morumbi Shopping with excellent items.


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