Santorini belongs to the Cyclades group of Islands and is the most famous tourist center of the world. Santorini's capital, Fira, built with traditional architecture on top of cliffs with altitude 260 m. Santorini is remnants of volcanic island Cone. The central part of Strongylis blown up along with the crater, from the Minwϊki blast the 1613 BC resulting in the destruction of the Proϊstorikoy culture of the island. So we created what we call today, Caldera of Santorini.


Nea Kameni Volcano: Warm waters and the islet of Thirassias, with various tour packages that make organized travel agencies on the island. Will travel with comfortable traditional boats and you will be informed by Guide for volcano craters and activity, which makes it one of the most important worldwide. Then visit the warm waters. The water temperature is 5 degrees Celsius above the sea and the water is (k) ink mixed with sulfur. The islet of thirassias, which was an extension of OIA before thousands of years, is the last stop. Standalone now, maintains its own character and fascinates visitors. In Thirassia you can taste fresh fish, local wine, traditional delicacies and to enjoy a donkey ride to the top of the mountain, in the traditional village of  Manolas.

Sunset in Firostefani: Santorini by itself is an attraction. Have heart which donei mountains, the sea and its people resonate with her. Close your eyes and feel the energy, be dangerous Island, in tow like a magnet. At the highest point of the city is built the picturesque village with breathtaking views. In one of the island's resorts cosmopolitan will enjoy the most beautiful sunset of your life when the sun sinks into the deep blue of the sky.

Imerovíglion: Countless are the songs that talk about imerovigli. Located in a privileged position at the highest point of the caldera, with an altitude of 300 m Thiraϊkis., between Fira and OIA. The village has been designated a conservation area and there you will be able to view the ruins of the Venetian castle of Skaros, the era of Venetian rule was used as an Observatory.From the castle of skaros starts the path that will lead you to the chapel of Theoskepasti on the edge of a cliff, with incredible views of the volcanic islets Old and NEA Kameni.


The Akrwtirioy archaeological site was discovered quite accidentally, thanks to French engineer Ferdinard de Lesseps, in the course of excavating the soil used in the insulation of the Suez Canal.  This is the greatest archaeological discovery in the world. Ash from the eruption of the volcano, has maintained the findings in remarkably excellent condition, which could be compared to the archaeological site of Pompeii. All the archaeological discoveries, the small objects, vases, wall paintings, the houses with their furniture, lead us to the conclusion that the settlement had tremendous growth and prosperity.

Ancient Thira archaeological site was discovered by German Archaeologists between 1895 and 1902. Located on Mesa Vouno, 369m. over the surface of the sea. Was the only urban centre of the island and its location indicates the settlement of strategic importance. The findings of the region are arranged at Fira Archaeological Museum, while the main monuments of the site are: the theater, the gymnasium, the sanctuary of ARTEMIS, the market, the cemeteries, the Royal Arcade with statues of Caesar and the Temple of Dionysus.

Family Koystogianopoyloy Wine Museum: There you can experience how the winemaking process used in Santorini from old machines extraction of grapes until the final bottling stage. Almost the entire Museum is underground. On the premises of various handmade dolls in physical size, portraying how people work in the past.

Museum of ancient Greek and Byzantine musical instruments: At the heart of the traditional settlement of OIA is the most new Museum of Santorini and hosts more than 40 handcrafted musical instruments mainly  from wood that was used in ancient Greece.

Megaro Gyzi Museum is operated by the Catholic Diocese of Thera and you can see Santorini, engravings of old maps, manuscripts, paintings and costumes of the old era. Every August in Megaro Gyzi Festival organised cultural events with exhibitions of paintings, books and concerts.

Folklore Museum: The Museum acts as Ali Ibrahim Manor and Winery. The owner Mr Hardy, managed after years of research to gather and preserve many old objects, which exposes the landscaped spaces of the Museum, in order to show you how worked the old years several small businesses of the place, such as the coopery and the shoe shop.The spaces of the Museum also host historical books, documents and papers which document the history of the place.


On the island there are city buses with more frequent services during the summer season, with posted hours of services at each stop. You can also receive assistance from a taxi that will find even in port when you arrive. for even better moving, you can rent a car to visit the more remote parts of the island.


For your holidays in Santorini will surely be unforgettable staying, since in most places, wherever you choose to stay, the view is stunning, when sunset takes on all the colors of the IRIS.


The island has many fun bars and clubs, which most are assembled in the square and very close together. With a large selection of musical trends, you will have fun until the early hours, or would enjoy something quieter, as an evening of jazz with views of the Aegean Sea. Dawn will find many café open for cheese, toast and coffee.


In Santorini do not miss to try the white eggplants, the notorious Fava and their deep-fried tomato rissoles of course. Has plenty of fish, which is prepared with special art, so it arrives on your plate delicious. The island turns out by the best local wines, which will not only accompany the meal and dinner.

Shopping Guide

From Santorini you won't leave if you don't get along, Fava Beans, local cheese, capers and wine. You can still find original hand-painted objects, ceramics, art supplies and pictures.


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