Santiago is the capital and largest city of Chile. It is a modern urban center with continuous and extensive development, built in the country's Central Valley at an altitude of 520 metres. It is a large city in one of the most temperate and affluent areas of the country, who lives full of passion and has people with genuine spontaneity and cosy feelings.The city has large expanses of green, features attractions, shopping malls, glass skyscrapers and buildings of high architecture. The urban landscape of Santiago exudes a conservative air and lends the city a picture attached to the past. Despite the brief but historic path, Santiago has inspired poets and Nobel Laureates romantic intellectuals.

Historical Sights

Cerro San Cristobal is the tallest point of the city of Santiago, where the top is the statue of our Lady and the day you can admire the panoramic view of the city, while in the evening the statue is lit and operated as a lighthouse. The statue is a landmark for the town and is visible from most of it. The path to the top is pretty great and you can climb by vehicle, by cable car or hike with the pilgrims.

Parque Metropolitano: Metropolitan Park is a huge urban park in the city, which includes an excellent Botanical Garden, a zoo with thousands of animals, swimming pools, amazing places for hiking and a religious Shrine at the top, where it has a panoramic view of the city.

La Chascona: Bohemian artistic neighbourhood of Bellavista is located in one of the 3 houses of the famous Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. The House includes remarkable collections of the poet, a spectacular library, works of art by famous friends and many very personally own objects.

Plaza de Armas: The characteristic main square of the capital include the major attractions and is an excellent meeting place and recreational space with traditional restaurants, quaint café, food stores and ideal places for walking.


National Museum of natural history is one of the oldest natural history museums in South America with exceptional collections of Zoology, mineralogy, Botany, anthropology and Paleontology.

The National Historical Museum of the city was founded in 1911 and housed in a former Palace that consists of old rooms and now used as exhibition halls. The collections include furniture and decorative objects of everyday use, season of life in Chile, clothing, sewing machines, weapons, paintings and historical artifacts.

National Museum of fine arts is one of the most important museums of Chilean art, founded in 1880 and presents invaluable collections of prints, drawings, paintings, works of art, historic colonial elements of the history of Chile and sculptures.


The city includes public transport, full and organized bus lines, train, Metro and taxis.


Throughout the city of Santiago and in wider areas, you will find many organized, modern and atmospheric hotel with ideal facilities and pretty good prices, for a comfortable and pleasant stay in order to discover the exciting city of Santiago.


Start your acquaintance with the city from the Centro (Downtown) featuring stylish pedestrian streets and is a nice place to ride to experience the history of the city. The steep hill of Santa Lucia has a typical colonial color and a symbol of freedom for the residents of the city. It is full of wonderful gardens, paths for strolling, sculptures and fountains. Visit the historic Teatro Municipal, the amazing city jazz scenes and watch a theatre or dance performance. The traditional and picturesque area of Barrio Bellavista consists of small narrow streets, atmospheric cafés, local restaurants, itinerant retailers and shops with souvenirs. With many nightclubs, busy life and pleasant world surrounded and the Plaza San Enrique.


Throughout the town you will find excellent restaurants serving local specialities, traditional restaurants with variety of fish and shellfish and Italian restaurants. Several flavours of the city have an Arab-Israeli influence merge, with pies from rebithioy, filling salads with hummus and donuts. The traditional local dishes to try is the steak with Chili, corn, tart from the stew with beans and local sausage and crab meat with cream, cheese and onion.

Shopping Guide

he traditional central market in Mercado Central is in itself a tourist attraction and is full of stalls, street vendors, fresh colorful fruits and vegetables, many customers and voices. In most shops you will find awesome Indian textiles, jewelry, leather clothing, shawls, knick-knacks from  Lapis and art woodcuts. In the city you will also find a variety of retail shops and several famous department stores. The most famous is the Parque Arauco and Alto las Condes. Luxury stores with famous fashion houses will find at swanky neighborhoods of Nueva Costanera Avenue and Alonso de Cordova street.


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