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San Francisco is a populous city in California, United States of America. Located on the West coast of the USA, at the tip of the San Francisco peninsula and includes significant expanses of the Pacific Ocean. Considered one of the most recognizable American city and one of the most popular travel destinations. The city was destroyed in 1906 due to an earthquake and a fire broke out, but regained its forces and is now a major economic and cultural center of the region. San Francisco started as a small town and grew rapidly because of the Golden search was going on in the city. The city is now known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, its innumerable skyscrapers, the funicular and the glamorous unconventional side of her character.


Golden Gate Bridge: The famous suspension bridge has a length of 1.6 mm. and is considered one of the most beautiful bridges in the world in art deco style, which got its name from the street below the Sea (Golden Gate Strait), connecting San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean. The bridge was created when the city's needs could not be met other than the Ferry Boat and is the only medium that connects San Francisco with the North. Feature is the golden-orange color of the bridge fits extremely with the landscape and helps bridge to be visible on days with very foggy. Guests can use the pavement of bridge and enjoy the magnificent view over the city.

Alcatraz Island is an island located in the Bay of San Francisco and is known from the world of cinema  as the "Rock". On the island have built a federal prison, a prison, a military fort and a lighthouse. The prison of Alcatraz was the cruelest correctional institution and in the cells of many notorious criminals were found, among them Al Capone. Alcatraz has always had the reputation of a maximum security prison and that no prisoner would not ever managed to escape. Nevertheless, the prison was closed due to the fairly high cost of operation and is now a historic site and an interesting sight.

Coit Tower: At the top of Telegraph Hills is from 1933 the most recognizable building in town, which refers to a fire hose. It is a concrete tower that was constructed after millionaire's donation of Lillie Hitchcock Coit, when at a very young age witnessed a fire-fighting and offered to help. Since then launched a long-term volunteer work and after death, offered 1/3 of the estate in her favorite city, with the aim of creating something that will omorfaine too. Coit Tower has been devoted both to itself and to the fire brigade and offers a panoramic view of the city. The Interior of the kosmeite from popular frescoes from the life in California during the great depression.


California Academy of Sciences: The Academy consists of 37,000 square meters and is considered one of the greatest spaces that are studying the nature and especially the flora and fauna of the country. The roof of the Academy is entirely covered with plants and on the premises of hosted the natural history museum, a Planetarium, an aquarium and a rainforest. Remarkable are all exhibits of the Academy, as well as the spaces, forming a unique learning space.

Asian Art Museum: The Museum includes the premises of one of the richest collections internationally, Asian culture, with unique artwork 5,000 years old. The exhibits come mainly from China, Japan, the Himalayas and Southeast Asia.


San Francisco has an organized and extensive network of public transportation, with buses, trams, trolley buses, Metro and funicular lines, railways and ferries for transport by sea.


Throughout the city of San Francisco will find fabulous hotels with ideal facilities and prices for every budget. Choose between the area you would like to move on and the kind of hotel you want.


Start your tour in the city of San Francisco from the cosmopolitan area of Union Square, which is full of luxurious restaurants, elegant hotels and department stores. The neighborhoods of San Francisco have a rich history and unique spirit.The most picturesque and famous area of the city considered the Chinatown, with narrow picturesque streets, colorful balconies, 19th-century churches and historical buildings with typical decoration. The oldest part of town is the Mission, with alternative lifestyles and restaurants with cheap food. The neighborhood of Tenderloin adorn some of the most beautiful bar illegally from the era of prohibition. There is also the historic Great American Music Hall. The amazing forest Muir is located only half an hour outside the city and is one of the few forests in erythrodentra in the world. The forest spans a distance of 2.3 square kilometers, with thousands of years of living trees and an atmosphere highly captivating. Don't miss to visit the Buena Vista Park, located on a steep hill and occupies an area of 37,000  acres. Another remarkable piece of the city is the commercial Pier 39, which is built in the port city and its facilities include restaurants, shopping malls, theaters, a huge aquarium and entertainment venues. Most clubs are concentrated in the South of Market area, enlivened by the world the evening hours.


The city of San Francisco includes the nicest restaurants and serves excellent dishes from the cuisine of California. In picturesque Chinese Quarter you will find over 300 excellent restaurants with amazing flavors.

Shopping Guide

The best shops of the city are concentrated in and around Union Square. Excellent shops with folk art, antique and retro clothes, you will find in the Mission District and on Haight Street.


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