San Diego

San Diego is a coastal city in Southern California of the United States, washed by the Pacific Ocean, and forms a single metropolitan area with the Tijuana, a stone's throw from the border with Mexico. This is a beautiful tropical city with Mediterranean climate, endless beaches, wide sidewalks beside the sea, stadiums, amusement parks and many seaside restaurants and bars. The old city one more tourist attraction, as is the home city of San Diego from the 19th century. The area is preserved in full up to date and gives the feeling that you're in another era, that of the Wild West. In the old town you will see the Town Hall, the District Court, a theater and an old infirmary saved with his equipment. Most historic buildings function as shops or museums. In the city centre you can see a typical seasonal trolley and get to know the city, completing a tour with the small tourist bus of the region.


Sea World is an amazing water park located just before the Mission Beach and hosts all the animals of the ocean, such as white whales, polar bears, seals, Orcas, dolphins, stingrays and more. In the Park you can watch animal training, their performances, to get in touch with them and in some cases allowed to feed and to the touch. This is a wonderful site, which gives you the possibility to get in contact with most sea creatures and to understand their life and their world through various exhibits.

The San Diego Zoo is the most popular and large Zoo in the world, located in an enchanting location full of hills at different levels and hosts about 4,000 species of animals under exceptionally good conditions.


Maritime Museum in the world famous seaside walkway of the city, where they have been repaired, maintained and operated flawlessly leading historical ships. The collections include countless exhibits, which are available in daily public tours as a Soviet submarine, fighter a steamer of 1898 and the oldest ship in the world, the Star of India, who can even travel.

The Museum of contemporary art hosts and presents the best contemporary art, through famous sites. La Jolla village is one of the most important works and combines breathtaking natural beauty, with a unique blend of contemporary art.

Aircraft carrier Midway: That aircraft carrier from the battle of Midway, which took place during World War II, is moored in the harbor of San Diego and operated as a Museum of the era with countless priceless objects.


San Diego is a fairly developed city with buses, train and other modern means of public transport, but because it is a classic American city with long distances, the ideal tool for moving is the car. The city has endless highways, which do not allow the traffic jam and you can move with comfort.


Throughout the San Diego area will find excellent hotels with very good service, unique services and pretty good prices.


All the Pacific coast is a beautiful natural landscape to navigate. San Diego is famous for its huge beach with sand, stretching from Los Angeles to Mexico. On the beach you can swim, enjoy walking, to Tan, to bother with water sports and enjoy bike rides on huge coastal roads. On the beach of Mission Beach and amusement park, where a nice coaster. The most mundane piece of Pacific Beach is the Beach with several bars, restaurants and happenings. The city has several bars and clubs, both in the Centre and the seaside places, but closes relatively early. Most of them are concentrated in the 6th Avenue, Gaslamp and in surrounding streets. In Horton Plaza you will find countless shops, restaurants and cinemas.


The flavors of the cuisine of San Diego is quite influenced by the gastronomy of Mexico. Their traditional dishes serve spicy delicacies with heavy sauces and chips. In the city you will find extremely atmospheric restaurants, with impeccable service and delicious dishes. You will taste excellent seafood and amazing steaks in huge portions. Beyond the traditional restaurants in the city, San Diego has restaurants of all cuisines of the world.

Shopping Guide

Like every city in America, San Diego is a paradise for lovers of Shopping, with branded products at incredibly good prices. The best shopping can be found in the city centre and the Fashion Valley Mall, you can find almost everything. The Sea Port Village is a large shopping centre, a specially designed artificial Beach Village, with about 70 shops and souvenirs.


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