Saint Petersburg

The federal city of St. Petersburg is located in northwestern Russia, very near the country's border with Finland. It is the second largest city of Russia, with 5 million inhabitants, after the capital Moscow. Although it is considered from the most expensive Russian cities, the cost of living is very affordable for Western visitors. It is a large city, built on a cluster of small islands and the entire downtown, along with many suburbs, was designated by UNESCO as world heritage sites. The city is full of Majestic buildings, parks, carved bridges, monuments and statues. Often the call open Museum of Baroque and Neoclassicism. Impression causing "White Nights" of the city in June, which seems like not to ever get dark in the evenings, phenomenon due to the location of St. Petersburg near the Arctic circle.


Church of the Savior on Blood: The Church that is one of the main monuments of the city and was originally dedicated to the resurrection of Christ. Later renamed to commemorates the murder of Tsar Alexander there Ii in 1881, when a terrorist from a revolutionary organization, put a bomb at his feet. The sanctuary exudes a medieval Russian spirit, the domes are surrounded by tiles and the inside of the cover. Impression causes the urn of the Tsar, covered by plenty of gold and gems. After the Russian Revolution the Church was plundered and the Soviet Government in 1930, closed. During World War II the Church was used as a temporary storage of corpses and in the early 1990s was reconstructed and is considered one of the top tourist attractions.

Alexander's column is a monument built in memory of the victory of Russia against Napoleon in the Patriotic War of 1812, and took its name from the Tsar Alexander I. Placed in the center of the square of the Palace and is the world's tallest column, with 47, 5 m. height and weight of around 600 tonnes. The placement of the column it took 1 hour and 45 minutes, but 2,400 soldiers and moved with a special ship. The column is one of the wonders of the world and relies solely on its own weight. Feature is the red colour, which is distinguished, and due to the type of granite that was used for its construction. At the top of the column is an Angel, holding a cross and many historians believe that the Angel's face has many similarities with the elevation of Tsar.

The Peter and Paul Fortress: The fortress was initially the Citadel of Saint Petersburg and was built in 1703 by Peter the great, the founder of the city. The tasks of the project were completed in 1740 under the supervision of architect Domenico Trezzini and famous characteristic of the fortress are the 6 imposing bastions. By 1720 the Fort constituted the basis of the Imperial Guard and was a maximum security prison for political prisoners, such as: Dostoyevsky, Bakunin and Kropotkin, who was also the only one that managed to escape.

The Petergof Palace which Means "courtyard of Peter", is one of the seven wonders of Russia and was the summer palace of the Tsarist family. The magnificence and extent, with only the Palace of Versailles can be compared. It is a Palace with several Royal apartments and the magnificent "grand staircase" on the inside of the Palace, which adorned with Caryatids and gold plated statues, and many works of art. There are countless attractions in the layout of the huge garden courtyard and gardens evoke particularly impressed with the elaborate fountains with drinking fountains, described as the finest in the world. The water in the fountains, moved from underground sources and is considered the top achievement. Prefer to be there morning, to enjoy the fountains, to open one by one with the music accompaniment. Your visit to the Palace will be a unique experience and for sure is that you will never forget.


The Hermitage Museum: Hermitage is one of the largest and oldest Museums, globally. Founded in 1764 by Catherine the Great and consists of 6 historic buildings, the Winter Palace, the small buildings, the old and the new Hermitage, the Hermitage theatre and the Spare home. It is a diamond, you will be impressed by the beauty and the sense of romanticism that overflowed in the huge Palace, who was then the residence of the tsars. In the Museum are displayed items of painting, sculpture, graphic, monetary, archaeological finds and much more. The collections of primitive culture, antiquity and the art of the East and Russia. It also includes works of Western European art, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Paul Gogen and Claude Monet. The number of projects that are in the Museum, more than 3,000,000.

St. Isaac's Cathedral: The Church of Isaac is the second largest Temple located in the country. Is dedicated to Saint Isaac of Dalmatia, on the day of the feast of Peter the great, was born. The construction began in 1818, when the Government of Tsar Alexander I, and ended after 40 years. The building has a height of 101 m. and with an area of over 4000 sq.m., encircled by pillars height 17 meters each. The Interior of the Church is crafted with stone, gold, mosaic and impress the vivid colors. Today the temple is famous worldwide and is one of the most important art museums in Russia. The Interior of the Church complement paintings, sculpture and the richest collection of Russian 19th-century monumental sculpture.


The city has integrated transport network, such as trams, trolley buses, suburban and Metro. The city's Metro is the second largest, after that of Moscow.


Saint Petersburg offers accommodation options available from all categories. For something more economical, choose among the hotels, located in Nevskiv Street. If you prefer the comforts every moment of the day, prefer the impressive and luxurious hotels located near the Hermitage and Palace Square.


St. Petersburg is famous not only for its literature and architecture, but also for the night of fun. You will find many bars, clubs and pubs, once considered the capital of beer. The heart of the nightlife district is located in the Nevskiv Prospect Avenue, with all kinds of music. The city presented and amazing performances. For something more relaxing, attend a performance at the theatre or Opera.


In St. Petersburg will try authentic cuisine of Georgia and the Caucasus. You will find many interesting restaurants, from fast food to Russian. Don't forget to try the hot Russian Crepes with caviar accompanied with a cup of hot tea and delicacies, "bliny" which is pancakes with jam and cheese filling.

Shopping Guide

In the Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, there is a great variety of stores and other activities. Apraksin Dvor in, you'll find everything at pretty good prices in relation to the Gostiny Dvor, which is the oldest, having dated from the 18th century, is the largest shopping centre, but also the most expensive in the city. I will not forget to buy Russian shawls, antiques, handicrafts and the famous dolls Matryoshka.


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