Rome is the most historical city of Europe and is the capital of Italy. The city is built on 7 hills and is traversed by the River Tiber. The city is at the heart of the Western world, 2 thousand years. It is a unique outdoor museum, with a long history and a special offer on arts, culture and science. The city has incredible number and beautiful monuments and the historic centre is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage. The "eternal city", as you call it is a unique city, with extraordinary style and a charm that excites. The historical centre is full of glorious past at every point. The town includes a Medieval alleys, arched bridges, villas, towering temples, towers and unique monuments. Rome is a famous city, which for the sake of having bow, romances, civilizations, monuments and emperors.


Colosseum is the most historical city Auditorium 5-storey, associated with most legends. It is the world's most famous arena, created for the entertainment of the Roman emperors, filling the spaces with blood. The Coliseum has dimensions 188 with 156 meters and its height reaches the 48 meters. Viewers could enter the building from 80 different entrances. Under ground guarded all wild animals, who were taking part in the races, which last from one day up to weeks. Contestants were also slaves, convicts and prisoners of war. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Colosseum was abandoned. It is now an impressive sight, on the premises of the performed concerts.  

Roman Agora was built over a period of 900 years and our ruins testify that this is the most religious, commercial and political centre of Rome. The ruins you see before you the greatness of the Roman Empire and many important discoveries, excavations that began in 18th and 19th century, continues until today.

Fontana di Trevi: Trevi Fountain, is the most famous and most beautiful Fountain of Rome. Basically it is the conclusion of an aqueduct, which brought water from sources outside the city and fed with water fountains of Rome. This is an impressive baroque creation from white marble, depicting the god Poseidon, with a calm and a wild horse, which represent the moods of the sea. When you visit the Fontana di Trevi, should in the custom to take a coin, having your back to the fountain and make a wish.

The catacombs: Rome is full of underground corridors, which were created with the purpose to serve as cemeteries and places of worship. The most famous of these is the catacomb of St. Callistus, where you can explore the crypts and the halls that serve as Gallery.

The Caracalla Baths are considered the biggest Imperial Baths, preserved until today in excellent condition. The Baths are counted that were built between 212 and 216 BC and are huge rooms from red bricks, with magnificent frescoes and extraordinary domes. The bathrooms were running with large underground tunnels, where slaves worked, requiring huge wheels to draw water to the plants. The surrounding area includes saunas with steam baths, shops, gym, gardens and a library.


Villa Borghese is an amazing public park full of statues, fountains and temples, which hosts the 3 most important museums of Rome. The Museo e Galleria Borghese presents a collection of treasures of Bernini, Caravaggio and many other virtuosos artists, as well as an excellent collection of sculptures. The Galleria Nazionale d ' Arte Moderna presents a collection of primarily Italian painters of the 19th and 20th century and finally the Museo Nazionale Etrusco, with artifacts from excavations in Rome and various collections of Etruscan origin.

Vatican City: The Vatican is a huge Museum with at least 70,000 highly works in plain sight, and more so, kept in warehouses. Every wall and every corner of the Museum is decorated with statues, paintings and stories from Greek mythology. At the site of the Vatican stands the majestic Temple of immense proportions of St. Peter, which evokes more Museum. The Basilica, occupies the space of 22,000 m², with 248 columns and statues and 140 to the sites you'll see shockingly works, such as Michelangelo's "Pieta", you will be touched and the amazing Baroque Bernini's Baldacchino, vault. On the same site was founded and the Capella Sixtina, church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The walls are decorated by the best artists of the era and portraying scenes from the old and New Testaments as a true masterpiece.

Capitoline Museum: In this museum you will see the most complete collection of Roman works from various eras, ancient sculptures and many excellent exhibits of Renaissance and Baroque art.

Palazzo Venezia: This palace is an outstanding Renaissance building, which was constructed in 1455 and was the headquarters of Mussolini. To the sites you host an excellent collection of ceramics, porcelains, tapestries, Renaissance paintings, chests, arms, terracotta sculptures and Italian paintings of the 17th and 18th centuries.


In Rome you can comfortably move around on foot or to use the tourist bus, which will take you to all sights of the city. Rome has buses, Metro and taxis can be found relatively easily.


The most beautiful and atmospheric hotels are located in the Centre of Rome and considered a bit expensive. Several hotels with ideal facilities and very good prices, you will find a little further out of town.


Nanova Piazza is one of the most famous squares of Rome, with many outdoor cafes, restaurants, nightclubs and crowds of people. The Square of Spain is the most popular meeting place, where you can admire the famous Spanish stairs. The Angel's Castle is connected with the turbulent history of Rome is located in an extraordinary landscape. Your visit worth Palatinos and Hill, with incredible views and many ancient ruins and palaces. The Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere is the most typical and much-publicised square, crowded, narrow streets and artists who exhibit their creations. Here beats the heart of fun. Many bars, restaurants and clubs are located in Campo dei Fiori, as well as in the busy Testaccio district.


In Rome you will taste fantastic pizzas and many pasta with excellent sauces. The most special local dishes to try are the artichokes alla giudia, which is stuffed with mint and parsley, boiled with beef coda alla vaccinara queue, pasta with sauce and pepper, bucatini cacio e pepe and the dishes with the amazing ground meat using Rome and cooks with prosciutto and Sage. All meals are accompanied by excellent local wines and delicious digestive.

Shopping Guide

Rome is famous for its aesthetics and good taste. In most streets you will find excellent shopping with all kinds. The most well known brands famous designers, you will find them in beautiful boutiques in Via Condotti and Via Frattina closest streets and Via Borgognona. For more everyday types visit the streets Via del Tritone and del Corso.


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