Rhodes, or else the island of the Knights, is the largest island of the Dodecanese and its population stands at 115.290 inhabitants. Rhodes, the island's capital, has taken its name from the island of Rhodes, the sacred flower of the Sun God. According to mythology, Zeus, he divided the land among the Olympian gods, but then lacked the Sun. To be fair the deal, agreed with the Sun that with the dawn, the first piece of land that would look from the sea would be his own. The next morning emerged a Green Island and the Sun is dazzled by the beauty of, washed with the rays and was the brightest.


Old town of the city of Rhodes was founded in 408p. x, by the Knights of the order of St. John, on the northern tip of the island. It is the largest medieval town and has joined since 1988, to the most important monuments of the world cultural heritage and protected by UNESCO. It is a picturesque town, with great architecture and narrow traditional streets. The old city is surrounded by very well preserved Medieval defensive walls of the 14th and 15th centuries, with turrets, ramparts and a moat. Major is still the Temple of Aphrodite, the Hospital of the Knights, the arms depot which, the mosque of Suleiman and the mansion of Kastellanias.

The Valley of butterflies between hills, lots of trees, is a rare Habitat in streams, small waterfalls and specially shaped paths. The Valley hosts butterflies, which make their appearance, they choose to leave their eggs and reproduce in this natural park especially the months from June to September. Follow the stone stairs you'll encounter and will lead you to the monastery of Panagia Kalopetras, which was built in 1782 by Dimitrios Ypsilantis. There you will see the natural history museum, as well as the hatchery-showroom of butterflies with live exhibits.

Rodini Park: The Park has been identified by the world's oldest and is an earthly paradise, with lush and diverse vegetation. You'll see Lakes with waterlilies, bridges, paths and features small waterfalls. It is a vast wildernesses, garden with rare plants and a small Zoo. In the Park you can still see part of the water system of the ancient city of Rhodes, like pieces of an ancient necropolis. You will enjoy relaxation and serenity to the recreational areas of the Park, giving you the impression that you are definitely somewhere else.

The Palace of the Grand Master's: Palace dominates over to Rhodes old town, situated on the highest point of the castle of the Knights. Stunning beauty and awe-inspiring in volume is located at the end of the street of the Knights, in the most important street of the medieval town, opposite the Church of St. John. The legend tells us that it has been built on the foundations of the Temple of the Sun God. It was originally built in the 7th century during the Byzantine times as a Citadel of the Byzantine castle. Knights reconstucted in order to become the official residence and administrative centre of the Grand Master, the medieval Governor of the island. The beauty of it all and has come out from the pages of a children's fairy tale, built around a large courtyard. The entrance is impressive and adorn two towers with battlements. On the ground floor were auxiliary spaces, stables and warehouses, while upstairs there were formal halls, the Council Hall, the dining room and the particular flats of Grand Master. Of particular interest are the mosaic floors paved with mosaics, Ancient Roman and Byzantine style and the inner courtyard, which adorn many statues of the Hellenistic and Roman period.


Rhodes archaeological museum: The Museum is located inside the medieval town and is housed in a medieval building of the Hospital of the Knights. The findings date from all periods of history of the island. Includes inner courtyard, two lodges, opened the halls and storerooms of the Museum. You will see small items of funerary ensembles, jewelry, figurines, vases, metallic objects, the Hellenistic mosaic floors and tombstones of the Knights. Important is the famous statue of Venus of Rhodes, which is a jewel of the Museum, as well as a marble head of the God of the Sun and an Attic black-figure amphora from the 6th century BC, with representation of the departure of a warrior for battle.

Museum of Modern Art: At the Museum will see representative samples of paintings, drawings, engravings and documents, representing fully, the Greek art of the 20th century. Through the collections pops up the Greek history of the last 100 years. I also admire numerous sculptures of distinguished artists and unique creations by famous Greek painters, such as Hadjikyriakou-Ghika, Tsarouchis engonopoulos, Fatal, and Moralis. The Museum also organises guided tours, seminars and lecture courses.

The bee Museum: With much love and faith in tradition, the Dodecanese, the apiculture producers created this Museum, with the aim of presenting and updating of the splendid world of bees and honey processing. You will be able to see old and modern beekeeping methods, experimental observation blisters, analysis of physical properties of honey and the possibility of buying natural bee products.


To the island of Rhodes you can comfortably move both in the city and in the most remote areas of Rhodes, with several organized transportation network with Intercity buses featuring the island. The island Taxi and Taxi move, which won't be hard to find and the prices are normal. Nevertheless you may need to rent an instrument, such as a car or a motorbike, because the island is large enough to be able to discover more.


In Rhodes town, you will find with comfort hotels of all categories and within the town centre and surrounding areas. Faliraki, is a cosmopolitan place with intense life. If you prefer something quieter for your stay, select the traditional town of Lindos not allowed cars and the move is done with motorcycles and donkeys. Destination for families and couples is the Afandou village and the picturesque location Monolith.


Life in Rhodes include many alternatives for your entertainment. The best shops in the old town are lined with meeting point, the fountain. In the city there are many bars, cafés, clubs, restaurants with international cuisine and of course the ornament of nightlife, Casino. In faliraki, fun becomes frantic, synonymous with freedom. For something more original, don't forget to visit bar more sophisticated, in the old town,  ideal for older ages, known for the special event organized and the variety of wines.


The local cuisine of Rhodes borrows elements from our two neighbouring Continents, Asia and Africa and from Europe without losing the stigma, keeps its own local character. In Rhodes you will enjoy traditional recipes that most are created with cereals. On the island you have the option to eat wherever you want, from fast food to restaurants and taverns, in all regions, with impeccable service and delicious menu. Close to the Acropolis of Lindos, you enjoy romantic dinner with panoramic views and in the harbour at Mandraki tsipouro, Greek and Turkish cuisine with specialities of the Eggplant salad. Don't forget to try goat stew, red pumpkin in the oven and marbles with bulgur.

Shopping Guide

On the island of Rhodes, in the Medieval and the new town you will find many shops with traditional products, but also European surnames. It is perhaps the only island, with about 6,000 stores. You can find the famous Rhodes ceramic and gourmet handmade woven embroidery. Leaving, take with you, traditional desserts, such as Melekoynia, White Marzipan, Serenades and Katimeria.

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