Patra is the capital of the prefecture of Achaia and the region of Western Greece. It is the largest city and the biggest economic center of the Peloponnese and Western Greece. It is called West Gate of Greece, as a commercial center, a major port and a hub for trade and communication with Italy and Western Europe. Patra rightly boasts for the largest European, Mediterranean-style carnival, the famous Patras Carnival main features of which are satirical floats and spectacular dances and parades.


Medieval Castle

The medieval castle of Patra is located on a hill inside the city. It was manufactured by Justinian during the second half of the 6th century on the ruins of the ancient citadel. Over the centuries successfully repelled numerous barbarian attacks as the walls, the fortification towers and the bastions were defending the city effectively. The casle is also associated with the  legend of a Roman statue, the famous "Patrinela", which was believed she protected the city from epidemics and at night used to lament the dead city residents.

Roman Odeon

The Roman Odeon of Patra is a magnificent Roman building. According to Pausanias is older than Herod Atticus Odeon and its decor and grandeur can rival that of the Odeon of Athens. Over the centuries big part of the building was destroyed, leaving visible only a small one. The restoration took place from 1959 to 1963 and nowadays it hosts some of the greatest theatrical and musical performances.

Wineries Achaia Clauss

The castle-winery Achaia Clauss is a company with a very long history in winemaking tradition, located eight kilometers southeast of the city. Founded by Bavarian Gustavo Klaus in 1854 soon became part of the international and domestic market with excellent quality wines. The imposing castle that houses the business is maintained until today in good condition and is one of the major attractions of the region. Thousands of tourists visit it each year having the opportunity to observe the entire process of wine production and even try some of them.


New Archaeological Museum

It is one of the largest museums of our country, a real cradle of Achaias civilization. It was a vision of former Minister of Culture Melina Mercouri but its construction began several years after her death, in 2004. Interiors exceed 8,000 square meters whille it's characterized by the metallic dome and the green park around it. It consists of three permanent and one regular section which hosts various exhibitions during the year. The permanent sections host exhibits ranging from the Mycenaean to the Roman period a section of public life, and a necropolis.

Museum of Science and Technology

It is part of the Faculty of Sciences, University of Patras and housed in a University building, in Rio. It is an important tool in the teaching of History of Science and Technology through the deep study and preservation of evidence relating to science and technology. Among the exhibitions of the museum takes special place this for telecommunications, which presents the historical development of telecommunications, through audiovisual material.


Patra is located 216 kilometers west of Athens on the northwest coast of the Peloponnese. If you want to go to Patras by car, keep in mind that the National Road Athens-Corinth-Patras is very difficult and dangerous. If you choose the train you can catch it from Pireus and the bus from Kifisos station. Finally Patras has one of the largest ports in the country. Within the city you can travel by buses. If you choose a car, you have  to know that it will be hard to park it.


Patra is a crowded urban center, a city full of youth (40,000 students) and that's why it offers endless amusement. Try to find Pantanassis, the Psilalonia and waterfront of Patra for food and coffee by the sea. The carnival of Patra of course deserves special reference. 180 years of history for a carnival full of spontaneity, inspiration and volunteerism. Includes dancing, treasure hunt and a spectacular parade of floats and crews closing the ritual by burning of King Carnival at the Patras harbor.

Flavors and Shopping Guide

In the taverns of Patra you can try flavors that will be unforgettable as local meat cooked with local recipes such as rabbit stew, rooster, cow, lamb in a pot, boiled goat or "Vergadi". On the beach you will find fresh fish of all kinds and do not forget to try fish "bourgeto". Try also Tentoura, local Patras liqueur usually served after dinner, Mavrodaphne a wine which comes from dark grape and "loukoumi".


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