Oslo is the biggest city and the capital of Norway, and is located in the southern part of the country. Is a major commercial, cultural, financial and industrial center, specializing in maritime transport and construction. The city is surrounded by green hills, mountains, a majestic wild forest and spectacular fjords. The Norway is Worldwide known as the land of the fjords. Around the city there are about 40 islands along the Oslofjord and around 343 Lakes. It is a romantic city, full of contrasts, vibrant history, monuments and natural beauties.


Akershus Castle is a medieval fortress built in 1290 by King Chakon the 5th, in order to fortify and defend the city against any threat. Later used as a prison, detention, but space and place of execution of many political prisoners and Norwegian resistance. The castle is now considered military district and on the premises of the hosts the headquarters of the Ministry of national defense, as well as the War Museum and the mausoleum of the Royal Norwegian family.

Church of the Roman Catholic Basilica constructed Aker from limestone in 1100 and is the oldest building of Oslo. The premises include a tower that was built in 1861, the oldest cemetery and a stone wall. The Church says it has built up in an old mine used by the Vikings and the name of accompanied with many legends that speak of treasures and galleries.

Vigeland Sculpture Park: The most important attraction of the town, is an 80-acre park with sculptures of famous artist Gustav Vigeland. The area is divided into areas and includes sculptures, woodcuts and many other designs of the creator. The sculptures are crafted from marble, granite, copper, clay and iron and have a distinctive style, a particular feature of the artist's style. The exhibits portraying children playing, people, animals and landscapes. The most famous work of the Park, is a creature of 14 measures of human figures, symbolizing the cycle of life.


Museum of history and Culture: This is an open-air Folk Museum, which hosts approximately 155 buildings and exhibits through the exhibits, accustomed to the people of Norway, their everyday life and their way of living from the 16th century until today. The Museum chronicles the history of Norway, the differences between social classes and studying with particular interest in the culture of the Sami. The most prominent building in the area of the Museum, is the Medieval Church Gol Stave, which is the most building and dates back to around 1200 ad.

National Gallery presents a vast collection of works of art, sculptures and drawings of several Norwegian artists and French Impressionist masters.

Kon-Tiki Museum is housing a remarkable collection of exhibits, coming from the campaigns of famous Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl. The Museum is the raft used by the Explorer for his trip to South America, the fossil of the largest fish and many more.

Viking Naval Museum presents parts of life and culture of the Vikings, through various exhibits, including jewelry, tools, household items and various sleds. But the most important exhibits, is the surviving ships of the Vikings kept in excellent condition and are extremely shipping samples of the culture of the Vikings, at the global level.


The city is ideal for walking and bike rides. Nevertheless, the city has an excellent network of buses, trams and Metro with 5 lines, for access to the most remote areas.


Most hotels are located around the city centre, close to most attractions and offer the ideal amenities at very good prices.


Most shopping malls, restaurants and café, Aker Brygge in the dock together, where you can admire the Castle, the Town Hall, which is the landmark of the city and enjoy a ride in his favorite part of the city's residents, but also of all the tourists. Follow the road that leads to the station, in a colourful, vibrant, democratic district, full of tourist shops with stalls full of traditional products. The picturesque square of Christiana retains the atmospheric and picturesque nature, with houses dating from 1660, and traditional pubs, that stay open until late at night. Although Oslo is a peaceful city, not very xenychta, the more the world will find tide on the street of Karl Johan, who gathers the most beautiful bar, beneath the sounds of live rock and jazz music, but of all the recent successes.


The Norwegian kitchen serves excellent meat dishes, some beef, deer and tarandoys. Special flavors will also try with fish and seafood from the open sea. The city has many restaurants, with cuisine from all the cuisines in the world. Still worth to try the national drink, Aquavit, which resembles a liqueurs.

Shopping Guide

In Oslo will definitely buy the traditional wooden troll crane games, which are the hallmark of the city, Norwegian sweaters, handiwork and traditional fabrics. Glasmagasinet in shopping mall you will find Stortorvet square the most species and the nicest souvenirs.


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