Nice is the capital of the Côte d'Azur in Southern France and is situated overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It is a tourist town, Harbour and is located 32 kilometres from the border with Italy. Nice is located in the eastern part of the Principality of Monaco and West of Cannes. Nice story begins in 350 b.c. when Fwkaieis was founded by settlers of Marseille. The name owes its potential when he beat a neighboring colony. Nice is a cosmopolitan destination with excellent Mediterranean climate and is the largest city of the French Riviera. The city in its current form include the old town with its picturesque streets, the Hill of Le Chateau, the commercial port and the new town. The old city has great visual interest as well as the Baroque aesthetic in the hills of Mont Boron area. In the North of the city lies the Cimiez district, which is considered prestigious and is the neighborhood of the rich. There are gardens and the monastery of Cimiez. The famous beaches and great hotels make it an ideal destination on the Côte d'Azur.


Piazza Garibaldi: In the most central point of the city is the Place Garibaldi Square, which is a characteristic point of the entire history of the city and representative point of the architecture of the place.

Russian nice Cathedral: The Cathedral was founded in 1912 and is dedicated to St. Nicholas. Has a remarkably rich decoration both internally and externally and impresses with its whimsical Russian style and architecture.

Parc du Chateau is a beautiful park on the southern edge of the city, with waterfalls, fortress, which once was a stronghold of the city and a unique panoramic view of the city.

Astronomical Observatory: The Observatory was built in 1879 and is located at the top of Gros terms, in a gorgeous and highly impressive environment. Features a telescope 76 cm and has since then until today an active contribution with his studies, in the exploration of the universe.


Musee des Beaux-Arts de Nice: The Museum is housed in a former Palace of 1878, with impressive interior decoration, impressive marble staircases and towering ceilings. On the premises of the hosted sculptures and paintings dated from the 16th century.

Musee Massena is housed in a magnificent mansion of 1898, with lovely gardens and gives details of all the city's history, from the 19th century until today.   Musee Matisse de Nice, the Museum hosts in an opulent 17th-century residence, the most complete collection of the painter's works, consisting of personal objects, photographs, paintings, documents and books.


This beautiful city could not miss and a complete and integrated transport network. The Gare Nice Ville is located in the Centre of the city and there is easy access walk. With this you can visit all the Côte d'Azur and Monaco. The city also has very good bus and tram network. There are Intercity coaches for movements in the vicinity of the city, though their streets using expressways leading to not enjoying the views of the Côte d'Azur.


Nice has many hotels, the most expensive are along the beach. In the city you will find more economical solutions to smaller hotels, inns, guest houses and small apartments with kitchen.


In the old town in Cours Saleva will see erected an impressive daily food and flower market. The Park Park du Chateau, is situated on a hill and offers panoramic views of the beach and the Bay of angels. There was an old castle on the Hill but was destroyed and now has just left the Tour Bellanda Tower. From there you can take the cable car to get up or walk up the stairs you will find Rue Rossetti. Don't miss a wonderful walk in the beautiful Promenade des Anglais, the seafront Boulevard is a trademark of the city of Nice. The city owns and Opera, Opera de Nice, building that was recently renovated.Spring organized the Carnival of Nice, which is conducted by the 1873. The squares of the city is always very lively with cafés and restaurants. On the Place du Palais you'll see gorgeous clock and the world to sit and watch concerts on stairs of the Palais de la Justice. The city could not miss the nightlife. The pubs, bistros, and bars are located mainly in the old town, with medieval and Baroque architecture, surrounded by young and beautiful gardens. Try the local drink (pastis) is a type of ouzo with water. The big hotels on the beach and Casino.


In the old town with its many small squares you can drink your coffee, up to enjoy all the flavours of the city. Start from the local traditional sweets until the most famous dishes, like the famous nice Nicoise salad with fresh vegetables, ratatoyig (vegetables sauteed with tomato and olive oil), socca, a crisp PITA with ground chickpeas and the famous Bouillabaisse, which usually is for 2 persons and is made from small fish boiled soup. Most dishes created by the famed olive oil obtained from the olive Cailletier variety. Try yet the tart Passaladiere, consisting of onions with anchovies. In the local kitchen consider excellent Meze, lamb testicles testicules! In Nice will still find delicious local wines and sweet very fine fruit glace.

Shopping Guide

Starting from the Gare Nice Ville you will find the Avenue Jean Medecin, which will lead you to the Place Massena a beautiful large square with fountains. This avenue is the main shopping street of the city with great shops and famous chains of stores. In the picturesque alleys of the old town you will find many shops with scented soaps (follow the tradition of Marseille) perfumes and various herbs in bags. Is a good choice for gifts if you don't go to nearby Marseille. Also visit one of the many fabric stores to choose from wonderful tablecloths.


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