New York

New York is the most populous city of the United States of America, and is the largest natural harbour, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The city is an international metropolis, which significantly affects the whole world, in the sciences, economics, fashion, entertainment and art.  The New York consists of 5 municipalities, the Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan, it gathers and most attractions. The multicultural city in the world has been voted the No. 1 tourist destination, offers countless attractions, is famous for its skyscrapers and is known as the "city that never sleeps".


The statue of liberty is a Colossal sculpture in female form, depicting liberty and a symbol of friendship, while one Galloamerikanikis the most recognized symbol in the world. The statue of liberty raises an arm holding a torch and in the other steadied the tablet of the law, with carved up into Roman characters, the date of independence, while his head is adorned with 7 peaks, symbolizing the seven Continents and the seven seas.

Brooklyn Bridge is the oldest and largest suspension bridge with steel wire in the United States, that connects over the River East River, Manhattan and Brooklyn municipalities. The works for the construction of the bridge has lasted 16 years and during the course of the work lost about 20 people, among them the architect himself.

Empire State Building is an imposing building in the Art deco architectural style, which decorates the center of New York and its height reaches 386 meters. Is the world's most storied Skyscraper and is classed as one of the 7 Wonders of the modern world. After the destruction of the twin towers after the terrorist attacks of September 2001, the Empire State Building, is again the tallest building in the entire New York.

Castle Clinton is a round Castle Fort made of sandstone, which became known as the first immigration station. During the passage of years has worked as a beer garden, theatre, exhibition space and is now a national monument.

Central Park is the world's most famous artificial Park that looks totally natural, occupying an area of 7,985 acres in the heart of Manhattan. The space was once a marsh full of pig farms and quarries and in 1858 after urging of then Mayor, the area was transformed into an amazing recreational park, filled with fountains and fountains, sports facilities, lakes, a Zoo and open theatrical space.


American Museum of natural history: The Museum considered one of largest and most important natural history museums in the world, that hosts and presents over 36.000.000 exhibits. In the Museum you will see documents the history of evolution of life on this planet, through mammalian models, extensive anthropological collections, exhibitions of dinosaurs, meteorites, minerals and gems. The Museum also includes research laboratories and a famous library.

Solomon r. Guggenheim Museum: The Museum is an innovative architectural building and is considered a landmark of the city. Hosts for years on the premises of the famous collections of Impressionist and post-modern and contemporary art the Impressionists notorious creators. The most famous works exposed to the sites is, "Woman with yellow hair", the Picasso, "Nude" of Modigliani, and "in front of the Mirror" by Monet.

Museum of modern art: The Museum was founded in 1929 and presents amazing collections of modern art, sculptures, paintings, photography and many other unique expositions, contributing with a strong influence in the world of art.

Metropolitan Museum of art is the most modern and popular Museum, founded by private initiative and includes unique collections from prehistoric times until today. Includes collections from all continents, like American decorating sculptures from the colonial period, Greek and Roman artifacts, music instruments, portraits, reconstructions of houses with authentic period furniture, costumes from the 17th century and many other amazing exhibits.


The New York has the most organized and complete public transport system, which includes many Metro stations in central locations, taxis at reasonable prices, railways, aerial trams, buses and Ferries.  


The best area for your stay, considered the Manhattan, which gathers and most attractions. Throughout New York City will find surprisingly hotels, in ideal values, according to your own wishes.


Start your tour in the city from Midtown, the Centre of the capital with the 7th Avenue, the stunning Time Square and the unique storefronts of 5th Avenue. Visiting you deserve more typical neighborhoods, the romantic Little Italy and vociferous China Town. The beautiful area of Tribeca retro industrial atmosphere and features some of the most amazing restaurants in the city. In Greenwich Village gathered the most interesting jazz clubs, gay bars and the city's most elegant café. Don't miss to visit the Rockefeller Center, the largest private group in the world and the small Ellis Island, which was a place of hope for thousands of immigrants who dream of a new life. New York offers all kinds of entertainment and amusement. In the city you are going to watch experimental performances, glamorous blockbusters on Broadway and to experience the grandeur of the Opera, in a performance at the Metropolitan Opera.
All over the city and the surrounding areas have many fancy shops, hosting top bands, trendy bar, amazing places with jazz music and top clubs that host the most famous dj in the world.


Cuisine of New York presents special gastronomic delights, from humble Street fast food, until gourmet delights and amazing restaurants with Michelin stars. In the city you will find restaurants of all cuisines of the world, unique flavors with meat, fresh seafood and signature fast food chains.

Shopping Guide

New York Shopping Guide is considered the Mecca of consumption and a paradise with a huge variety of goods. The city has the best storefronts, more nice shops and better electronics. In the bustling Avenue of 5th Avenue you will find all the famous brands of the market and the town's glossiest outlets. Stunning the market with all the items you will find in the area of Manhattan. Don't miss to visit the Department store Bloomingdales and Macy 's. Extremely kind and very good offers will meet and at department store Woodbury Outlet, featuring very nice restaurants, cafés and places for relaxation.


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