Nairobi is the capital and the largest city of Kenya and one of the most rapidly growing cities in Africa. One in Nairobi meets modern tall buildings, wide avenues, squalid slums, wildlife refuges, extensive green areas and samples of impressive architecture that co-exist with a background of this dynamic metropolis. A British colony until 1963, toNaϊrompi is the financial, cultural and tourist center of Kenya,a country that combines untaimed natural beauty and modernized lifestyle, magnetizing new visitors constantly.


Nairobi national park: Here are hosted huge herds of zebras, Lions, giraffes, rhinos and huge variety of other species, while at work and animal orphanage. You can participate in an educational Safari during your visit.

Sheldrick elephant orphanage is a home for elephants and rhinos who were left orphans due to poaching in the area and gives you the opportunity to interact with animals.

Giraffe Centre aims to rescue the endangered Rothschild giraffe kind while performing and educational programs for children. Gives you the opportunity to feed and interact impressive mammal.

Mamba Village Park that hosts ostriches and crocodiles and gives you the opportunity to under the guidance of experienced guides.

Jamia mosque: The most impressive religious site in Kenya that features authentic Arabian architecture with many inscriptions from the Koran as well as widespread use of marble. Features double-Minaret and includes library.


National Museum of Kenya is an imposing building located in a green area just outside the Centre of Nairobi. Includes exhibits that give you the opportunity to experience the culture, art and natural history of Kenya.

Railway Museum describes the history of the Kenya railways with models and pictures of trains, while exhibiting machines and wagons from the era of British colonialism.


To your movements you can use public matatu minibuses or taxis which will make it easier though not particularly financially. Avoid to rent a car as Nairobi has a large traffic problem on the streets.


Nairobi offers a variety of accommodation ranging from economic choices up to luxury hotels for all tastes.


Don't miss the unique experience of a Safari in the National Park and watch a show at the cultural center Bomas of Kenya, where talented artists present different types of dance from 16 tribes of Kenya, under the sounds of traditional country music. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the natural environment and the Animal Kingdom, Kenya, grabbing every opportunity to visit the many exciting animal parks and orphanages. In addition, the nightlife in Nairobi is particularly lively and you can find trendy clubs, bars, restaurants and cafes to suit all tastes.


The cuisine of Kenya has many traditional dishes which you can try, as the mixture of peas and mashed potatoes irio, ugali made from cornstarch, the dish with beans and corn githeri, the seasoned rice or rice with coconut and Kenyan stew. In addition, while in Nairobi try coffee and tea for the Kenya is famous.

Shopping Guide

For local goods and souvenirs visit Maasai market where you can find African handicraft objects. Alternatively, the city has several shopping malls including the Meat Centre, Yaya Centre or the Nakumatt Westgate.


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