Nafplio is probably the most charming city in the Peloponnese and one of the favorite destinations of the Athenians for weekend all year round. It is located between the two castles Acronafplia and Palamidi and now has around 17,000 inhabitants. It combines a set of images that charm guests and contribute to increasing tourism development and infrastructure. According to legend the city was built by Nauplius, a son of Poseidon who named the city. Special years in its rich history are these, from 1828 to 1833 as it was the first capital of Greece.



Palamidi, the fortress of Nafplion was built in 1687 by the Venetians, after the capture of the hill on which it is located, after a fierce battle with the Ottomans during the Venetian-Turkish War. The hill on which is situated has a height of 216 meters and climb on Palamidi can be done either by road or by the 999 steps. The walls and ramparts are preserved until today in good condition, while one of the bastions of the fort, the so-called "Miltiades" was used as a prison hero of the Revolution Th. Kolokotronis from political opponents to the alleged charges of treason. What makes Palamidi highly popular to guests is the unique view of not only the city of Nafplio, but of a big part of Argolis to the prefectures of Arcadia and Corinth.


The fortress known as Bourtzi, which means tower in Turkish, is located in the middle of the harbor city. It was built on a rocky island by the Venetians to protect the harbor of Nafplio in 1473, and in its long history has changed many hands like Venetians, Turks and finally after the Revolution, Greeks. In 1935 it was converted and worked for some years as a hotel, and today someone can visit Bourtzi by boat from the waterfront of Nafplion.


The walls of Akronafplia show the the city's rich history, and itshabitation of many different cultures. It was a walled settlement from antiquity, and the form of the castle nowdays, though spoiled by modern intervention, is assigned during the Frankish and Venetian rule, from the 13th to the 16th century. In 1829, the Governor of Greece Ioannis Kapodistrias turned Akronafplia into barracks and a military hospital. In 1926 the notorious prison was transferred from Palamidi to Akronafplia where the barracks of Kapodistrias were. In 1937 the prison of Akronafplia strarted hosting political-prisoners until about 1960.

Syntagma Square

A really beautiful square, which gathers all the energy of the city. You will find it very easily by following the flow of the people and you can sit for a coffee or a drink all day long. It used to be called Platanos-square and today is surrounded by historic buildings such as the old parliament, the houses of Ioannis Kapodistrias and Th. Kolokotronis, the church of St. George and the archaeological museum.

Old Town

The entire old town's architecture dates since Kapodistrias days and the narrow alleys and the traditional houses will make you easily mental-travel in older times. Of particular interest is the Square of the Three Admirals, on the site of which is a monument of D. Ypsilanti, while in the same area is located the building of the first Greek Academy, founded in 1829. In addition to these and several other attractions in the old city you will find traditional shops, cafes and restaurants to complement your walk.


Archaeological Museum

You will find it in the Syntagma Square in the Old Town, in a medieval-storey building. In it you will find a large collection of exhibits dating from the Paleolithic to the Roman period from Mycenae, Tiryns, Assini and other areas. Among them, stands out the bronze armor of the 14th century which was found in a chamber tomb, and diverse pottery from the Geometric Period on the second floor.

Apart from the Archaeological Museum,in Nafplion stand out: the War Museum, which displays ordnance of various eras, folklore with over 25,000 exhibits of costumes, textiles, traditional dishes and a rich library.


The suburban bus of Nafplio connects the city with the other towns, many other big cities, and of course Athens.Train also connects the city of Nafplio Argos and Athens. Both in the city of Nafplio and the surrounding areas, you can move on your own vehicle private, as around the municipality there is a modern road network. Into the city a nice idea for moving is the bicycle, either yours, or any of them that are available for free. The area where the bikes are located is in front of the Town Hall, in the Three Admirals Square .


Nafplio offers huge variety of entertainment, as it is a very lively city that knows what it means having a good time. You won'd be disappointed whether you visit it for a day trip or for your holidays. Starting from Boumpoulinas-street, «Lounge me» is a benchmark of entertainment in the city, a modern cafe-bar with a youthful attitude and enthusiasm that stays open throughout the day! Just beyond this, you can find the bar «Fly», a cozy cafe-bar with a modern design, will surely pique your interest. One of the most famous cafe-bars of Nafplio is the "Agora", located in the old market and for the evening we suggest you try one of the fantastic cocktails. Finally the "Pantheon"is the perfect place to enjoy incredible view of Mpourtzi.

If you visit Nafplio on Summer, key piece, are the beaches, some them really close to the city. The most popular of them are the organized beach of the small bay of Arvanitia with white pebbles and turquoise waters and sandy beach of Karathonas, which lies in a bay 3 km south of the city.


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