Built at the foot of Pindos mountain, at the entrance of the Corinthian Gulf, Nafpaktos stands between the mountain and the sea. Loaded with 2500 years of history, is one of the oldest Greek cities that experienced periods of great prosperity and was associated with important historical events. This is confirmed by the excellent fortification, which starts from the port and continues up to the castle. Today, it continues to attract guests' interest who walk the cobbled streets up to the castle.


Venetian port

Even if you want, it is difficult to avoid falling over the small and picturesque Venetian port, as it's a main attraction and center of city life. Visit it's walls and the park, dedicated to the famous Spanish writer Cervantes, who took part in the Battle of Nafpaktos, and whose  statue can be found on the left side of thee castle. The harbor of Nafpaktos, thanks to its strategic position as a communications center between the Peloponnese and Central Greece, played an important role in the Peloponnesian war, and also during the period of A Venetian and Byzantine times experienced great commercial development.

Upper Town

This characteristic village of the mountainous Nafpaktos, managed to become an enviable location, highlighting the natural beauty and traditional too, keeping its color unchanged. It is worth walking into an orgy of trees like fir, chestnut and cedar and discover paths and rivers, but also integrated into the natural environment, cobbled streets and stone houses. In Upper Town you will also find taverns and cafe-bar for excelend food and drink


One of the best preserved castles in Greece, perhaps in Europe, that of Nafpaktos, is located on the hill above the city and throughout the rich history of the place i has been a target for conquering by Greeks, Turks, Venetians, English etc. Today, visitors walking the cobbled streets and entering from one tier to the other, have the opportunity to admire the stunning views of the Gulf of Corinth and the great Rio bridge.

Botsaris Tower

It was built in two phases in the 15th and 16th centuries and used for housing the respective rulers of this city. You will find it by climbing the paved streets north of the square of the Port and it will definitely attract your attention. Today the tower is part of the 'Foundation Demetrios and Aegle Botsaris" and hostes an exhibition of copies of paintings, maps and sketches relating to the Battle of Nafplio in 1571 AD.


H Nafpaktos is 225 klm from Athens via Rio and 260 klm through Arachova. Of course the road through Rio-is easier, but if the weather is good, we suggest to combine your trip with a visit to Galaxidi and Arachova. Long distance transport connects Nafpaktos with Patra, Messolongi and Amphissa with regular services, while on your ride around the city we suggest you to walk to enjoying all the beauty of the area. Finally Nafpaktos has a 5.5 klm length bikeway which includes beaches of Nafpaktos, and the historical and commercial center too.

Flavors and shopping Giude

Nafpaktos as destination that combines mountain and sea, manages to combine also in its culinary options meat and hunting on the mountains, with splendid agricultural products and fish by the sea. In the simple authentic taverns in High Town you'll enjoy excellent local meats, cabbage-pies, goat with green beans, lambs braised with noodles, braised calf etc. and of course plenty of hunting (wild boar, deer, blackbirds) while for fresh fish you should go in Marathias with lovely views of the Corinthian gulf.


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