Mykonos or else the island of winds, belongs to the Cyclades and is the capital of the island country. Mykonos deservedly holds the title of most cosmopolitan Island, while the nightlife is considered among the best in Europe. In Mykonos, the fun never ends, then in the evening, the whimsy and the parties are continuing in most beach bar on the island. It is famous for the unique cobblestone streets and traditional architecture.


Little Venice: Τhe name evokes something from Italy a and the houses look like they float along the wave, after the winter bad weather makes the landscape differently and reaches the waves up the doors and Windows. It is one of the most expensive areas of the island with unique architecture, here were the homes of the rich merchants of the island during the 18th century. Visit the place not only during the day for a coffee, but also during the sunset for a delicious cocktail.

The windmills: From the 16th century point-a hallmark of the island are the Windmills Southeast of the country, on the sea. The windmills were the most productive piece in the financial soundness of the island and were used as processing plants for milling grain. This white round three-storied buildings with small Windows and a conical wooden roof that rotates according to the air time.Most remain too few of which some function as museums like the mill of Boni and others have been renovated by individuals to inhabited.

Matogianni: All streets lead in Matogianni, the most famous alley of Mykonos. With all the fashion trends, here you will find all the designer shops along the Strait with clothing, artwork, elaborate jewelry and accessories. Enjoy your evening stroll for a drink, the nicest shops on the narrow, gazing into the small streets of the island.

Panagia Paraportiani: The Paraportiani is photographed as no other Church in Greece. The name means side door, which has gotten from its location next to the gate of the medieval walls of Mykonos. They are 5 temples co-located and constitute a cluster, the most characteristic cycladic architectural monument. The excellent form of the Church is shaped not only by humans, but by the time of the accidental damage that it causes.

Delos: Don't miss to visit the little island, with the enormous archaeological importance 2 km. West of Mykonos. According to mythology it is the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. An important Panhellenic sanctuary, when excavations started in 1873, and in 1990, included the Delos in world cultural heritage because of its religious importance that was the passage of history and protected by UNESCO.

Petros the Pelican: In 1958 one fisherman found almost halfdead a Pelican. Offered him everything and helped him to become well. Quickly the people loved him, named Peter and became the mascot of the island. Peter died in 1986, tumbling in a version raped by a drunken tourist, according to another car hit him. This fact led the Island to find his successor. So very easily see someone Peter along with other pelicans to walk to the sea, amongst the crowd and pleasant to sit to be photographed with you.


Archaeological Museum of Mykonos: To 6 spaces of the Museum, you'll see significant findings from excavations in Mykonos, Delos and Rhenia. A rich and complete collection of vases, amphorae, features examples of Greek pottery, jars, with top that of the 16th century depicting the Trojan horse. You will also see the Amphorae in April, the prizes given to the winners of the ancient sporting events, while gracing the entrance, the marble statue of Hercules, which dated from Roman times.

Folklore Museum is the oldest mansion, under the Castle, having calculated that was constructed during the Byzantine era. In the Museum you can admire a collection of keys, embroidery, jewelry, watercolors, handmade clothing, furniture, tools, old porcelain and household items. Many of the findings, arrived on the island through the ships during the 18th and 19th centuries. Other object collections show Representative again the cultural life of the island and of the whole of the Aegean, during the last three centuries.

Navy Museum: In the Aegean Maritime Museum, you'll experience the island's maritime tradition. Ship models, paintings, engravings with nautical themes, ancient artifacts, tools, coins, and navigation instruments. With a harmonious ensemble, the exhibits are presented in a way that you bring the Greek maritime history and tradition.


In Mykonos you'll find buses for your convenience in two main stations, from the North and from the South part of the town. But the most widespread instrument is the motor that you can rent for comfortable and easy browsing. For more comfortable, choose the taxi. But it is the most expensive medium. Pleasant will find commuting by boat with all the beaches of the island.


For the ultimate relaxation, choose between hotels and rented rooms outside the city. If you still want to be among very many and very close to the heart of the intense life, you can choose from among many comfortable hotels in the alleys.


Enjoy the cosmopolitan Mykonos, with its cobbled streets in the country, little Venice, and the promenade, the shore with cafes and fishing boats, gathers every year number of surnames and anonymous from Greece and abroad. Mykonos never sleeps. The nights are completely exhausting and intense days. Start enjoying the sunset at Alefkandra, walk to Windmills and photographed with the pelicans, permanent regulars of the island. Enjoy a drink or coffee next to the whitewashed houses with coloured railings, while for late nights until you drop bars and nightclubs with loud music for all tastes by well-known dj, sign your entertainment.


In Mykonos you can find from small taverns, restaurants recognized by international fame. Graphics and especially is everything in the country, with splendid gardens, flowers in pots and scaled nuts stairs, that Gush intense images and smells. If you ask for something even more special, the most famous chefs from around the world are there for totally different experiences that will satisfy all palates.

Shopping Guide

To Mykonos Island, you will find all the designer shops and most especially pieces from around the world. Traditional objects souvenirs from the island and many handmade clothes, jewelry and shoes. Leaving will buy local traditional sausages, louza, capers, kopanisti (pricey and particular meze), and marzipan.


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