Munich is the third largest city of Germany and is the capital of Bavaria. It is built on the banks of the river Isar and is a city with very green, large streets, parks and very good quality of life. The city's cultural contribution is very significant, since it is home to many art institutions and museums, and has not, and the two best and most reputed Universities. The city is a major transportation hub and is a renowned European commercial centre. Munich has a history of centuries and although it is a city with a strong personality, moves into lax and friendly rhythms. The town beyond the multicultural personality, is famous for the vast quantities of beer, the famous local taverns Kneipes, luxury markets, its football team and good night life.


Residenz is a 17th-century Palace, which was the Royal residence of the Dukes of Bavaria. Considered an amazing sample architecture, with Rococo elements, consisting of 130 rooms richly decorated with extremely period furniture, tapestries, porcelains from top authors, unique paintings and priceless works of art from the Middle Ages until the era of classicism. In the vaults of the Palace you can still see Imperial regalia, Pharaohs Royal jewels and precious objects.

St. Peter's Church: Τhe Church has a unique blend of architectural styles, from Gothic to Renaissance, with many Rococo elements. Follow the approximately 300 stairs and climb to amazing Tower of height of 92 metres with panoramic views of the city of Munich. Feature of the temple is that each side of the  Tower, it features 2 watches.

New Town Hall: The town hall was built somewhere between 1867 and 1909 and is until today the seat of the Mayor of the city and houses all the services of the mayoralty. Situated in the most beautiful and famous city square, the Marienplatz. The Town Hall is created with a neo-Gothic style and the facade of adorned by turrets, arches and statuettes. The most interesting and characteristic piece of the Middle tower that stands out from afar. The tower stands at a height of 85 meters and features 32 impressive stunts that rotate beneath the sounds of the Bell and represent the history of Munich. 43 bells begin to ring, running 4 different exquisite melodies. This impressive show takes place every day at 11 am and is a landmark of the city and a different, special attraction.

Allianz Arena Stage was launched in 2005 and is a jewel for the city of Munich, due to its architecture and innovative technology. It is the only stage that can change the exterior color, depending on the colors of the group or event that is going to host.


The Deutsches Museum: The Museum is located on an island in the Isar River and presents with originality, the wondrous world of technology and science.

Old art gallery: The Gallery hosts about 800 artworks European artists, dated from the Middle Ages until the age of Rococo.

New Gallery includes many famous works of French Impressionists and several works of the 18th century until the beginning of the 20th. The Museum stands out as one of the most important of German art, while special place holds the collection of German art of the 19th century, through the private collection of King Louis I.


The distances inside the Monk is not large, so you can comfortably browse walking or renting a bike to explore the city. For longer distances you can use trams, subway lines and the suburban. It would be good to avoid taxis, because it is expensive.


In Munich you will find several excellent choices inside and outside the city, but most are in the Center is somewhat expensive. Select the part of your stay, depending on the level of service you require and the amount you would like to make. For young people, the city has and so-called Aperitif, while there is also the possibility of renting an apartment stay furnished.


Of particular interest is the Olympic village, with pools, sports facilities, concert halls and restaurants, you can spend a pleasant afternoon. The English garden is one of the largest public parks in the world. The national theatre of Munich is worth visiting and reason of the architecture of thought and to enjoy an excellent show, with performances of major composers. All life of Munich, is the Altstadt old town, featuring the most attractions, shops, restaurants and pubs. In and around Schwabing congregate most galleries, universities and museums, while very nicely and the area along the river Isar. All commercial pedestrian routes leading to the majestic Marienplatz square with its many restaurants and cafés. Several picturesque outdoor beer gardens you will find in the flea market Quietly. Will try  the local beer they serve with a litre and will meet the evening entertainment in the city in countless bars and clubs.


In Munich you can find beyond German and many other cuisines, but keep in mind that stop serving somewhere between 21.00-22.00 in the evening. The Bavarian cuisine uses several sausages, potatoes, sauerkraut and delicious fish from the river. I'll try pretzels – salty, tasty cookies and especially cheeses. Typical dish of the city is the milk, Leberkase Porker, a kind of Pate, Weisswurst, white sausages and various casseroles.

Shopping Guide

In the outdoor market of this quietly you will find amazing items for the home, souvenirs, fresh fruits, vegetables and many local products. All shopping streets you will find several very beautiful stores with traditional species and very nice memorabilia.


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