Moscow is the capital of Russia and the largest city of the Russian Federation and Europe. The city is located in the western part of the country, on the banks of the Moskva River and has been declared a global Metropolis. This is one of the largest industrial, cultural, transportation and administrative centers of the country. Moscow is an exciting city, full of contrasts, with its wealth and poverty in a lasting showdown. Throughout the history of the city is reflected in the typical churches, in imposing buildings, avenues of Soviet city.


Saint Basil's Cathedral: Τhe Church was constructed between 1555-1561 by order of Tsar Ivan the Terrible and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. This is an amazing Russian Orthodox Cathedral, located on red square and consists of nine chapels, their tops adorn Domes like onion, with too many striking colors. The temple is considered one of the symbols of Moscow and is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Kremlin is a historic complex of administrative buildings, beside the Moskva River. The Kremlin consists of 4 Cathedrals, 20 towers that reinforce the fortified wall and 4 amazing palaces. The space is being used by the 2nd century, while today it is used as the official residence of the President of Russia and meeting space for diplomatic meetings.

Lenin's mausoleum: Ιn the center of red square there is a big black box, which hosts the embalmed body of Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the Soviet Revolution. Lenin died on January 21, 1924 and since then the mummified body of a political leader is a symbol of Russia.

Metro: The Metro of Moscow began to be built in 1932 and in addition to mass transit network, is an amazing showroom, where each station is highly decorated by famous Russian artists with features objects. Particular area of Vorobyovy Gory station is, which enjoys stunning views and the station Komsomolskaya, with elaborate chandeliers and carved statues.


State Historical Museum is a special building mindset with Baroque style architecture, located near the red square. The Museum presents a huge collection of artifacts, describing with graphically all the history evolution of Russia. View with detailed manner, habits of the people, conquests and his lifestyle. Many of the finds dated to have come from Prehistoric cultures and many others still have a relationship with the Royal Romanov Dynasty. The spaces of the museum include more libraries of particular value, Gospels and rare manuscripts.

State art gallery presents the best works of Russian art, thanks to the effort of the Russian merchant Tetiakob, who began to collect works by various artists of his era, since 1856 with the purpose of creating a National Museum.


Moscow has an excellent public transport system, comprising buses, trams, trolleybuses, buses and Metro and is considered the best and most organized worldwide. In the city you will find comfortable and a taxi, but it would be good to have agreed before the value of the path. Try to avoid traffic with your own car, and the streets of the city there is enough traffic and roads are considered difficult.


Moscow has excellent hotels near the area with the most attractions. But in general Moscow is a very expensive city especially the hotels located close to the main motorway Ring Road Gardern. The Arbat area is the historic centre and the most picturesque region of Moscow, with a fairly wide range of hotels at great prices and with ideal facilities.


Going in Moscow there is no way not to  go through red square, which is the largest in the world and has huge monuments. North of red square is the famous Arbat street with most hotels, bars and nightclubs. For something more alternative, visit the site and you will discover how Winzavod interest may hide an old bottle factory, which now hosts galleries, art spaces and many cafés. The Bolshoi Theatre is the most historic theater and houses the world famous Academy of theater and dance. Even if you're not a friend of the most celebrated sports on the planet, Moscow's Loysniki Stadium, one of the FIFA in the list of the world's top stages and worth visiting, especially if you combine it with watching a football match. Gorky Park is the ideal place for some relaxing hours, away from the hustle and bustle of the city too, where you can walk along the River, have fun in Luna Park, to track the habits of the locals and enjoy from the nearest restaurant surprisingly traditional dishes.


The city offers a huge range of traditional restaurants with eclectic tastes, and restaurants serving international cuisine. Throughout the region you will find with great ease and all the fast food companies. Moscow is considered a fairly expensive city, though under Arbat you will find a multitude of finance restaurants and café. The most traditional dish of the city, considered the blinchiki, pancakes with black caviar, Beef Stroganoff and skewer with marinated lamb Saslik. Most dishes are served with traditional blinis pies, enough sauerkraut and pickles. As a first dish usually prefer the fish soup and borsch, ukha, which is soup with meat and beets. Whimsical desserts is not missing from the table, and neither the vodkas, which most have special scent and stands out with the red pepper.

Shopping Guide

On the pedestrian street of Arbat, (Moscow's most historic area) you will find many shops with souvenirs, itinerant peddlers, musicians, painters and many handmade products. Pyatintskaya in Zamoskvarechye Street, located south of the Kremlin, you will find many beautiful works of art and many artists who exhibit and sell their works. Another outdoor market that is of great interest to many marketers, is one that takes place in Izmailovsky Park. However, the best shops with all the designer brands you will find them in malls GUM and TSUM Tretyakovsky Proyezd.


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