Montreal is a city of Canada, an island located on the navigable river Holy Laurentius, which slopped in the Atlantic Ocean. The city is a veritable mosaic of ethnicities, is distinguished by its special design, with beautiful architectural buildings, providing a legacy of historical and architectural interest. In the city of Montreal there are 50 National historic sites. Characteristic is the area of old Montreal, located southeast of the center of town, with cobbled streets and includes many attractions. Beside the old city found the Riverside area, known as the old port. The city's new port is the world's largest inland port and the largest port in Canada. Montreal is a cosmopolitan city with particular interest, many museums, art galleries, theaters, music halls, atmospheric restaurants, clubs and beautiful valleys and lakes.


Vieux-Montreal: The old city is located on the banks of the river St. Lawrence and is the most distinctive and historic part of the city. The backdrop of the old town make up cobbled streets, suited for walking, particularly buildings, dating from the 17th century, beautiful old houses, quaint restaurants and shops, while the interest in monopolizing the Basilica of our Lady, with a rich and distinctive wooden decoration.

Place Jacques-Cartier is the most known square of old town, where lies the Nelson's column and got its name thanks to the famous Explorer who arrived in town in the 16th century. The square is located close to the port and is a favorite part of the city, but residents and visitors, who spend from that spot for a stop in quaint cafe.

Old harbour is a trademark of the city and is considered a historical site that maintained. Has now turned into a recreational area with bike routes, vast spaces for walking, function rooms and exhibition facilities.

Jardin Botanique de Montreal: The Garden covers an amazing area with 30 outdoor gardens, greenhouses, 21,000 unique and rare varieties of plants and trees from all over the world and is considered one of the most important botanical gardens in the world.


Museum of archaeology and history: In an excellent Museum presented throughout the history of the city, from the depths of the centuries, until the most recent years.

Museum of contemporary art: At the Museum exhibited extremely artworks, primarily local artists and is regarded as the most important Museum of Canada.

Canadian Centre for architecture: At the premises of the Centre presented exceptional collections the city's architecture, focusing on the importance of architecture in society.


The Montreal has organized public local transport, served by buses, subway and trains, that extend outside of the island, while more remote areas are served by the suburban railway system.


Montreal City Center provides exceptional hotels, with excellent facilities, depending on the amount of money you would like to make. Several of them have very nice views, while quite interesting Hotels you will find several areas and outside the Centre.


Start your navigation in the city by visiting the famous Olympic Stadium, which is a symbol of the city and most exploited commercially. At Place des Arts, you'll find concentrated the biggest cultural part of the city. Visit the cinema IMAX, with the huge screen, the "Circus of the Sun", with its huge artistic ability and the mountain Mont-Royal, with amazing views of the city. Great interest, Greek town, Little Italy and the Chinese city. The attention you deserve and the City Hall, the square of weapons, the picturesque traditional Bonsecours Market and the chapel of Sacre Coeure. In the square of Dorchester, which constitutes the most commercial part of the city, you will find concentrated most bars in town.


The flavors of the cuisine of Montreal is influenced by French cuisine, featuring special flavors with unique combinations. In the city you will find all the cuisines of the world and excellent restaurants serving local delicacies. You will taste delicious soups, unique dishes cooked by steaming and famous specialties of the city, which is the smoked meat.

Shopping Guide

In Montreal you will find many interesting shops with souvenirs, supermarkets with all famous brands of the market, but also many local species.


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