Milan is the capital city of Lombardy and Northern Italy. It is the largest urban centre in Italy, which is one of the most important industrial and economic centres of Europe. The city of Milan is intertwined with the fashion, design, the Lyric Opera, the excellent "stove" of its inhabitants and the refined Life style. In the city of elegance, you'll see locals unpretentious well-dressed even when they go to the Super Market.  Milan lives in hectic and renowned for its artistic life and the important cultural heritage. The city stands out for its recognizable landmarks, the world's most famous Opera House, the towering cathedrals, Galleries and palaces. It is no coincidence that here are many world-class companies and several Giants of Italian fashion.


Duomo Milan: The imposing Cathedral of Milan is one of the most important churches and is the seat of the Archbishop of the city. The construction of the Church lasted 5 centuries and it is the 4th largest and one of the largest churches in the world. It is considered the most important point of the city, from the design and the dichotomy of the Centre, with the roads to either start from that point whether to encircle. The Church features a Gothic aspect, domes and eight sides the Interior decorate 4 rows of 15 statues with biblical characters and Saints. During the 17th century and continued the work, and the most prominent symbol of the temple, the small Madonna. The statue is located at a height of 108,5 metres and one can distinguish it from most places in the region of the Centre. Your visit to the temple, is sure to leave you speechless and have in your mind that you can with a small payment to use the lift and climb to the top of the Church, which has spectacular views of sometimes up to the Alps.

Teatro alla Scala: Milan ladder is the benchmark of cultural and Social Elite of the city. In position found predates the Church Santa Maria della Scala, from where it got its name. The Scala has the most extensive and impressive dance floor, can accommodate up to 2015 spectators and is famous for its acoustics, which is the best in the world. The Opera House was inaugurated in 1778 and since then have made the greatest premiere Opera performers and the best singers from around the world. The Staircase is considered one of the leading Opera and Ballet Theatre and is a symbol of national pride for Italians.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II: The most historic three-storey building is located in Piazza del Duomo and consists of a cluster of commercial shops, avant-garde and unusual for his time.  This is a closed-double Arcade, consisting of two glass vaulted arcades, while all the way covered top with a roof all glass and iron. The entrance of the tunnel from the Triumph Arch reminiscent of square and covered throughout the height of ionic colonnades. On the premises you will find luxury brand products and the most beautiful shops for your shopping.  The Galleria is a trademark of the city and crowds gather daily.


Brera art gallery: The art gallery is housed in a palace built in the 14th century and is home to the greatest masterpieces of Italian art, mainly from the 16th to the 20th century. Among the famous works that includes distinguished the ' last supper ' of Rubens and the ' Kiss ' of Hayez. The Gallery exhibited works by distinguished artists such as Rembrandt, Raphael, Tintoretto, Mantegna and Caravaggio. Apart from visiting the beautiful Gallery, you are going to find yourself in one of the nicest and most picturesque neighbourhoods of Milan with many elegant shops, restaurants and café.

Castello Sforzesco Castle was during the 15th century the residence of the Governor of the country, but later lost the glamor until it was renovated to host famous collections and exhibits. The Castle housed 12 Ultra mini museums with various objects, a 1950s furniture, artifacts and records dating from the Paleolithic era.   Da Vinci's last supper and Church of Santa Maria the famous fresco of all-time was restored and now exposed to the public.

The famous "last supper" of Leonardo Da Vinci: Renaissance painter created in the 15th century on behalf of Duke Sforza and adorns the Church of Santa Maria della Grazie. The matrix has dimensions 4.5 to 8.7 and represents the reaction of pupils of Christ, when they announced that one of them will betray him.


Milan has a fairly wide variety of accommodation, with many facilities, depending on the amenities you want and the amount of money you would like to make. The more options you'll find in the historic center of the city, which is not very big and you will have easy access to any other site.


Piazza del Duomo is the most important and characteristic square of Milan and its perimeter are the greatest and most beautiful buildings. In the Aquarium of Milan will enjoy the wonderful aquatic world and the unique glass roof with fish over your head.For moments of relaxation you can make a stop to enjoy the lush wonderful Parco Sempione and the Idroscalo, who was once a seaplane landing strip and was used by Mussolini. Milan is known for the system of canals that permeated the city. The most historic of them is the Naviglio Grande, worth visiting, to buy from the various artists ' boutiques, SIP your drink and enjoy traditional Italian dishes. Even if you are not Fun of football, a visit to the historic Stadium Giuseppe Meazza, is essential. In Italy there is the culture of the Aperitivo, that is a quick drink after slavery. So in the early afternoon you will see most shops filled. Milan offers nightlife and more bars and clubs, you will find them in Brera and Navigli and the surrounding area from Cosro Como.


In Milan you will find many restaurants with excellent cuisine. The most traditional dishes but you must try the risotto alla Milanese is (with Medulla from beef, saffron Arborio rice and stewed in wine), Brasato (beef cooked with potatoes) and patsa busecca, with beans and tomato sauce. Excellent flavors have the famous sausages and notorious gorgonzola cheese. Don't forget to try the chiacchiere, which is baked pastries sprinkled with icing sugar with. For something quick and in hand, prefer the panzerotti, which is something like pizza, but taste like salty pancake.The more hip-hop street of the city is the Corso di Porta Ticineze, full of restaurants, café, bar and cute boutiques.

Shopping Guide

Throughout the city of Milan you will find fabulous shops and large shopping with all brands of the market. Feature is the Quadrilatero d'Oro, golden triangle as you call and includes the streets of Via Montenapoleone, Via Della Spiga, Via Sant'Andrea and Via Borgospesso with shops of designer's most important, like Prada, Armani, Valentino, Ferragamo and many others. Apart from branded and expensive products, the city will find and very nice with branded products and Outlets, not at very good prices. Of particular interest are and open street markets with different types. Most known is the Fiera di Senigallia, but species will find interest in the market of Isola and Viale Papiniano.


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