Miami is a coastal city facing the Gulf of Mexico, on the southeastern coast of the u.s. State of Florida, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. This is the most important city of the Southeastern States of America, with great commercial traffic to the port and the first to serve on cruise ships. Miami is considered to be a top tourist destination, the ideal place for vacations and a very friendly town with remarkable sights. In cosmopolitan Miami will enjoy Sun, fun with activities in the wild nature, good food and will wander into the Art Deco Historic District neighborhood. On your rides into town, you will see famous rich and the most famous movie stars in the world.


Little Havana is a typical and very beautiful downtown area, populated by Cuban immigrants, who make up a considerable cultural piece. In this colorful ethnic neighborhood, residents enjoy life with their own unique way, making cigars, that is the only point of production in the u.s. and contribute actively to the political piece of the city.

Art Deco Historic District: The area that constitutes the most historical and characteristic piece of Miami Beach, with elegant Art Deco architectural currents from the late 1920s until the early 1940s. You will see beautiful houses, in pastel colors, hotels and buildings in tropical motifs, dramatically lit at night and view a special atmosphere.

Everglades National Park area is a huge natural park, a unique mire, which hosts the world's rarest species such as alligators and bottlenose dolphins. Don't forget to take a ride on an airboat, to experience up close the most domesticated and familiar species.


Miami History Museum The Museum hosts permanent collections, many unique exhibits and many interesting Multimedia presentations. Occurs throughout the history and tradition of the people, through specific reports, and of particular interest are the settlements of Indians and a number of priceless objects recovered from sunken Spanish galleons.   Villa Vizcaya is an amazing House in Bay Biscayne, with Italian Renaissance style. The building contains 35 amazing rooms, in style of Baroque and Rococo, neoclassical elements, rich works of art and an impressive 40,000 square meters garden.


The city has almost all public transportation, which you might find some use for your move. To can move and admire many aspects of the city, you will definitely need a car. In the city centre you will find the free small roller, that makes you a little tour in the city.


In downtown Miami, with scattered skyscrapers next to the sea, you will find excellent hotels, with magnificent views and impeccable amenities for a comfortable and pleasant stay.


Start your tour in the city, from the internationally renowned Biltmore Hotel, which is the city's most imposing building, with a magnificent Tower 92 meters at the top. The Hotel has hosted many major celebrities intermittently and crowds of people visiting to admire the unique Lobby, the pool of immense proportions and the Ballroom. Great interest is the Tropical Botanic Garden Fairchild, which is the largest u.s., garden with ponds and at least 2,500 species of tropical plants and trees. Visit the beautiful city of Fort Lauderdale, with its elegant channels and countless yachts and close a position for a unique cruise on Biscayne Bay. The more hours of the day worth the spend in full sand beach of South Beach. The heart of the city beats in the bustling Boulevard Ocean along the Atlantic. All day long crowds enjoying walks, lunching and takes part in various activities. At night the area turns into one of the hottest spot parts of the city, with many bars, clubs and crowds to party until the early hours. The small fishing village of Coconut Grove is famous for its nightlife and festivals. Latin music is heard everywhere and smiling people welcome you in every shop.


The cuisine of Miami combines Mediterranean flavours, with Asian and American notes. Don't miss the crab legs and extremely fresh seafood dishes created by the city. Most restaurants create ingenious dishes from around the world, which certainly will not leave you dissatisfied. This gives the Spanish cuisine, with delicious tapas and Bocadillos sandwich unique flavors. The nicest restaurants can be found along South Beach, with unique dishes and mouth-watering desserts.

Shopping Guide

The most ideal place for your purchases, considered the Dolphin Mall, with all the well known brands and prices that suit. And special feature is the coastal Bayside Marketplace, which is an amazing flea market, where you can find what it puts your mind.


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