Mexico City

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and the largest city in the world. The city was built in the early 14th century by Atzekoys and is now a large city, with a strong traditional elements. the city is a major economic, political and cultural center of the country. The city lies in the Valley of Mexico, to Central America and is washed by the Caribbean Sea.  Is divided into 16 regions, each one has an infinite number of districts, with distinct characteristics. The city center is characterised by monuments, major streets, parks with big trees next to skyscrapers and magnificent colonial architecture samples. The Mexico City is distinguished for its numerous beautiful sandy beaches with turquoise waters, Mayan monuments and of Atzekwn, museums, archaeological treasures, the remarkable markets, stunning parks, the luxury villas and intense nightlife.


Centro Historico: The historic center of the city is characterized by its historic Plaza de la Constitucion, which was the capital of Atzekwn, the "floating gardens" of Xochimilco, famous landmarks, the imposing colonial buildings, stunning churches, the National Palace with stunning frescoes with scenes from the Mexican history and the ancient ruins of the Temple of Atzekwn. The archaeological site Zona Arqueologica del Templo Mayor was discovered accidentally in 1987 and brought to light unique artifacts such as statues, carvings, knives that were used in sacrifices, masks, jewelry and the amazing famous disk with the human representation of the goddess of the Moon and has been declared a world heritage site and protected by UNESCO. All exhibits shall be kept and presented at the Museo del Templo Mayor.

The Golden Angel of independence: A hallmark of Mexico City, is a high pillar with a gold Angel on top, created in the early 20th century and is situated in the Paseo de la Reforma. On the basis of the stanchion have etched the names of heroes of war and is of particular importance for the inhabitants of the city.

Catedral Metropolitana: In Plaza de Mayo is located in the 16th century the largest and oldest Temple in Latin America, dedicated to the sleepless of Theotokos. The temple contains 4 identical elaborate cupolas and remarkable works of art.

Chapultepec Park: The Park occupies the largest green area of the city, hosting the most important Museums, the country's largest Zoo, the residence of the President, the only authentic Latin American Castle, many pools, water slides and great areas for boating.


National Museum of anthropology: The Museum is housed in a beautiful building of 1960 and hosts world-class collections. The Museum presents unique anthropological and archaeological findings, pre-Columbian Cultures, priceless artifacts dating back to the 16th century and many others.

The Museo Soumaya: This Museum houses amazing collections of paintings of renowned artists and an extensive collection of works of Latin American art.

Museo Frida Kahlo-La Casa Azul: This is a characteristic and ornate Blue House of the famous Mexikanis painter, now converted into a Museum, shortly after the death of. At home there are many personal objects, artifacts, photographs and diaries. The largest number of projects of course, hosted at museums Dolores Olmedo Patino and the Museo de Arte Moderno.


The Mexico City is served by the largest subway system in Latin America, a suburban rail system, an organised network with bus lines and taxis. The city has organized bike lanes to go inside the Bike Center and admire the sights of the city.


Both in the city and outside it, you will find amazing atmospheric hotels in ideal values, depending on the desired services for you.


City is full of surprises and countless entertainment options, from parks with many activities, parachute drops, excursions in nature, exploring caves, until top theatrical performances, sports events and fabulous spa. Start your tour from the beautiful main street Paseo de la Reforma, with many monuments, characterized as the Manhattan of Latin America. Visit the city's tallest building Torre Latinoamericana, and you will be impressed by the view held by the 45th floor. The spectacular Park Six Flags Mexico, you will spend countless hours of relaxation in one of the largest amusement park in Latin America. In the area of Zona Rosa, you will  find the most famous bars and clubs of the city and fabulous shops for your shopping. Apart from the countless evening shops in town, where you can have fun until the early hours, Mexico is considered the Mecca of classical music and is an important centre of popular culture.


The cuisine of Mexico presents intense culinary delights with particular tastes, many spices, seafood, enough beef and goat meat. Many dishes are influenced by the Caribbean, the Spaniards, but also the traditions of ancient civilizations. Don't forget to try all international Mexican dishes, roast suckling pig and the famed dish with fish, a la veracruzana. Characteristic are the numerous canteens in the city, you can enjoy special local flavors and drinks.

Shopping Guide

On the picturesque La Lagunilla Tepito, you'll find beautiful traditional flea markets with many local products. In the area of the Centre you will find a variety of consumer markets, main markets for fish, retailers of fresh flowers and many local shops. The city has many modern shopping malls with luxury items and the most famous branded items.


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