Marseille is the most important city and port of France, located in the Gulf of Lyon, at an altitude of 12 meters above sea level. It is the oldest city of France with centuries of history. The cosmopolitan city has a rich cultural heritage, beautiful coves, monuments and friendly inhabitants. Marseille consists of 111 districts, which hide many beauties and charm that you can hardly sure.Around the old port with the beautiful terracotta-coloured buildings stretch the modern city, with all sailboats, fishing boats and yachts to enter between the outposts of St. Nicholas and St. John.


Vieille Charite is an amazing building, located in the old town and is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. The edifice was designed by the famous architect Pierre Puget, Massaliwti of Louis Xiv. The building's original purpose was to provide asylum for the poor and to House migrants from the countryside. Nowadays remains a large well-kept guesthouse, with a beautiful church in the center of the space and used as an exhibition centre on the premises of the House and two museums.

Basilica of Saint Victor: In 416, the monk Agios Kassianos, founded a religious Castle in honor of St. Victor. The Castle has fine architecture and is one of the most powerful Abbeys of Provence. In the Crypts, you can see sarcophagi, catacombs and the cave where he lived for some time the Saint.

If Castle in the Bay of Marseille is an islet, until the 16th century it was uninhabited and only approached the anglers. In 1516, Francis I decided to build up a castle in order to better fortify the port. Construction works were completed in 1528, while the 1580 the castle was converted into a prison for political prisoners. The legends for the Castle and mixed reality, with the legend. Here it is said that jailed the "man in the iron mask", from the novel by Alexander Dumas and the existing count Mirabeau.


Museum of old Marseilles on the northern side of the waterfront behind the City Hall, you will see the Diamond House, as it is called, and perhaps the most popular Museum in Marseilles. It is a 16th-century House, which got its name because of the facade, which is adorned with stones in a diamond shape. The exhibits include antiques, household utensils, furniture of the 18th century and figures of Saints.

Faience Museum: The Museum shows through ceramic collections, the history of Marseille and hosts 1,200 pottery objects, coming from Marseille and the rest of Europe, from the Neolithic period until today.

Grobet-Labadie Museum: the Museum is hosted in a lovely home in 1873, which was built for the merchant's account Alexandre Labadie. The collection which decorates the Interior of the House, includes paintings of the 17th-19th centuries, particularly objects, unique furniture, unusual musical instruments, tapestry, silk fabrics, flutes and ivory. In 1919, the daughter of Marie-Louise donated the House and collection to the city.


Marseille has a complete and very well organised bus network and two subway lines, which allows you to move where you want in the city. It would be good to avoid moving with your own instrument, since the roads are somewhat difficult. Little attention it would be good to give and in taxis in the city, who might try to charge you more.


Marseille has a fairly large number of hotels, both inside the Center, and at most out areas, but most cost quite a bit more.


Start your navigation in the city from the Longchamp Palace and the city's Zoo located just behind him. The major Basilica of the city is the Notre Dame de la Garde, from where you will enjoy the most panoramic view of the city. The morning fish market in the city worth your visit, where you can enjoy the best fresh fish in taverns. After the port is located and the Canebiere Street, the road of hemp, where there are the former cannabis fields, manufactured ropes.The city has excellent museums and beautiful squares. In Le Cours Julien and La Plaine you can enjoy your coffee, in a room full of bookstores, fountains and playground. Place Castellane square, you will find several cafés and cinemas around the square. Marseille may not renowned for its nightlife, but features several bars and clubs, where you can enjoy your drink and get to know how fun in the city.


French cuisine is famous for its exquisite cuisine and excellent wines. Try the traditional famous bouillabaisse soup, originally made by the families of fishermen with that was left in their nets, but ended up becoming the most famous Chowder. Also excellent is the tart of Eggplant, sea urchin with quail eggs and Ginger cream and lobster terin. Don't forget to try the local beer La Cagole de la Marseilles, in a special retro bottle.

Shopping Guide

The city has countless and very good shops for your shopping, but the biggest Mall is the Centre Bourse, where you can find everything. Very nice shops you can find in the Rue Julien. Rue Saint Ferreol will see the nicest shops with shoes and the best jewelers, while Rue Paradis accommodates all fashion houses and the more commercial and fine shops.


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