Marrakech is the spiritual and cultural capital of Morocco. It is built at the foot of the Atlas mountains while consists of the ancient Medina and the new town. The Marrakech is called the "diamond of the South" and the name means "land of God". Uniquely combines the snowy landscape of the desert with this Atlas that surrounds her but and the forest from date palms which are built, while these are not the only contrasts of the city where the ancient tradition meets the modern lifestyle.The exotic city of Marrakech has an enchanting atmosphere that attracts more and more visitors discover its charm.


Djemaa el Fna square is the central square and landmark of the city of Marrakech. One of the busiest squares in Africa and tourist, the morning flooded by street vendors and night turns into an Oriental paradise with belly dancers, snake charmers and all sorts of street artists. In addition, it has many canteens that offer genuine local specialties.

El Badi Palace: The Palace's name means "miracle" because of the terrible grandeur that characterized the past. Built in the 16th century, the bulk of it has been preserved, but there is still a huge swimming pool that is fed with water from four other while you enjoy the stunning views from the roof terrace.

Tombs of the Saadi: Tombs of rulers Saadi are not discovered until the early 20th century, which contributed to be maintained in perfect condition. Distinguished the beautiful decorating with Moroccan tiles Zeliz and are definitely worth a visit.

La Palmeraie is the Palm Grove of Marrakech with impressive villas and luxury hotels, which marks the entrance to the city.


Museum of Marrakech is housed in the beautiful Dar Menebli Palace built in the 19th century and is the sample Andalusian architecture with sculptures, fountains and mosaics. The Museum features exhibits of contemporary and traditional art of Morocco as well as several historical books, coins and pottery vessels.

Museum Dar Si Said, featuring various folk art objects from the old and modern Marrakech such as wood carvings, musical instruments, rugs, ceramics etc. is housed in an old palace.


In Marrakech you can use very economical taxi for your movements while recommended walking to know better some areas. For a more touristy experience you can use small carriages caleche in central parts of the city.


Select hotel that suits you from a wide range of choices to a large price range. The choices for your stay can be divided into those that are new in town and have a more contemporary feel with more luxuries and in hotels of the Medinas with traditional Moroccan houses Riyadh with the inner courtyards, which function as hotels.


Make a stroll through the gardens Jardin Majorelle in the northern part of the city, enjoy the relaxing experience of a Hammam, wander in the city outskirts on camel and experience a night dancing in the square Djemaa el Fna. Marrakech has a variety of bars and clubs in line with Western standards and playing mostly European music, for your night of fun.


Try the spicy merguez sausages and Lamb with spice kefta, intense presence that will carry you away. Taste local dishes such as Tabbouleh, couscous, kebabs and tatzin, while not skip a dinner in one of the grills of the square Djemaa el Fna, where you will find all the local specialties.

Shopping Guide

Marrakech offers a rich outdoor markets, so-called souks, from where you can buy fabrics, spices, antiques, furniture, jewelry, rugs, clothes etc in Marrakech you can find excellent quality leather products in good  prices with the most famous being from camel skin, as well as the famous argan oil exclusively produced in Morocco.


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