Madrid is the capital and largest city of Spain.  It is built at an altitude of 670 meters above sea level, on the banks of the river Manthanares, in the Centre of the Iberian Peninsula. It is a strong political, economic and cultural center with a separate beauties and a Mediterranean fragrance that appealed to me. Madrid is an erotic city, hiding pretty loud paper, only reaches to spend some time and know immediately. The Spanish capital is a cosmopolitan city with culture, Mediterranean atmosphere, offering innumerable attractions, great Galleries, amazing food, football and nightlife.


Royal Palace and Almudena Cathedral: The Royal Palace is located next to the Campo del Moro Park and was the intimate of the Royal family. It has rich interior decoration and nowadays is used for State ceremonies. Opposite the Palace you will see the imposing Cathedral of Almudena, where construction began in 1879 and it took 100 years to complete.

San Lorenzo del Escorial: This is an amazing complex of buildings, an excellent example of Spanish Renaissance, which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage. It consists of the buildings El Real Monasterio del Escorial and El Granjilla de La Fresneda, which have great historical and cultural importance. Today in the Escorial, operates the Palace, a Museum, a school and the monastery. The main building is an imposing rectangular edifice, with  4 towers, 2 bell towers and the dome of the Basilica with a height of 92 metres. Characteristic is and corridors with a total length of 24 km. The monastery is decorated by large distinguished artists such as El Greco and Titian and spaces of the Escorial, adorn over 1,600 projects. In the Escorial area, including the Museum of architecture, the Art Museum, a library, Shrines, the Pantheon of the Kings and Princes of Panthewn.

Plaza de Oriente: In the East of the Royal Palace, is a rectangular square, the site of 20 statues adorn monarchs of Spain. The statues were created between 1750-1753, with original purpose to decorate the ceiling of the Royal Palace. Longer stand divided into 2 series, in the East and in the West. The area of the square also contains the Royal gardens and the outstanding building of the Royal Opera House.

Las Ventas Bullring: The largest and most important city arena was inaugurated in 1931, and has a capacity of 25,000 spectators. The home of bullfighting opens its doors from March to December, with bullfights take place every Sunday.


Museo del Prado is a popular art gallery in the world, with the richest and most extensive collection of priceless paintings. Includes more than 1,300 European art works of prominent Spaniards, British, Italian and Dutch painters, from the 12th until the 19th century.

National Archeological Museum: The Museum hosts hundreds of exhibits, which surfaced during excavations carried out in Spain. The Museum hosts more collections with amazing exhibits, from ancient Greece, Egypt and the Etruscan civilization. In the top part, Roman exhibits mosaics, Islamic pottery, gold crowns from the 7th century and many others.

Fatsa Wax Museum: In the Museum you can see approximately 450 wax figures of famous personalities of Spain and other countries. Dummies are presented in specific scenes that look entirely real and sometimes downright eerie, like a bullfight scene.


Madrid has one of the best metro networks and very well organized transport. In the city you can move with great ease, even if you circulate with a car. Comfortable you can use and some of the city's taxis, and is too reliable and have extremely good prices.


Most three-star hotels are located in the city centre and offer the ideal amenities at very good prices. If you are looking for something more sophisticated in some area outside the town, with a spectacular view, the Madrid as a good hostess is able to offer you.


In the great Plaza Mayor you will admire the magnificent architecture, you will experience the history and you will enjoy your beer, along with the traditional baguette bread with calamari. The amazing Park, the lungs of Madrid, located right in the city centre and includes galleries, sculptures, gardens, an artificial lake, museums and an ideal space of calm and rest. Endless hours of fun you will spend in the huge Warner Park, divided into 5 sections, with the huge upside-down Roller Coaster and the inverted Boomerang, you'll land with 115 mm the time. The Madrid Snow zone, is a huge artificial track with snow for Snowboard and Ski. Although considered reprehensible, bullfighting does not cease to be a really special and unprecedented sight. Even if you're not a Fan of football, a walk from the impressive Santiago Bernadeu Stadium, the home of the famous Real Madrid football team. The stage belongs to the superior category of UEFA, Elite with 5 stars. The evening entertainment in Madrid, named Marcha and the options are endless. In the city you will find from classic authentic Flamengo hangouts, so wonderfully prestigious Latin shops, such as those of Alonso Martinez. The area of Barrio de Moncloa, features many bars, tapas, clubs, places to eat to suit all tastes and move and many students. For most underground places, visit the region of Gran Via, which is considered the most beautiful street of the city, especially at night, when everything is illuminated and have fun until the early hours.


In the capital of Spain, you will taste authentic local recipes, like the traditional Cocido Madrileno, with countless materials, Paella (Spanish rice with seafood), Fabada (stew with broad beans), Gazpacho (cold soup with raw materials) and lots of fresh fish and seafood, accompanied by sagkrias and other local wines. Exquisite taste have Tapas, unique dishes of the city they love, the Tortilla de patatas (potato omelette and extra onions) and the Bocadillos, fast-paced and outdoor food of the inhabitants. Apart from seafood, the Madrid kitchen cooks excellent lamb in many ways, snails and patsa. In the District of Chueca, Fuencarral Street, you should definitely try the smoked salmon and crab flesh.

Shopping Guide

The biggest shopping street of the city, the Gran Via, is full of theatres, cinemas, historic hotels and famous shopping centers. The city is a Must and the supermarkets El Corte Ingles, where you can find everything. Most famous brands will find them in regions of Salamanca and Serrano.


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