Los Angeles

Los Angeles is located in the State of California, on the West coast of the USA and is the second largest and most populous city of America, as well as an extremely important cultural, economic and scientific centre in the world. It is a multi-racial, cosmopolitan area with diverse natural landscape, in a valley between mountains and on the shores of the Pacific.The wider Los Angeles area created after the unification of many small towns, with the result that the city can offer the most variety of activities. The city has countless contacts with nature, diverse entertainment offerings, fabulous fashion shops, historical movies, Top Museums, atmospheric Gothic style buildings, crowded areas, the luxury top Disneyland Park and endless nights of entertainment.


El Pueblo is the most old and historic district of Los Angeles, located in the center of the city and includes several outstanding buildings era, kept in perfect condition until today. The area was founded in the 18th century by the Spanish Governor of California and then the buildings feature a rich interior decoration era, that represents and presents just the climate. Under works and traditional regional market, with souvenirs, clothes, local products and many others.

Universal Studios Hollywood: In the city's most popular attraction, is considered the Universal Studios, its facilities are essentially a whole State, with many shopping, theme parks, restaurants and plenty of spectacle from the unlikely world of film industry. The most interesting piece is the guided tours in the scenery, from the war of the worlds, King Kong, jaws and the earthquake in San Francisco, where next to you everything dissolve and the explosions resemble true. At the end of the tour waiting for endless hours of fun, the "House of horror", "Mummy the Ride" and the unique roller Jurassic Park Ride, that will pass between deinosayroys and at the end will make a sharp drop from a waterfall.

Griffith Observatory and Griffith Park: In the homonymous Park, in an elevated position with panoramic views over the l. a., stands the imposing Observatory Griffith, with art deco aesthetic. The latest technology Observatory does not work for scientific purposes, but for unlimited glancing at the unique sky that surrounds us. To the sites you will be able to watch and remarkable show.The urban park Griffith is considered the biggest of America and stands out for its Zoological Garden, sports facilities and stunning natural beauty.

Walt Disney Concert Hall: The building is a landmark for the city and stands out for his dynamism and his excellent form. The recent building of the famous band Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles, hosts on the premises of the city's Philharmonic Orchestra and is able to accommodate 2,290 spectators.


Norton Simon Museum: The Museum of Pasadena hosts on the premises of the excellent collection of businessman Simon Norton, consisting of a rare art collection 7 centuries. It is a collection of famous artists such as Picasso and many others, from Europe and Asia.

Museum of Art is a leading Museum that includes priceless artifacts and rare creations of many important civilizations of the world. To the sites presented high Japanese art creations, works of German Expressionism, musical performances, lectures and much more.

Huntington Library Art Collection: The Foundation of Tycoon Henry Huntington would see the fuller and rarer library with important manuscripts and priceless works of art of the 18th and 19th century. Visit the amazing Botanical Garden, enjoying unique moments of relaxation.


The city of Los Angeles has organised network with metro lines, buses, light rail and taxis at reasonable prices for the city. The town includes an extensive network of motorways and the best way to travel in the city, considered the car. You have of course in your mind the fact that in the city there is circulatory konfouzio ".


Most and best hotels are clustered in the city centre and offer ideal facilities, depending on the amount you wish to spend.


The most renowned street of the city considered the Hollywood Boulevard, including the road with more stars of many celebrities. Don't miss to visit the Town Hall, housed in a white-washed building of 1928 and the Little Venice area.  Enjoy a walk on the famous Santa Monica Pier in Manhattan Beach. The city offers endless hours of sunbathing, beach games, punts on the Harbour, horseback riding, surfing in unique beach Zuma Beach and trekking in the mountains.   In Los Angeles, you will still find many interesting bars, clubs and fabulous restaurants.


Los Angeles has all the cuisines of the world, with exceptional culinary delights and excellent gourmet dishes. The most popular and favorite dish of the city, considered the Burger in all its variants. The city will still find amazing canteens with fast street food, serving it with excellent quality and taste.

Shopping Guide

A bit more outside the city it is worth visiting the luxurious two-storey and three-storied buildings of Rodeo Drive, with famous galleries, antiques, shops with famous fashion houses and expensive jewellers. Most shops in the city have constantly lots of offers and opportunities. Look for big Mall and Outlet, that include all kinds.


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