London is the largest city and the capital of England and Great Britain. This is one of the biggest metropolises and a particularly important political, business and cultural center, affecting crucial around the world. It is not a coincidence that in London have their seats most leading companies in Europe. The Diocese of trends is in the first places in tourist arrivals worldwide. It is a multi-faceted city with unique atmosphere, parks, bazaars, original museums and a wide range of options for endless nightlife.


Tower Bridge: This is the famous London Bridge reaches 265 meters and erection of tasks completed in 1894. The bridge is animated, with two Gothic towers, inside them you can see the hoisting mechanism. Housed in the bridge and a Museum, which hosts all the exhibits showing the history of.

Big Ben and Parliament Square: On the North Bank of the Thames you can see the square that is the spiritual and cultural center of the country. Therein lies the imposing Parliament and EUR 106m Tower, the clock tower of Big Ben. The clock is the hallmark of the city and is the largest of its kind. From the 1859 work incessantly and beats every hour, without so far having never stop.

Buckingham Palace: One of the most recognizable parts of the city in the Palace of Buckingham, whose first inhabitant was Queen Victoria in 1837. The Palace includes about 600 rooms, art gallery, pool and of course the throne room. When the Royal family is absent, there is the possibility to visit a large part of the palaces and Royal gardens. What is typical and worth seeing, is the changing of the guard.

The Tower of London is a large Riverside fortress, which was originally created by William the Conqueror and later expanded and fortified with towers to be a strong Castle. The Tower of London was for several years the subject of terror, since here all the political opponents were imprisoned and died a tragic death and 2 spouses of a Ruler. The guards who will show you around inside, traditionally wear uniforms until today. In the spaces of the tower you will see the personal arsenal of Kings, the Museum with the gems in the Crown, the National Mint, and a menagerie.

Westminster Abbey: The Abbey is a magnificent Gothic church of the 10th century, founded by the Benedictines Monks as a place of worship of St. Peter. The present Church, is the most famous burial place of all Great Britain's celebrity. At the Abbey will still see treasures with priceless works of art, sculptures, such as the statue of Mary with the divine infant and lots of dildos.


The British Museum was founded in 1753 and is the oldest Museum in the world. The Museum impresses both externally with the Greek Renaissance architecture, and internally with the special glass dome and 4 halls covering 4 km. The collections include exhibits of the Pharaohs from around the world, who have been moved by many famous explorers and representatives of the throne. Its collections cover 2 million years of world history and culture. Among other things you will see, the controversial Parthenon marbles, a Colossal statue of Ramses Ii, the famous clock 400 years from Prague that plays music, scientific tools, ceramic plates, ancient Greek vases and many others.

National Gallery: The Gallery is located in Trafalgar Square and beautiful presents a collection of at least 2,300 paintings, works by important painters dated from the 13th to the 20th century.

Madame Tussaud's: Visit the most popular Wax Museum, where you can see in normal dimensions, faithful copies of many famous people and be photographed with them. Great interest is the famous Hall of terror, that will bring you face to face with all known criminals in London. There you will see up close and real guillotine that beheaded Marie Antoinette.

Natural History Museum: The Museum presents unique exhibits from many parts of the world, an excellent collection of dinosaurs, fossils and meteorites. Of particular interest are the Reptile House, the water cycle, while you can experience real earthquake experience under extremely safe conditions, with the earthquake simulator. The Museum beyond the collections sleeps, is a Research Center, which employs some 300 scientists and librarians.

Freud Museum: This Museum is the House they lived in Freud and turned into a Museum in honor of the father of psychoanalysis. The sites include ancient art objects that had been in his personal collection of Freud, his library, his many personal objects and the famous divan. The Museum in recent years serves as a Cultural and scientific centre, organising lectures and conferences.


The London underground is the oldest in the world and is a model of operation. The bus network of London is the best and you comfortable and pleasant to go to experience the city. Since the traffic on the streets of London is booming, it would be good to avoid taxis because they cost quite a bit.


London has many extremely hotels, as well as accommodation and hostels for cheaper options. Hotels at great rates in most areas and you will surely find one to meet your needs. If you look again, something special, more expensive hotels are located in the West End area, ready to offer you a comfortable and pleasant stay.


Start your tour in London by Trafalgar Square that is for years the largest meeting point. In the Piazza Covent Garden you will find the largest market of vegetables and foods with lots of shops, street performers, cafes and many theatres around the square. The Square Piccadilly Circus will impress you with the huge big-boards and the well-known statue was found of the winged God of love, while at Leicester Square, you will see most cineplex with the premieres of famous films.The famous London Eye, is a wheel height of 135 meters, where you can enjoy a ride with panoramic views across the London region, which allows you to see up to 40 km. away. The small town of Stratford will offer you endless hours of relaxation, in a unique landscape with many activities. St. James's Park, is the oldest Royal Park in London with enormous biodiversity, birds and insects. The Park contains a small lake and two small islands and offers infinite possibilities for young and old and has restaurants and several cafés. In Kensington Park, you will find the oldest scientific Zoo. For something different visit the London Dungeon, which presents in detail the murders of Jack the Ripper and the great city fire of 1665. In the huge mansion Royal Albert Hall, you can attend a classical music concert or any other event. The English capital also hosts many concerts and musicals. The typical neighborhood of Soho, is the most vivid and multi-racial side of town and is full of bars and restaurants. London is the most important music capital, hosts numerous concerts and offers a huge range of great club, with the most famous DJs from around the world. For most alternative situations prefer the Camden area, while for most Beat pace select the renovated warehouses of Brick Lane.

Shopping Guide

Certainly the most famous London department store is Harrods, which is dated 1849 and features an impressive variety of products. Super malls are the famous Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, with all the latest fashion trends. The largest commercial traffic is located in Oxford street and Bond street. Of particular interest are the flea markets in Portobello Road and Camden Town, where you can find from antique up particularly souvenirs. Brick Lane market you will find gorgeous decorations, up unique pieces of vintage clothing.


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