Lefkada is an Ionian Sea island. It is the fourth largest island in the Ionian Sea (320 km2) and fourth in population with about 25,000 residents and its capital is the city of Lefkada. Due to its geographical position is linked to the mainland by a floating bridge length of about 20 meters. Leffkada and Evia are two unique islands in Greece that is accessible by road. Lefkada took its name from cape Kavos or otherwise Kera, located at the southernmost tip of the island. The cape in ancient times was named Lefkas for its white stones.


Venetian Castle

Just outside of town and just across the floating bridge is the Venetian castle of Santa Maura. The castle is a archetype art. Built in the 14th century AD is one of the most impressive fortresses in Greece. The fort was a wedding gift to the ruler John Orsini from his father in law, Despot of Epirus Nikephoros the first.Ottomans conquered the island in 1479 and upgraded the fort by building a bridge with 360 arches and an aqueduct supplying water to the fort. Unfortunately, this important work is not standing anymore since destroyed by earthquakes. Remnants of but there are evident to this day.

Bridge of Sighs

Bridge of Sighs or lovers Bridge is called the wooden bridge is built above the canal, which is located in front from the pedestrian area with many coffee bars, next from the port city. Built in the early nineties, in Venetian architecture style.

Cape Lefkata

Akrotiri Lefkata, which allegedly took the name of the island of Lefkada, is  located in the southwest of the island. White cliffs causing awe even today form this monument of nature. From this cape,according to tradition, fell into sea and killed, the ancient poet Sapfo, desperate because of her love for Phaon.


The island has beautiful unspoilt beaches, for which Lefkada is known worldwide, since many of them have been mentioned by tour guides as the best in the Mediterranean, with the most famous Porto Katsiki and "the Cliffs", two places that attracts many millions of tourists worldwide. Famous is also the St. John especially for wind and kite surfers, Ammoglossa, Agios Nikitas, Kathisma and many others.


Lefkada Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Lefkada is housed in the basement of the old City Hall  where is the citys Cultural Centre. It is small but significant. The remarkable exhibition of artifacts, photographs and accompanying information, familiarize visitors about the the region, the changes that fixed the economy, its relations with the surrounding areas and the activities of inhabitants in antiquity.

Folklore Museum

The Folklore Museum of the Music and Literary Group is a privately is placed behind the Central Square of Lefkada. Houses more than 1,000 useful rural objects of Lefkada, tools, utensils, and traditional costumes, embroidery etc. It also includes a series of urban exhibits and tools for old professions.


The island of Lefkada has no airport. There is the International Airport Aktion Preveza, which is just 20 km from the town of Lefkada. Access to this can be done by bus or taxi. Buses are traveling to and from the eastern part of the island very often, and less often is the route to the west coast. Lefkada taxi services are available to serve you safely and quickly 24 hours a day. However you may need to rent a car or a motorbike in order to explore it, because the island is large enough.


In Lefkada Island you' ll find seceral comfortable hotels in all categories both in the city center and through surrounding areas. Because the city of Lefkada is located at the northern end of the island you might choose Nidri, or another village located centrally. Those who want more direct access to the beautiful south-western beaches could stay in Basilica from where there is also connection to Ithaca. Wherever you choose to stay you will find a number of hotels, apartments, studios, suites and villas.


Lefkada is a destination that will not disappoint even the most demanding guests. Restaurants, for delicious meals, bars for drinks and clubs if you love dancing until dawn. The nightclubs are located mainly in the capital as well as the most popular tourist resorts Nidri and Vassiliki. Undoubtedly we suggest you get a taste of the fantastic parties organized by the beach-bars.Have fun until the morning sun replace the moon, next to the wave mainly with reggae, pop and rock music.


Lefkada will eat fish and seafood in a very wide range, from the simple but delicious grilled sardines, up eel, cuttlefish and scallops in extreme recipes. Definitely try the ivari roe and sesame nougat to sweeten yourself.

Shopping Guide 

Taking a walk on the paved market except for unique accessories, be sure to take with you, sausages of pork. honey from Athani and Dragano and lentils from Englouvi.


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