Larnaca is the third largest city and is located on the southeastern coast of Cyprus. Cyprus is the country, when the myth was born the ancient Greek goddess of beauty and love, Venus. The Shrine is built on the place of ancient Kition, one of the cities-kingdoms of antiquity. The city began to grow rapidly, since the independence of Cyprus in 1960 and then. After the Turkish invasion in 1974, the Shrine had a meteoric rise with very impressive results. The city of Larnaca has a special unique character, with characteristic of the city, towering Palm trees along the beach. It has gorgeous sights, museums, fortresses, unique beaches and wetlands.


The Sultan Hala mosque: Hala Sultan Tekke was built in 1816 and is the tomb of Umm Haram, which according to tradition fell from the horse and was killed during the first Arab expedition against Cyprus. The legend says that the Umm Haram was a relative of the Prophet Muhammad. To the point that killed originally built a simple Tomb, but then turned into a mosque and this is one of the holier Muslim or mausoleums built. Many archaeologists claim that the tomb of Umm Haram is the monolithic tomb of prehistoric period 1700-1500 BC and the legend says that one of the stones that cover hovering in the air.

Saint Lazarus Church is located downtown and is one of the most important Byzantine Monuments of Cyprus who have survived. The Church is built over the tomb of Lazarus, Christ's friend. It is a stone church, which had 3 towering domes and authentic belfry, which were destroyed in the early years of the Ottoman Empire, when the church became a mosque. Nowadays survives an amazing carved wooden icon covered with gold, which hosts stunning Byzantine icons. In the crypt of the church you can see the grave, along with other tombs and marble sarcophagi.

Church of "Panagia Aggeloktisti": That is a stunning Byzantine Church of the 11th century, believed to be built by Angels and discovered the ruins of an Early-Christian basilica in kiti. According to tradition, the inhabitants of ancient Kition were transferred to kiti for to protect themselves from the Arab raids and wanted to build a temple in honor of the Virgin Mary.Everything built, the next day observed that had been transferred elsewhere. So they changed the original selection of the part where you built the temple and found that the night descending angels and armies built. The Interior of the Church adorned with important frescoes from the 13th century and the Church are unique pieces of Byzantine art, as the original apse and a rare mosaic of the 6th century, with the Madonna and child between two archangels.


Gallows the Museum was founded in 1936 and consists of 4 halls. Hosts and presents them in a chronological order, precious exhibits, dated from prehistoric times until the classical Hellenistic and Roman period.

Agios Lazaros Byzantine Museum: The Museum is located next to the homonymous Church and features unique exhibits religious content, such as images, Tabernacles and art supplies.

Paleontological museum of Pierides: At this unique Museum presents an outstanding collection of various fossils of 500 million years.

Local folklore museum: The Museum is housed in a traditional two-storey house and has old furniture of the 19th century, traditional costumes, agricultural tools, jars, embroidery and silversmithing. The space show and comes alive in a unique way, the traditional way of life in the countryside and the way in which people lived.


In the city of Larnaca you can move comfortably and easily walk, since the city stepped comfortably. Nevertheless, there are also local buses with very frequent services to any point of the city and the surrounding remote areas. It would be good to avoid taxis because they cost very expensive.


In Larnaca you will find a wide variety of comfortable and pleasant hotels, with all the basic comforts and luxury hotel rooms in exceptional locations.


A ride downtown, through the medieval streets arrives to discover the beauty of Larnaca. Larnaca is a quiet place, with the picturesque Beach for endless hours of relaxation and is an ideal destination for families. Nevertheless has several bars, clubs and café, for the night out. The most popular tourist destination, is the Ayia Napa, for frantic fun without limits.


The Cypriot cuisine uses fresh ingredients, herbs and spices and is influenced enough by the Middle East and Asia minor. In Larnaca you will find several restaurants to serve traditional local dishes, but also many international restaurants, but the food is kinda expensive in Cyprus. For something quick and easy, on the beach you will find all the well-known Fast food chains. Traditionally try sheftalia, local cheeses, pies, snacks and homemade cakes.

Shopping Guide

In Larnaca you will find in the alleys of the old town, shops and souvenir shops with particularly and very fine ceramic.


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