Kefalonia is the largest, the most mountainous island and the third most populous after Corfu and Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea. It has an area of about 780 klm2 and a population of about 35,800 inhabitants. Large number of tourists visit the island every year. The seaside of Kefalonia forming bays, with the best known Sami, Myrtos, Lourdas Athera, Fiskardo, Livadi, Argostoli, and capes like Sarakiniko Mytikas, Kentri, Atheras, Gerogompos, Akrotiri , Agia Pelagia, the Castanas etc. Its capital is Argostoli and second-largest city is Lixouri.


Melissani cave

At 2 km from Sami you can vissit Melisani Cave which opens during the summer months. The lake is 20 m. below the soil surface and the depth of the water ranges from 10 to 30 meters. The boat trips in the cave is really cool, and especially the part of which the roof is down and the light makes water look wonderful.

Drapanos Bridge

This 19th century, stone bridge is a characteristic of Argostoli, named Debossetu in honor of the Swiss military De Bosset. Built in 1831 and used until today. In the middle of the bridge there is the monument "Column" in honor of those who built.

Saint George Castle

The Castle is located 7 km from Argostoli, on a hill near the Travliata. It was the capital of the island until 1757. Built during the Byzantine period, but received subsequent surgery, while in its interior are preserved old churches and buildings. Despite the ravages of time and earthquakes, stands really majestic.


Fiskardo is one of the most beautiful villages in Kefalonia and the whole Greece. Full with old-storey houses, brightly colored and verdant slopes that makes it look like a small painting.


Sami is the first city met by the visitor as it is the main port of the island. Became widely known because of the filming of "Captain Corelli's Mandolin", which made it a popular tourist destination. It's located on the east coast of Kefalonia.


The island, like all the islands of the Ionian is proud for her turquoise waters beneath the towering cliffs, white sand and pristine landscapes. The most famous beach on the island is undoubtedly Myrtos which welcomes thousands of tourists every year, but also, the Antisamos, starring in "Captain Corelli's Mandolin." Just 3 km away from Argostoli you will easily find the well organized "Makrigialos" for watersports, fun and eating too, in one of its several restaurants and canteens. The Avythos golden sand is extremely impressive and ideal for families as it is not deep enough and very well organized. Other beaches are Minies Kefalonia, Skala, Poros, the Petani, Xi and many others.


Archaeological Museum

Throughout the island have been excavated many tools from the Paleolithic and the Middle Helladic period. The Archaeological Museum in Argostoli, has three rooms, where the findings are classified thematically, according to the periods and their uses.

Corgialenios museum

The Corgialenios museum includes elements of folklore and culture of urban and rural life of the island. Historical documents, collections of personal belongings, photos etc. from the Venetian period until the earthquake of 1953.


The central bus station is located in Argostoli and you can ask there more, for all bus routes covering most areas of the island with very cheap tickets. Taxis can easily find at all the main streets and through the radio taxi service. There are default price for the most popular destinations, and taximeter for other routes. Car is an ideal for your  transportation because Kefalonia is a large island and you can just rent  a cheap one.


Kefalonia has a very wide range of accommodation to choose for your stay. Lassi area is close to some of the most beautiful beaches of Kefalonia and the capital Argostoli. We recommend you to stay in more than one places because this will serve your exploring the island.


The island is a paradise for nature lovers with full romantic landscapes and waters are considered the cleanest in the world. Although Kefalonia is not famous for its nightlife, yet you will find many options for fun in Argostoli wixh is full with cafe-bars and taverns. Lixouri and Sami are also fully organized places. 


Kefalonias gastronomy is characterized by the local wines and pies that includes octopus-pie up. hake-pie and artichoke-pie. Really famous is also the meat "Sofigado". Finally around the island you can taste a great variety of fresh fishes and seafood.

Shopping Guide

In "Lithostroto" in Argostoli, you 'll find many shops offering local products, souvenirs of the island and handmade jewelry. Much of the island's economy has to do with wine production. In a territory called "Rombola" grow the namesake grapes which produce the namesake wine.


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