Istanbul is the largest city and port of Turkey and is the main industrial, economic and cultural centre of the country. The city is built on the site of the ancient Greek city Byzantium. Istanbul has a monumental beauty and combines excellent Asian elements of European, making a modern metropolis. This is a traditional, historic town, with unique attractions, galleries, Greek churches, international restaurants, nice clubs and authentic bazaars. The beauty of the city, complement the beautiful natural landscapes, to enchant. Romanticism that exudes and the culture, not described with words.


Blue Mosque is one of the most impressive and beautiful Mosque in the world, is the Blue Mosque of Sultan Ahmet. The Mosque was built between 1609-1616 and so named because of the Interior of the dome with stained glass and blue Inzik tiles, while the Interior decorate unique carpets that cover the entire floor. It is an architectural masterpiece noted for harmony and serenity. The famous religious edifice remains active even today and is a famous attraction.

The Princes ' Islands consist of a cluster of 9 Islands and lie South of Istanbul. On these islands exist and one of the largest Greek communities of the city, where fertile Greeks, as well as other residents of the 19th century created unique and beautiful mansions with magnificent architecture.There is no public transportation in the islands including cars and transfers made through traditional means such as horses, carriages and bicycles. The place has a unique natural beauty and is a popular tourist attraction.

Hagia Sophia: The Church of Hagia Sophia is one of the leading architectural creations and was built between 532 and 537 during Justinian's administration. It is an awe-inspiring Temple full of history, with an elaborate dome that looks like hanging from the sky. The Interior of Hagia Sophia awe-inspiring, with rich decoration, carved capitals and stunning marble. Features are the famous mosaics preserved and extremely Byzantine works of art, dated from the 9th century. The creation of the temple is associated with many legends, such as that God indirectly sent the architectural drawings.

Bosporus: The Bosporus is a narrow Strait, which separates the boundaries between Europe and Asia and joins the Black Sea with the sea of Marmara. The distance of 30 mm touches. and along the lie countless villas, minarets and palaces the Ottoman Sultans. The coasts of the Strait are joined with the Bogazici and Fatih bridges Sultan Mehmed. You can navigate along the Bosphorus and to enjoy its beauty or make a cruise with the boats that offer guided tour.

The impressive Palace of Dolmabahce Sarayı is located on the shore of the Bosphorus, and was the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire and residence of the Sultans. It has incredible luxury, with 250 gorgeous rooms, an excellent wooden floor and an elaborate crystal chandelier weighing 3.5 tonnes. The interior decoration has been preserved the same as at that time, especially carpets, amazing furniture, unique artwork and miscellaneous items that were gifts to the Sultan.


Topkapi Palace: Topkapi includes a cluster of Ottoman palaces, built on a hill overlooking the Bosphorus. It is a unique historical building, which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage. In the area are still, the Tungurahua, hospital, bakery, mosques, the vault, with thousands of precious and semiprecious stones and the place you lived the concubines of the Sultan. The Palace is now used as a Museum and includes collections of pottery, Islamic relics treasures, Sultans of great value, manuscripts and more. Of particular interest are the 86-carat diamond in the Ladle, the throne Bairam and the Sultan's harem, which is likened to regular maze.

The Archaeological Museum of Istanbul: Archaeological museum includes the main part, the part with works of Islamic art and the track of the ancient East. You will see objects from every corner of the Ottoman Empire, from the Ancient Greek and Byzantine period. The biggest interest is the sarcophagus, meant for the pile of Alexander, the statues from the Temple of Zeus in Pergamum and many exhibits from Troy.

Yedikule Museum: The Museum stone castle with 7 towers are built into walls of Constantinople and is one of the oldest parts of the city. The castle had been created to serve the needs of the army, while a part was used for powder magazines. It worked for some time as the Treasury but later turned into a prison for important prisoners and there was also place of secret executions. You can browse the full history of the  Museum, with its special aura and the amazing view.


The city has for your comfortable transportation, trams, Metro, taxis at reasonable prices and water buses, for easy access to all parts of Istanbul.


Istanbul features many comfortable and pleasant hotels close to city sights, but it really is worth it to stay in one of the luxury hotels on the shores of Bosporoy, but quite expensive. The tourist area of Taksim gathers numerous hotels and tourist accommodation for all the metal bars.


Starting your navigation in Istanbul, you will surely spend from The Galata bridge which crosses the Golden Horn. At the base of the bridge housed various shops and many restaurants. One of the largest and oldest markets of the world, is the Grand Bazaar which opened in 1461. More than 58 streets with at least 1,200 stores, you will find water pipes, souvenirs, clothing, jewellery, spices, carpets and more. Of particular interest is the Spice market with lots of spices from Egypt, traditional souvenirs and authentic Ottoman backgammon. Don't forget to visit a traditional Turkish Hammam and enjoy the experience of steam and massage. Taksim Square is the heart of modern Istanbul, with countless shops, hotels, bars, restaurants, and fast food chains. In and around Topkapi will recline on benches with rugs and you will enjoy unique flavours in the hookah and you will taste the traditional Turkish tea. Istanbul has numerous options and your fun night, with rock and indie bar, underground basement jazz Café, bar with views of the Bosphorus and dance clubs. In Istiklal Caddesi, Strait will find countless bars and live music venues. For something more sophisticated head in the vicinity of Ortakoy.


The cuisine of Constantinople holds a special place and it stands out because of the spices and herbs you use. Spice uses the Lamb, beef, chicken, lentils, vegetables and nuts. Traditionally I try kebab, totally different from what we usually have in mind, fish sandwiches, baked in water canteens, Kofte (like meatballs) Simit bread, soysamenio and the Simit bread local raki. For fish prefer the Kumkapi district and special delicacies the Kapali Carsi covered market with many restaurants and all kinds of shops. In the area of Bosporoy, traditionally served grilled turbot, a Platy fish reminiscent of the language. Istanbul is famous for its sweets, like Kazan ntipi, baklava and many others.

Shopping Guide

In Istanbul apart from the commercial and tourist shops Istiklal Caddesi, it's worth are the roads of the Grand Bazaar with stalls you can find everything and make the traditional Bazaar. A special souvenir from the city, it is definitely a very handsome hookah. Is authentic and the aromas of the Egyptian Bazaar, you will find excellent products.


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