Helsinki is the capital of Finland and is located at the southern end of the Bay of the country. Helsinki is a particularly elegant and vibrant capital, quite densely populated and is a major cultural, economic and political center of the country. The city is relatively small, very welcoming, with modern design, neoclassical buildings, parks, attractions, nightlife and has plenty of offers for its visitors. 


Suomenlinna maritime Fortress: The Fortress stretch to 6 Helsinki Islands linked together by bridges and a piece of the city's defensive line and by extension the whole of Finland towards enemies. This is a whopping and defensive Castle in a very important position, since it controlled the narrow passages of entry into the country. The monument is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral: Uspenski Cathedral is located near the harbor of the city, on a hillside with excellent views of the city. The temple is dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin and is considered the largest and majestic Church in Western Europe. This is a very beautiful Temple both externally and internally with rich elaborate decoration and many valuable pictures. In 2007, and while crowds of  people stood at the Church, was stolen the image of St. Nicholas of illusionist, that is until today.

The Lutheran Church of rocks: This church is built inside a rock with bronze Dome, allowing the entrance of light around the room. Feature of the Church is that once you pass the entrance, it has no visual contact with the outside world. The venue has excellent acoustics and often made famous concerts.

Central railway station: This historic building is a trademark of the city and is the most characteristic point. This is a particularly large node that connects daily the electric railroad with the Metro and Intercity trains of the city.


Finnish National Museum: The Museum lists a collection of 6 modules, which show in detail the history of the place, from the stone age until the modern period.

Seurasaari open-air museum: The Museum is located in the Green Island of Seurasaari and presents life in the countryside, the everyday life of people, as well as the traditional instruments used. In an amazing place, you will see true copies from provincial cities of Finland with traditional old houses, rustic spaces and much more.

Sibeliuspuisto: On the northern side of the city lies a huge organ, consisting of 580 steel tubes, which sings with the wind day and night. This is a highly modern sculpture, created in honor of the great Finnish composer Sibelious.


In Helsinki you can comfortably move around on foot or with a bicycle provided by the municipality of the city. The city is flat and has a comfortable cycle paths with fairly good mark. Nevertheless, the city has an extensive network with trams, buses, Metro and taxi line at affordable prices.


Helsinki has several hotels with many amenities, but all are relatively expensive. Choose a cheaper hotel for a comfortable and pleasant stay. Choose between the area you would like to stay and the amount you would like to make.


Starting your tour in the city will definitely make a stop in outdoor traditional market Kauppatori, with lots of fresh produce and fruits. The market is at the end of two parallel roads, forming a park full of cafés and streets to walk or bike. From there you can still get a boat for a tour of the city on the coast and in the Gulf Islands of the country. The Rautatientori square is located near the train station, with several stores for your shopping. At the same point you will see the beautiful building of the national theatre. Then go through the Senate-Senaatintori square, the official Centre of the city. The city is famous for its nightlife, but you will find pretty café and bar to enjoy a coffee or a drink, while enjoying the delights of the city.


In Helsinki will try traditional dishes, including fresh fish from the river or Lake, a Finnish wood smoked salmon, salted, soups, berries and cookies with cinnamon and ginger. The flavours of the city have several influences from Russian cuisine, but there are restaurants from many international cuisines. The city's restaurants are a bit expensive and closed relatively early, so many prefer the streetfood.

Shopping Guide

In Helsinki there are many shops, but of particular interest are the flea markets, such as market Kauppatori, with stalls full of all the good, artifacts, artwork and much more.


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