Hamburg is the second largest city of Germany and one of the largest ports in Europe, with a population of 1.738.483 inhabitants is in downtown and 4,000,000 in the wider metropolitan area. Hamburg is cosmopolitan, modern industrial and Has a lively nightlife and numerous historical attractions. The city of Hamburg is crossed by three rivers, with most of them, the  Elbe. The history of Hamburg begins from the Roman era, with architecture and classic style that have remained unchanged. It's brisk, photogenic, as indeed all the ports, but shows an intense and fascinating personality. It is a beautiful and green city on the water, with countless bridges, which is city-model development and ecological consciousness.


The old town and the new town although you call old, the city has several new buildings and modern influences, although most of it was destroyed by a large fire in 1842, rebuild, destroyed again during World War II and was created once again. You will see the Church of St. Peter, the famous building of the Town Hall and the oldest stock market of Germany. There is also the historic bridge Trostbrucke, who was rescued from the great fire and joining the old with the new city. There are remnants, antiwar monuments today, like that of the medieval church of St. Nicholas. The new town in the port of Hamburg, was formed through a large building programme and used a part of the old port, to create a new suburb. Is most new city in the country and represents the modern German architecture. A hallmark of the city, the Bell Tower of the Church of St. Michaelis, sample an important baroque church architecture with spectacular views of the city. Don't forget to take a tour by boat, that will give you the ability to understand why all call Hamburg "gateway to the world". End at the western edge of the city, you will find the famous Fischmarkt, full of loaded stalls with fresh fish, fruits, vegetables and many other goodies. The habit that has existed since the 18th century and is part of the tradition of the city. Laughter, banter and lively pop music from various German groups, spontaneously compose a scene not to be missed.

Storage area: The area built between 1883 and 1927 and functioned as a free customs zone. It is a cluster of repositories, the largest in the world and one of the most scenic spots of the city. The warehouses are up big buildings with several floors, built with red bricks, niches, towers and Windows, which exude a neo-Gothic architecture.  There are valuable products such as coffee, tea, cocoa, spices and oriental carpets. The authorities from the 2009 try remodelling some of the buildings in the area and to convert them into Museums. Several buildings, will retain their original property, since the area is a special tourist attraction.

The Alster Lake: The Lake is divided into two parts and is located almost in the center of the city. It is a paradise and the ultimate relaxing point for all residents of Hamburg. Around her will see mansions and palaces, as well as many parks and recreational areas. Enjoy your ride, bask in the grass and admire the steamships that make the circumnavigation of Lake and channels. The place is ideal for lovers of kayaking, sailing and rowing.

Illegal Reeperbahn: The Reeperbahn was once the area gathered those who fashioned the rope, from where it got its name. Today the road is one of the most famous areas of illicit love, brothels, strip show, sex shops, the Museum of erotic art and countless bars and places to eat. The road has been established as an alternative cultural scene, you'll find up and theatrical musicals. Here there is also a shop legend, from where they started and gave up one of their first concerts the Beatles.


Gallery at the Museum housed a major collection of 19th-century paintings and modern art. Divided into both sides of a paved courtyard, home to the Baroque and earlier works on the one hand and on the other a very extensive collection of modern art.

Museum of miniatures: The Miniature Museum is one of the most interesting and different museums, where you will have the opportunity to admire the most impressive report models in the world, with top creature the mini train.

International Maritime Museum is a privately owned Museum consisting of 10 floors, housed in the oldest preserved warehouse in Hamburg. I admire collections from thousands of ship models, drawings, photographs and uniforms.


Move A both modern and developed city, could not fulfil the conditions for movement by all means such as bus, train, tram and suburban. Travel network has organized nearly all day, while for distances over piece with the River, connects with steamers and similar other floating on your service. Check out only for the values in the taxi, before using some, because overseas prices with this instrument is quite expensive.


Hotels in Hamburg there are too many and comfortable you'll find someone with the amenities that you desire for your stay. Features of five-star hotels, up traditional pension.


Real attraction is the historic center, where before you unfold the season that wealthy merchants did Golden jobs here. I walk the streets of Hamburg and will enjoy the way the Baroque buildings blend with the gurgle of rivers. A tour of the port, we must start from the decks of disembarkation. A typical construction from 4 large chambers, carrying people and vehicles at a depth of nearly 24 meters. You will not miss a visit to the floating Museum, the city's Zoo with over 2,500 animals and the Renaissance town hall with its 647 rooms. In the city that the arts and culture are a high level, you will see musicals with worldwide success, demanding theatrical performances, Opera and one of the best ballets of the world. The football fans will make a stop at the stadium of St. Pauli. The anarchist group of the city has been the haunt of, with impressive though climate sportsmanship. The city offers a vibrant nightlife and you will find countless bars and clubs, with music for all tastes. When night falls, all directed at the largest red light district in Europe, until the port and established ride next to shore. Tourists, locals, bar and sex shop, all create an atmosphere of euphoria, you can hardly find whereelse.


You can enjoy your coffee and your food, in all major commercial center, to the countless restaurants and traditional German cuisine with very good menu and impeccable service. The cute restaurants with the stalls and the delicious sausage you will pleasantly surprise those who deserve an entire afternoon. The city has countless's Imbiss, or else our own fast food. For fish and local specialties, prefer the port area where the owners of the restaurants you will care in a home environment with good wine.

Shopping Guide

If you are hunters of elegance and opportunities, Hamburg is a Mecca for shopping fanatics. You will find from luxury stores, capable of breath away even to members of international jet set up flea markets for all your souvenirs. Yet you will find unusual jewelry, handmade placards and posters from movies, spices, tea and antiques.


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