Glasgow is Scotland's Midwestern and is the largest city. Through the center of town, passes the River Clyde, creating an excellent background. The city has been populated since the ancient years ago and had a constant and rapid development, with greater industry, its shipyards. Glasgow is now an industrial and shipbuilding Center, with rich architectural heritage, famous attractions, places of art, abundant museums and lively music scene. Glasgow many call and  Chicago of EuropeBecause of the urban network layout, the city has large avenues and buildings reminiscent of American way architecture, with imposing, heavy sides in dark colors.


University of Glasgow was founded in 1451 by the University and it is worth visiting the central section, which features elaborate architecture and a special Tower.

Cathedral and Necropolis: The temple has a very good sample of Gothic architecture and dates back somewhere in the middle ages. In the surrounding area are said to have buried the Saint Kentigern. Just behind the temple there and the top of a steep hill, with the cemetery, Necropolis. In the area there is a highly atmospheric aura and the place is haunted by strange stories and phenomena.

Science Center is a complex of buildings, with whimsical and elliptical shape and a structure of glass, the Science Mall, consisting of 3 floors, with collections, exhibits and classrooms with special effects. The area is a unique kind of rotating Tower and a movie theater that shows 3D movies.


Kelvingrove Museum and art gallery on a popular Victorian building, with impressive turrets and a special red colour, concentrated most popular collection of Scottish art. Ahead of you will be presented all ancient civilizations, but also the European and Scottish art. The Museum hosts 22 galleries, with artistic and historical exhibitions.

Mackintosh's House: This is a representation of the House of Mackintosh, with impressive venues and pioneering design.

Burrell Collection in the Park is the best Pollock, private collection in the world, by Sir William Burrell, where it presents artworks from different cultures, with paintings, ceramics and many other exhibits.

Glasgow School of Art Space hosts and presents an extraordinary collection of paintings, furniture and various works of Mackintosh.


The city has a comprehensive bus network, and organized for your comfortable travel Center, as well as subway and suburban doorstep for distances.


In the city are gorgeous and majestic hotels, for a comfortable and pleasant stay, as well as cheaper accommodation, such as hostels for the students because of the University.


In Glasgow will always find something new, since the city is full of energy, stands out for its music scene and has shown a particular interest. Features art deco fancy bars, pubs and clubs for endless nightlife, with meny students in drifts. For options, choose the area on the West End and the Merchant City. The more bars you see to serve plenty of beer, because the drinks in this town is quite expensive.


The city has elegant restaurants and all international cuisines. For something fast and traditional, prefer the donner kempap and dishes with smoked salmon, and in Scotland we owe this special treat.

Shopping Guide

Glasgow is considered to have one of the best buys in shops and most streets of Argyle street and Sauchiehall street. On the road to Buchanan, will encounter the most expensive stores, with designer brands, while in the West End you will find vintage dresses and playfully souvenirs. Don't miss a ride from the flea market at the Barras, souvenirs, clothes and second-hand items, trays and much more.


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