Geneva is the second most populous city in Switzerland, with 185.524 inhabitants and is located on the western shore of the Lake. the image of the cosmopolitan Geneva, make up the Alps and the river Le Rohne which divides the city in two. the town has a classy beauty, with vast parks, paved streets, shops for endless Shopping, luxury watches, amazing chocolates and of course the biggest fountain, symbol of the city, the Jet d'Eau.


Jet d'Eau In Lake Geneva, is from 1891 a striking water fountain, which flies at a height which reaches up to 140 metres. It is a characteristic point of the town, that becomes even more imposing, the evening illuminates.

St. Pierre Cathedral: The Church is built in Gothic style, with neoclassical elements and Romansch and it took 70 years to complete the construction. Excavations around the temple, reveal a rich history of the region from the very time of the Roman Empire. From the Bell Tower of the church you can admire a splendid view of the city and the Alps.

Palace of Nations: it is an imposing building, built between 1929 and 1936, and houses the European headquarters of the United Nations. You can experience the space through a guided tour and see the largest conference room in the world.

Jardin Anglais is an excellent English style garden created in 1854 in a wooden port city. The Park has lush greenery with trees, flowers, grass, round tables and wonderful trails to walk. Special feature of the garden is the clock of flowers, created by approximately 6,000 flowers era, where their plan each time it changes.


CERN: In the Museum area of Cern, an exceptional group of scientists conducts the most important physics experiments at global level. At this unique Museum, you will have the opportunity to know better the basic principles of creation and the vastness of the universe, as well as the important function of particles, at the beginning of the creation of the world.

Maison Travel: In an old house in Geneva, hosted an exhibition on exactly how they lived their everyday people during the period between the 16th-19th centuries. The exterior decoration of the House has a Gothic façade and adorned with whimsical stone carvings.

Museum Patek Philippe: A leading Swiss firm Patek Philippe, presents an extraordinary collection of masterpiece, from antique watches, starting from the 16th until the 19th century. At the Museum of the House you can still see and manufactures Watches Patek Philippe, from 1839 until today.


The distances in the city are small, so you can comfortably move on foot or by bike, and some roads in Geneva is properly designed. For the more remote routes, the city has tram, bus, train and taxi, which one finds comfortable.


Near the Lake and the city centre there are several excellent hotels, but they cost a little expensive, while more economically you can find in the suburbs of Geneva, very well located and with ideal facilities.


After your tour to various attractions, parks and museums of the city, head for more intense situations, Paquis and Les Grottes, Geneva's most alternative neighborhoods. The famous Place du Bourg-de-Four, was the middle ages the central market of the city. Now surrounded by popular cafés, restaurants, art galleries and antiques shops. The best ethnic bars and restaurants, located in the city's Red Light District and deserve a ride up there. Don't miss to visit the Geneva suburb of Carouge, with famed jazz club, Mediterranean atmosphere, wonderful café and restaurants.


In Geneva there are quite a lot of restaurants, but have in mind that several of them cost more. You will find highly traditional restaurants and many international restaurants, due to the presence of international organizations. On the Place du Marche in Veyrier, and you'll find more simple dishes at very good prices. Traditionally in Geneva, will try Fondue (melted cheese), fried potatoes with Bacon and onions, sausage and fresh varieties of freshwater fish. Worth the try gourmet Swiss wines, local traditional soft drink Rivella, the famous brandy Kirsch, cherries and naturally sweet and amazing chocolates in Geneva.

Shopping Guide

The famous Shopping streets Rue de Rive and Rue du Rhone, have the most special and expensive shops in Geneva, with the best-known brands in the world, while the Downtown Mall is located in area Rues Basses. Of particular interest is the Plainpalais flea market, antiques, second hand clothes, drives and much more. In small shops of the old town you will find antiques and various objects, souvenirs from your trip to Geneva. Don't forget to get even with you, local wines and Swiss chocolates.


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