Frankfurt is the fifth largest city in Germany, located on the banks of the river main. The city has 700,000 inhabitants, while the population in the wider metropolitan area touches the 5.5 million. It is the largest financial centre in continental Europe, as is the headquarters of the German Stock Exchange, the European Central Bank and several other banks. Frankfurt is also the center of Commerce, culture, education and tourism. The city is said to be the small "New York of Europe", known for its skyscrapers and is the only European city, skyscrapers have been built in the historic center.


Römer (City Hall) Römer, call the band of 9 homes with distinctive architecture, forming the Frankfurt City Hall. These houses were ceded to the City Council in 1405 from a wealthy merchant family. The Middle House became the Town Hall and later joined with the neighbouring buildings. During World War II the band partially destroyed and later rebuilt. The surrounding square is called Römerberg.

The Church of St. Bartholomew: The Church of St. Bartholomew is a Gothic church, which was built during the 14th and 15th century on the foundations of an older Temple from the era of Merobiggeiwn. In this temple elected many Kings of the Holy Roman Empire, and later crowned many Germans emperors. Today is the main church of Frankfurt. The height of the temple is 95 meters, while the belfry offers a platform at a height of 66 meters, open to the public.

Tower Frankfurt: Frankfurt is best known for its skyscrapers, although for some sight. One of them is the Main Tower, from where you can admire the whole city, from a height of 200 metres.


Städel Gallery is one of the most important art exhibitions in Frankfurt. The collection includes works by the Germans of the 19th and 20th century, French Impressionists, such as Monet and Renoir and works of Flemish and Dutch artists. Most important of these is "the naked woman with a hat" of Kirchner and the "Madonna" by Jan van Eyck.

The House of Goethe: Goethe's House is reconstructed residence of German author, which was destroyed during World War II. In this House he was born in 1749 and lived until 1795 the German writer. The House is located near the Goethe Museum, which hosts a large library with books, documents, drawings and tables.

Natural History Museum: The Museum is one of the most beloved places of the city, presenting various exhibits, educational way to answer many questions about nature. Through its collections, informs about the appearance, evolution and extinction of several species on the planet and shows a variety of exhibits from different parts of the globe, in relation to the flora and fauna. Presented more fossils, minerals, prehistoric animals and animals that are threatened.


The Frankfurt airport is located 13 kilometres south-west of the city and is considered one of the greatest in Europe, as it connects with most airports in the world. Also the city has a well organised network of public transport which consists of semi-basement railway (U-Bahn), the suburban railway (S-Bahn), bus and tram.


Most classy hotels located in the central area of the Alte Opera. For something more special prefer hotels along the river Main, and stunning views. Many excellent accommodations and at very good prices, located near the city's central station, Romer square and area Cultural Quarter.


In addition to your rides in the historic center of the city, to Frankfurt deserve to make ride to experience the city and from the side of the River, with the tourist riverboats. Most Medieval old town district, is the Romermpergk, with traditional wooden houses and picturesque pubs. Your worth and visit the botanical gardens of the city, where you can enjoy moments of relaxation and the Old Opera. Frankfurt has a lively nightlife, such as clubs, bars, live music venues, which are suitable for all tastes and all ages. The most interesting aspect of the city is the Sachsenchozen district, with cobbled streets, narrow alleys and countless bar. There you will experience and specialties of the city, drinking cider. In Frankfurt you will find the best clubs of Europe with the best dj, specializing in Techno music.


Frankfurt is a good selection of German and international cuisine. Most restaurants are clustered in the WestEnd area, where you will find traditional restaurants, until fast food chains. The most famous and favorite food of the inhabitants, is none other than the sausage, you'll find it everywhere and cooked in many ways.

Shopping Guide

The street Zeil is Frankfurt's main shopping street and a pedestrian area, which hosts the biggest malls, Department stores, clothing and footwear stores in town. The Zeil extends between two large squares, Hauptwach West and Konstablerwache in the East. Also hosts the largest and oldest Christmas markets in Germany.
Frankfurt also offers various shopping haunts, which promise to satisfy any lover of shopping during the holidays. Some of these sites are the Alte Opera, which hosts the most expensive shops and the skyscraper BFG, which has three floors of shops, boutiques and restaurants. Finally the street Alt Sachsenhausen, where there are several antique shops. Great interest is the two storey covered market and Klainmarktchalen, where you can find delicious local cheeses and sausages, fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, bread and olive oil.


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