Florence is located in Italy and is the capital of the region of Tuscany and of the province. The city is built on the banks of the River Arno and the small hills, surrounded by vineyards, verdant valleys and olive groves. Florence was already by the middle ages, a large commercial port and although enjoyed great progress, the town is best known for the fine architecture and fine arts. Besides monuments included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. In Florence the word aesthetics, is the most important thing and portrayed by the artwork, until its inhabitants. Florence is a charming town museum, full of churches, palaces, monasteries, monuments, picturesque bridges and amazing landscapes with natural beauty.


Baptistery of San Giovanni: Baptistery dated to around the 11th century and was created in honor of the patron saint of the city. The structure of eight sites, 8 symbolizes the 8th day, during which Christ stands and live eternally. The exterior is made by rich colored marble with geometric designs, from the traditional architecture of the city, while the 3 sides consist of 3 large doors famous for their decoration. The South doors of the life of St. John, Northern life and passions of the Christ and the doors in front of the dome, is the Golden doors of paradise, with scenes from the old testament. The doors are decorated on their peaks from 3 different groups of marble statues. The Interior of the Church is richly decorated by beautiful mosaic of the 13th century and boasts an impressive cobbled dome. Typical is the excellent picture of Satan, who shows to devouring sinners.

Palazzo Vecchio is an amazing season, which adorns the Florence and is a trademark of. The Palace was constructed in 1299 and has an extremely rich and beautiful decoration. These spaces include unique rooms, which are kept intact, priceless artifacts and sculptures. The Palace includes a tower height of 94 meters and on the premises of the hosts the Town Hall.

Old bridge: Florence's most famous bridge, the Ponte Vecchio, the oldest of the six bridges in the city, joining the two pieces. The bridge dates back to Roman times and is an architectural Marvel. The bases, was originally plithines and relied on stilts and although restored in the 14th century, the bridge is still based on stilts. Along the bridge, are the most beautiful Jewelers in the city, while the view from the Central balcony of the bridge will be unforgettable.

Santa Maria del Fiore is the famous Gothic Cathedral Duomo, stands out because of its bulk and massive belfry, which touches the 82 meters. The temple is considered a notable Renaissance sample and on the sides has built elaborate colorful statues. The dome of the Church was the biggest in the world in his time and the best way to admire, is to climb the stairs and you will be surprised by the excellent frescoes that enclose the Interior of.

The Santa Croce Church was built in 1300 and is the largest Gothic church of the order of Franciscans. The premises are located the tombs of Michelangelo, Rossini, Galileo and Dante's cemetery. The Interior of the Church is covered by special unusual frescoes and reliefs.


Bargello Museum was originally created as a fortress, with strong loopholes and now adorns the city of Florence as an amazing Palazzo. On the premises of the National Museum, with excellent sculptures, that best of the Tuscan Renaissance, with masterpieces of Michelangelo, Donatello, Soldier and many other famous artists. The spaces of the Museum still receive miniature paintings from different periods, collections of tapestries, furniture, fabrics, medals, amber and more.

Uffizi Gallery is the most famous Museum of the city, founded in 1560 and has a horseshoe shape. The 45 rooms of Galleries housing works of inestimable value, such as Roman and Greek sculptures, Baroque paintings, Renaissance paintings and unique masterpieces of Italian and foreign artists, including Rubens, Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Rembrandt and Michelangelo, Coya.

Academy of fine arts: One of The city's most famous Museum houses the famous statue of Michelangelo, David and five other sculptures of the same. The Museum contains an outstanding collection of Renaissance and Gothic paintings, fine art and a collection of 18th-century plaster models.


The city has an extensive and well organized network of buses and trains serve all areas of Florence. In the Centre you can comfortably go and by taxi, which you will find very easily and at very reasonable prices.


The heart of the city hotels features the most beautiful and comfortable hotels, with amazing service and optimal benefits.


Florence is a charming town with too many options, that will definitely impress you and I will fall in love. Begin your browsing in the city by the beautiful St. Mary's square. All city life concentrates around the squares, which are full of life, with countless quaint café and shops. In Piazzale Michelangelo, on one of the hills of Florence, you will enjoy the most panoramic view of the city. The city has exceptional gardens, for a leisurely walking away from the noise of the city and for unique moments of calm. The inhabitants of Florence have catch the meaning of the good life and the city will find places for endless dancing and fun, quiet piano bars and clubs with famous dj's from around the world.


In Florence will try perhaps the most flavourful dishes. The Tuscan cuisine uses excellent olive oil, vegetables, prosciutto and many cereals. You will experience extremely local dishes, like pasta with Hare pappardelle alla leper, the panzanella salad with celery, the trippa alla pizzaiola patsa fiorentina and the most expensive and prized steaks in the world. Don't miss the excellent wines and the unique biscuits cantuccini di prato, dive into wine vinsanto. The city has excellent café and restaurants, with Italian and international cuisine in all regions, with pretty good prices

Shopping Guide

Florence is the paradise of all Italian brands. Throughout the city you will find amazing shops, leather, lace and exceptional jewelers that will thrill you. The largest market is in the streets  between the Duomo, Via Tornabuoni, Piazza dela Vigna Nuova and Piazza Caribaldi. In the region of Florence will find many shopping Outlets and shops, with unique pieces at prices that really deserve.


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