Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and its second largest city of the country. Often called as the "Athens of the North" because of similar topography which seems to have these two cities, after the Edinburgh old town resembles the Acropolis of Athens. Edinburgh is a picturesque town, built on 7 hills overlooking the sea and impresses for his position, gardens and parks that alternate with cliffs, the sights and the culture of. From the very time of enlightenment, Edinburgh became the center of science and culture, thanks to its University, which is leading the investigation. Is a popular tourist destination and is a vibrant and multifaceted city that will impress you.


Edinburgh Castle: The Castle dated from the 12th century and dominates imposingly on the top of an extinct volcano, with a long and complex history. Formerly was the residence of several Royal families and had a significant military advantage, due to the high position. Is a trademark of the city and is even more impressive at night, illuminated. The castle complete a set of buildings, such as the great Hall with an impressive roof, St. Margaret's Chapel, the National Museum, the Honors of Scotland (the vault with precious gems of the Crown and the ekthronisis Stone) and the store with the precious and fussy jewelry, Crown Jewel Shop. Feature is the cannon located in space and each day takes a shot shaking the city.

Holyrood Palace is located on the edge of Holyrood Park and was founded in 1128 initially as a monastery, while later it became the official residence of Queen Mary of Scotland. Interest are the Royal apartments and the gallery with exhibitions from the Royal collection.

The special Royal Mile that way, shaped by a succession of waterways and starts from the top of the castle to reach the bottom of Holyrood Palace. The Royal Mile is associated with intense and heavy story. Along the road there are many impressive buildings, stores and independent sellers who produce whiskies with authentic traditional art. Typical is the heart of Midlothian, a heart-shaped mosaic built into the pavement, where prisoners of the Tolbooth in Edinburgh of the 15th century they used to spit as they entered the prison and place of executions.

There is a legend that says that passing by that point, you must spit for good luck, thus condemning the executions. Many passers-by keep tradition even now as they pass from the point. Respectively are believed to never have to walk over the heart, why won't ever find true love and is considered bad luck.


National Gallery: The National Gallery of Scotland occupies two 19th-century neoclassical buildings and hosts works of Impressionist masters, collections of artists from the Uk and Europe, from the 15th until the 19th century, as well as works by renowned artists such as Rembrandt and Botticelli.

Huntly Museum: All Edinburgh's history, from prehistoric times until today, is presented in the Museum.

National War Museum studies and explores the Scottish history in war and military services before at least 400 years.

National Scottish Museum: In a lovely 19th-century building with its distinctive glass roof, hosted international collections and exhibits of thousands of years. In the Museum presented throughout the history of the country, its people and culture.


Edinburgh is a relatively small town, so it's easy to move walk and get to know the city. Public transportation is a bit cramped and there's only organized network of buses, taxis that circulate and railway station, which connects the capital with other central cities. It would be good to avoid having to rent a car, because the peak the city presents a large traffic problem.


In Edinburgh you will find several excellent hotels, where most are located in the city centre, but also budget accommodation.


Edinburgh is a city that is certainly not to lets plixeis. Beyond the monuments and attractions, it is worth visiting the city's zoological garden, in a green slope with plants and animals from around the world. Of particular interest is the Royal Botanic Garden, which is an oasis away from the hectic city. The Royal Yacht Britannia world-famous ship is now moored in the port city and presents the life of the Royal family and the crew on board. Visiting you deserve and the whisky Museum, which has been awarded with 5 stars and offers a truly unique navigation trip. Inside the Museum operates traditional Scottish restaurant and whisky Bar. The more bars and clubs, gathered in George Street, while the Rose Street pub Street. Full world and trendy shops, is also the Glassmarket,  who was once the oldest market of the city. Edinburgh is full of nightclubs and vibrant life, with many students and tourists.


Edinburgh offers good flavors and quality cuisine, with a wide variety of traditional restaurants and cuisines from around the world. The local specialties are the haggis (something like lamb offal sausage). Don't forget to try the delicious local buns of butter.

Shopping Guide

Most shops of the city are situated on Princes street and the Royal Mile with tourist shops and souvenirs. On the road to Victoria street you will find shops with most alternative ideas. Leaving you will get with you definitely a whiskey bottle with a unique aroma and taste.


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